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Dynamo 1500X

Ultra-Powerful and precise home theater/stereo subwoofer, ideal for large size rooms.

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by Kolar, 3 years ago

More than enough

It would be hard to find a better sounding sub in the space that i have, 30/50.The PBK is intuitive and useful.although it should have came with the sub it was worthth e extra 100$

by don619, 3 years ago

Awsome Sub

I been listening to different sub at Bestbuy Magnolia store, like B&W,Def Tech,REL. Those sub are not even come close to this Dynamo 1500X model. Before I purchase the Dynamo 1500X, I bought the Dynamo 1000 and tested it out for 2 week,it was power enough to fill up my living room 15X25 and 18ft high ceiling but I was still not satisfy with the power and instead went to exchange for two Dynamo 700. I thought by running left and right would balance out my living room. Still not satisfy, had it for 2 week and exchange for the Dynamo 1500X model, I love the accurate of the bass and the power that coming out of that 15" sub. It shake the house and hope my neighbor don't call the cop on me, because I love watching action movies and listen to musics.

by Jim Wilson, 3 years ago

Deep, powerful bass from a small enclosure

I'm a reviewer for Home Theater Shack, and I did an evaluation of the Dynamo 1500X that can be accessed using the following link:


Dynamo 1000w

Powerful, compact, precise wireless-included home theater/stereo subwoofer, ideal for medium to large size rooms.

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by Speedstorm, 5 months ago

DJ Dream

Hi Everyone-

All I can say is wow! I purchased the unit above to replace an 8 inch Paradigm and there was no comparison. Being a semi-professional DJ its great to have clean powerful lows which this unit certainly delivers for my home use. Can imagine its spectacular for movies and sports as well. Well worth every penny. You'll be impressed when you get this home and turn it on for the first time. A+

Thanks MartinLogan!


by Trainbuff, 6 months ago

Big Thinks Come in Small Packages!

The title says it all. The salesperson in the store demoed this subwoofer and I was sold immediately. I currently own an 75 plus pound subwoofer that I paid much more for over ten years ago. It's a good sub but forget about being able to move it around. The Dynamo 1000W is half the weight and provides bass response that is every bit a good as my heavier more expensive sub. The design of the Dynamo is fantastic in my opinion. Having the option of forward-firing is a plus if your room does not have the acoustics for a downward firing sub. The included WiFi is also a major plus. I now have the flexibility to place the sub anywhere I want in the room. My thanks to the engineers at Martin Logan for designing a small, relatively lightweight and powerful subwoofer that is capable of meeting the demands of the home theater crowd. Great job!

by AZ loves ML, 11 months ago

Tight bass from a small package

Just recently brought this bad boy back to pair with my Motion 40's. Originally purchased the 700W, but after thinking about it, I returned it and actually opened up the 1000W for the upgrade. Why not? I had the room in my credenza to fit and our room is huge so I needed the max sound for the room. As I stated, this 12" woofer packs a punch. I really appreciate the engineering that went into this. Many of the other 12" subs are huge and wouldn't fit. I opted for the forward facing installation since it is in a cabinet. The bass is tight, yet can give you that head pulsing thump at the right times too. Very happy with the purchase. Thank you, ML!

by tutcleo, 2 years ago

Dynamo 1000w Sound

Finally completed my Martin Logan Home Theater Speaker Upgrade. Out with the old and in with the new !!!!

Front Left and Right Motion 40s
Rear Surround Left and Right Motion 15s
Center Chanel Motion 30
Subwoofer Dynamo 1000w

The Dynamo 1000w was my latest purchase. The Dynamo 1000w just blew me away when I connected it to my home theater system. This subwoofer replaced my current subwoofer.

The Dynamo 1000w Bass response is just out of this world. My original subwoofer does not come close to the Dynamo 1000w's quality and sound.

Thanks Martin Logan for such GREAT Products !!!!!!

by MO JO, 4 years ago

The Best

Well I have to say it looks good and feels good.
My wireless set up was free it was included with my 1000, need I say you have to Pay For It with other Models “DEF TECH SUPER CUBE” and others but the Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 and my 700 do the BEST!

by m-c, 4 years ago

Amazing sub

I have had many subs and by far this is one of the best, I think the sound rivals that of even higher priced non Logan hi end subs. In fact the sound quality is comparable to the grotto. With the exception of the grottos extra control capabilities. A great combination and companion with a grotto or depth . Awesome sound for those that want high end sound without extreme high end price.

by conman, 4 years ago

clear& solid bass. Dynamo 1000w

This is now my second dynamo 1000 sub. I can't fined a better sub for the money with great control on bass,tightness of bass,and clearness with authority ,oh wireless signal excellent . First sub is for home theater & the second is for music with my Request's,the systems are complete now.

by Roel Espino, 5 years ago


Like the other's said about this sub, this is an outstanding subwoofer. after replacing my Infinity subs for almost 10 yrs. the best sub replacement I buy. I've got to thank to my loyal retail outlet (Magnolia)who ask me to listen and compare to some of there woofers, but in the end Dynamo over top the rest.. sound was so thigh and solid, with my Klipsch RF62 in front and B&W 686 at rear, "viola"cinema quality...

by kocean, 6 years ago

I've paired this beautiful sub with two Motion 12 towers for a great stereo setup!

The Dynamo 700 seemed more suitable for music listening, but when I compared the two, I decided I really liked the power of the 1000 and think it was worth the price difference.

It gives very subtle and accurate bass as it's not a ported sub, and though I don't use it for home theatre, I can only imagine the sort of rumble it would produce when down firing for effects based off of the rumble I get from even soft bass lines when I turn it up loud enough:)

Highly recommended.

by The Audio Monk, 6 years ago

Sonic Muscle on a budget

I have enjoyed my old Hafler system for many years now, and it's still going strong since I added my new Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 to my existing Boston Acoustics RS260 bookshelf speakers. I expect that my two Hafler XL280's will have a life extension of several more years now...I hope. I'm not much of a home theater person, however I am an avid fan of jazz music, and my new Martin Logan sub has injected a much needed dose of adrenaline into my listening experience. John Coltrane is alive again!!

by Ross, 6 years ago

Dynamo 1000

This sub has far exceeded my expectations. It delivers room shaking bass during movies and is capable of blending very subtly with music. If you are looking for a clean yet punchy sub then the Dynamo 1000 should be on your list!

by connman, 7 years ago

sub replacement

The dynamo 1000 replaced a sunfire (true sub mk2 10" wow martin logan excellent, tight bass, cleaner sounding and no smearing in the upper bass. Well controlled upper & lower bass. The sunfire would go down to 18 hz. and a pain to blend in the system,not a problem with the dynamo.Oh the wire less, love it to death. (NO MORE WIRES).


Dynamo 700w

Powerful, compact, precise wireless-included home theater/stereo subwoofer, ideal for small to medium size rooms.

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by Frank P., 4 months ago

Great Sub!

I recently purchased a Yamaha YSP-5600 soundbar to replace a 5.1 speaker system to make better use of the space we have. I then decided I might as well upgrade my subwoofer and was looking for something with a small footprint and that was also wireless.

After reading reviews and looking at different brands I decided on the Martin Logan Dynamo 700w. I was not familiar with their products but decided to go ahead with the purchase. After the initial shock of how small the sub was, I did not think that this was such a good idea. Wrong! This puts my old much larger ported sub to shame. The bass is tight and sounds great!

by Patrick, 9 months ago

Perfect for Small - Medium spaces

I bought the Dynamo 700W just under a year ago, and it has really paired well with my setup. The bass is very precise, and clear. For music, I could not have asked for a better sub (I listen to a lot of Jazz). For movies, it has been more then enough. Obviously there are much louder subs on the market, and subs that will reach a lower frequency, but the "quality" of the bass this sub provides is tremendous. I will be adding a second 700w to my setup as soon as my wife allows.

by Oceans, 2 years ago

Worthy of 6 star service!

It's one thing to design build and offer a quality product and quite another to stand by your products. A glitch in the wireless transmitter was replaced within 3 days of my initial call into service. Now that's service!

by Ron T., 3 years ago

Great subwoofer!!!

The Dynamo 700w replaces a 15 year old Infinity SSW-10 subwoofer and completes my all-Martin Logan 5.1 channel home theater system (front Requests, center Cinema I and Surround Vignettes)

Whether played in 5.1 or 2.1 mode, the bass and low level music is so much clearer and distinct now and I've had it only for 3 days and its not even broken in!!!

Even in low volume you could hear the bass.

And the Infinity is a servo subwoofer and is even larger than the Dynamo!

Martin Logan speakers are really incredible!!! Everyone who listens to my ML speakers always say they are so clear and the music is like floating in the air!!!

I can't believe the Dynamo is making such a big difference.

Thanks ML for making such great products!!!

by Scott K, 3 years ago

In the Pocket

Superb quality & finish, Top notch components and interface. This unit was integrated into HiFi using a Yamaha RX-A Series AV Receiver. After break-in and crossover tuning the soundscape is very smooth, with low-end frequencies revealing aural and physical effects previously unheard in the system. I will soon order the Motion 6 centre and 2 series surrounds to create a 5.1 system.

by MO JO, 4 years ago


Well I have to say it looks good and feels good.
My wireless set up was free it was included with my 1000, need I say you have to Pay For It with other Models “DEF TECH SUPER CUBE” and others but the Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 and my 700 do the BEST!

by Terry N., 5 years ago

Great Product

Excellent compact subwoofer "particularly for music", very responsive & precise (not boomy). Wireless option
is a plus.

by Marc, 5 years ago


This tiny subs are awesome I bought two of them running them in stereo for music and theater. The bass is incredible. You can't tell the bass is coming from the subs, is like the front speakers morph with the subwoofers and give out one sound. Very musical and tight and accurate and loud too.

by Miro, 6 years ago

From Austria with Love ;-)

Just unpacked my new surround system -- B&W M1 ( minitheather ) satelites and ML Dynamo 700 with wireless transmitter.

Well ... what should i say ... i also own a superb high end stereo set ( multiple price of above components ) but THE MIGHTY and clear BASS of this LITTLE CUTE SUB is just tremendous and fabulous !

Thanks ML guys for creating this wonderfull piece of music instrument !!! at next occasion i will definitelly go for more ML stuff to fill my hifi world with ...


by Audio-Man, 6 years ago

Martin Logan makes it happen!

Dear ML

I have the ML CLS IIZ's and have had to deal with my Velodine's 18 sub to add just the little bump on the lower extension.
In doing so, I have always had slow lumbering, bloated, muddy base and an audible 60 cycle hum that the support staff at Velodyne told me is within spec. for the 3,000 watt class D amp and nothing could be done to fix the problem.

I'm am only telling this story not to slam Velodyne, but to show praise for Martin Logan.

Yesterday, I auditioned a stereo pair of the Dynamo 500 subs in my sound room and found them to be quite a speaker for the money. Very nice sound shaping of the lower register. One problem was I still wasn't getting quite the low bass extension that I was looking for and the rear sound ports seamed to be a little bloated sounding. (Very little) In short I still need the Velodyne's help since it goes down to 18 hz.

Today, I have just upgrade to the ML Dynamo 700's and I must say... "My quest has come to completion".

Very tight, fast, base and not a sound of buzz or hum in the units. (Note: I even have them firing forward) Just beautiful black-black rich base. Great sound shape and low register extension. Finally I can retire the 18" buzzing mud maker.

Thank you to ML and your design team. I can only imagine the work that went into pulling this small wonder off.

My short term plan is to now stack 4 of these on each side of my CLS IIz's and create a vertical bank of bass for the left and right side. (Something like your Statement speaker) I just have to work out a coupling rack so that they can be spaced, braced and angled for point sourced direction without damaging the beautiful cabinet.

Just one small concern/problem on the 700's.
Do you have a recommendation on the supplied spikes. They are way to sloppy for good floor coupling the way that they slide into the rubber foot. Is there an alternate solution that I can go with? Maybe a longer spike to replace the supplied "L" foot and rubber foot pad all together.

Once again... Thanks for the ride. I am revisiting my whole music library and I can enjoy that lower mid bass in the music.

Kevin Franklin

by hung t., 6 years ago

The best for sup clean, deep bass.

by TL1000rdr, 6 years ago


I had a Dynamo 700 that went bad after a couple of months and I want to let you know that Martin Logan stands behind its product. I contacted ML and without hesitation they gave me several options on how I wanted to take care of the replacement. I decided to send them the sub directly, I had a new Sub within a few days and was back listening to great music and watching movies with a powerful thump! Thanks ML for your professional service and courtesy.

by who, 6 years ago

This sub is incredible... It really completes any system...

Martin Logan Rocks

by lionel, 6 years ago

Tight, accurate bass

I was looking for a sub that could fill my 14x12 home theater room with tight and accurate bass after many auditions from other subs I decided on this sub. Tight, well defined and accurate and perfect for my polk audio, denon set up. Thanks logan.

by Ronald A., 7 years ago

Dynamic !!

precise and tight bass ,excellent for music and HT.

by Brian D, 7 years ago

Great Sub

I am very impressed with this sub. I replaced a 12in sub with the Dynamo 700. I was amazed how much more this sub out preforms the old one.


Dynamo 500

Compact and affordable, Dynamo 500 is engineered to MartinLogan's highest standards to deliver superior bass performance.

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by RonC, 2 years ago
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Updating 11/2011 review of Electromotion ESL and the Dynamo 500 subwoofer

After purchasing the Martin Logan Electromotion ESL, I bought the Dynamo 500 subwoofer.
I loved my Martin Logan Electromotion ESL when I bought them, I enjoy them even more with the Dynamo 500.
The bass is now firm and extended. No flabby bass here. The subwoofer integrates perfectly with the ESL speakers.
My decision to purchase the M-L Electromotion ESL and Dynamo 500 have to be the best audio decisions I have made in decades. I had drifted away from audio for many years. The M-L speakers and sub-woofer drew me back and audio now is one of my life pleasures.
On top of that has been the outstanding service. There was some fraying of a power supply cord. A minute to write an email to support and a new cord was on the way.
There is no second guessing about the purchase of M-L speakers in my household.
Thank you, Martin Logan people!

by Angeloc, 6 years ago
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I recently purchased two motion 12 speakers, one motion 8 center, and two motion 4 speakers. I also purchased the dynamo 500 sub. I am extremely satisfied with all the speakers except the sub. It pops when it turns itself off or goes into sleep mode. I was told by Martin Logan this is normal, but i find it annoying on a $500.00 sub.

by Chris K., 6 years ago
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Excellent sound quality, simply incredible!

This is a fine subwoofer and if you use your ears and not all the specs hype of other subwoofers you will be pleasantly surprised! I actually did not intend to buy this subwoofer, I went to test two other subwoofers and came across this one in the test theater. I was amazed at how much cleaner and audible the bass response was compared to the two I went to demo. I was originally looking at the deftech sub1000 and super8. I accidentally switched this one on while looking for the deftech sub1000 input, since the numbers in the demo rooms never seem to match how they are labeled on the console. I couldn't believe how good this sub sounded. I had to search the room feeling the different subs to find out which one was making this amazing sound. Talk about surprised when i finally discovered that this little guy was responsible for the sound quality i was hearing. And the price was comparable to the sub1000 and lower than the super8. I took a chance since I hadn't spent anytime researching this sub and took it home. Now 6 months later I am still amazed at how good this sounds. Fills my 16x20 living room and is a warm controlled sound, not sloppy or boomy at all. Just really great and I get lots of compliments on this sub. People can not believe it is only one 10" and 120 watts rms. Like I said don't believe all the hype, let your ears be the judge! I heard 400 watt subs that cant go as low as this one. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed, I promise!

by Chaitanya Evani, 3 years ago
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Ephemeral Euphoria

Having heard great reviews about the Martin Logan Sub-Woofers from the folks at BestBuy Magnolia, I bought the Dynamo 500 Sub from Amazon. However, my excitement lasted only for a few minutes after connecting the sub up to my receiver.

As suggested, I carefully hooked up all the cables, turned down the volume level, double checked all the connections and setup the system to play the "moderate" listening level suggested in the manual. But, it only took about five minutes of playtime before it shut off. I immediately disconnected the speaker from the receiver and the power source to check for the fuse and was surprised to find it already popped.

So, I picked up a couple of replacements of the fuse (the slow blow 1.6A 250V glass fuses - recommended by ML) from Frys only to find that the moment any of these fuses were installed and the sub powered on, with/without the input from the receiver and the volume levels turned down fully, they all got blown one after another.

Going back to the forums for help, I now realize that this seems to be a common problem. It is disappointing to have a product from such a great company and not be able to enjoy it at all.

by JIMBE, 3 years ago

awesome bass

love the bass so much

by DavidH, 3 years ago

Sub Died After 8 Months

First off, let me say that the Dynamo 500 is an outstanding sub (when it works). However, I just moved into a new home with my fiance and the sub started to act up. At first it would randomly chirp when turning on or off. Then a few days after the chirping started the sub would hit random notes. The bass started to sound distorted even under light loads. One night after watching a movie with my fiance we went upstairs to go to bed. About 30 minutes went buy then the sub randomly hit heavy bass notes about 3 to 4 times. The bedroom is above the living room and it literally shook the room. My fiance thought someone had driven a car through the house.

This is when I decided to call Martin Logan and find out what was going on. After calling the tech support line I was transferred to Scott. Scott then started to explain what could be wrong with the sub. Appropriately the Dynamo 500 has been on its second major reconfiguration and is known to have these problems. This was very concerning for me. Especially after shelling out so much money for the Martin Logan setup I purchased (Motion 40's, Motion 30 Center and the Dynamo 500). The only real option I had was to have the old sub returned and a new one sent to me. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Dynamo 500 when it was working in full capacity, but if it has already had two major issues I wonder if more are to come. I tried to opt for the Dynamo 700 instead of getting another 500 but was declined. I even tried to work with my local dealer (Best Buy) to see if I can trade the Dynamo 500 back in and upgrade to the Dynamo 700. I was also told this what not a possibility. If you are looking for a nice sub to compliment your system I would not go for the Dynamo 500. Spend the extra money and get the Dynamo 700 as I have not found any complaints about it online.

On another note I would like to thank Scott at Martin Logan for helping me. He was very professional and understanding. I just wish I was able to jump to the 700 after all of the problems with the 500.

Please note I never pushed the sub parameters above 50% capacity.

The only reason I give the Dynamo 500 2 stars is due to the fact it has died after 8 months and is already on its second reconfiguration. I only hope the others that already have the 500 do not have the same issues.

Best regards,

David Hardison

by Joseph Hernandez, 4 years ago

Dynamo 5000

This is a replacement of a, retired to my garage setup,15 year old 12" jbl psw-1200. (2x the size of the ML)

The ML sub cabinet is very well constructed. It is solid and has no signs of resonance. The rear amp controls are easy to read and adjust. The heat sink is huge! I'm guessing it puts out more than the stated 120 watts rms. The speaker appears to be a good sq / spl mixed design. My only concern is the dual rear port design. Besides the inability to put them in the front due to size limitations, I can only guess that it aids in minimizing unwanted port noise.

So far this ML has impressed me with very musical and accurate low end reproduction. Whether the music calls for punch, deep bass, or just low end, the results were great. It blends in well with my satellite B&W 685s and center 62b. And all this at half the size!

by Z93indy, 4 years ago

Booming Base

Booming base makes floors rattle and shake when loud sounds from bombs or earthquakes are played on movies or TV. Great base sounds!

by sounddude, 4 years ago

deep bass

Lets say i like bass and this sub has what it takes to make a bass head happy. It is accurate and and really works well with the motion 4 on wall speakers. Thanks Martin Logan!!!!

by hittman, 5 years ago

Very Pleased

I am very satisfied with punch and clean sound that the 500 provides. I purchased this unit as part of my 5.1 theater surround sound system. It sounds great while watching movies and has a clean powerful bass while listening to music. I listened to six different subs before making my decision on the Dynamo 500. My TV room is 16x20 and the 500 delivers plenty of bottom end for this size room. I would recommend you find a store with this sub and a few others and make your own decision.

by Angeloc, 6 years ago

Review Update

Martin Logan offered me a fix to the popping noise on my subwoofer. They are a stand up Company. I am very pleased with the customer service dept.

by Wm, 7 years ago

The Subwoofer You Can't Miss for the Price

It was time to update my listening experience. I thought that all I needed to do was find a good base end to augment the older NEC subwoofer on my current home theater system. Larger room, two subwoofers, easy match, eh? Not so fast... When I listened to the bass curve response of the Dynamo 500 unit in comparsion to Velodyne and Definitive Audio subwoofers I didn't image that there could be this great of a difference. The harsh brassinesss of other units was easily offset by the clear, warm response of the Dynamo 500. I wish all other choices were as clear cut. My old NEC subwoofer is now history.

by marlowejr, 7 years ago


Crazy love, I replaced a sub by Mirage. Clearly hear the difference cost just tidbit more. Definite upgrade.


Dynamo 300

Compact and affordable, Dynamo 300 is meticulously designed and manufactured to our highest standard to deliver staggering low-frequency performance.

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by Devsteve, 2 years ago
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Dynamo 300

I have purchased 2 Dynamo 300 series Subwoofers to work with my new home theater. The setup is 7.2 on a Denon AVR-4000 system. With extensive research on the internet of all my components a friend had recommended that I use the Martin Logan Dynamo 300 series subwoofers and couldn't be happier with the choice. You don't even know were the subwoofers are in the room. They have a great sound and would recommend the Dynamo 300 series subwoofers to everyone.

by cfree196134, 6 months ago


This is my first Martin Logan purchase and I am VERY HAPPY I bought this subwoofer! Took my time and READ the directions for setup and have had this only a few days but this thing will rattle windows and the floor IF you choose to do so. But if you set it up according to the instructions you WILL get great results and the subwoofer WILL compliment ANY movie or music with great results!! When I need more speakers they WILL be Martin logans!!

by Michael R., 2 years ago

Great sound in a small Package

Very pleased with the ease of hookup and sound from this subwoofer. I'm using an old school power amp with no dedicated sub output so I had to run the speaker outs into the subwoofer and then back to the mains. The sub really freed up the JBL 4311's to accurately reproduce the upper end of the bass and the mids and highs sound clearer than ever. The controls on the back of the unit (low pass, level and phase) allow you to fine tune the sub to your room and speakers. Not big enough to shake a concert hall but very adequate for my living room!

by MF2006, 2 years ago

A little giant of a subwoofer..

Have had this beautifully designed product for over a month now and I have to say no corners have been cut given it's "entry level" "affordable" status. This unit sounds much better than the specs alone can relate. I can't say how pleased I am with the construction and sound quality. It's good to know there is a speaker manufacturer that stands behind it's name even on their budget offerings. The sound is tight, not "boomy. It sounds very good while listening to music as well as putting some excitement into movies. Thank You Martin Logan!!!

by Vasavadatta, 2 years ago

Good complement for Energy Take 5 for music

I got this sub to complement a set of 2 Energy Take 5 used on a cheap stereo Sharp XL-MP130, which happens to have a LFE output. The Dynamo 300 blends well with the Energy speakers (awesome sound for the small size) using the LFE connection, and its power is adequate to balance these speakers. I am lazy, so I will likely keep this setting rather than use the stereo connection. Occasionally, I noted some distortion on the Energy speaker with heavy bass that they do not handle well, so I may go to the stereo connection in the future to have the Dynamo 300 filter the bass sent to the Energy speakers, but otherwise the LFE connection works well. What I like (for music only as I have another system for my home theater) is that the sub actually plays mid bass notes, and does not just provide a rumble like my 12' home theater sub, so it is a pleasure to hear, regardless how low it may go. It does not play as low as my home theater sub, but I prefer to trade very low drum sound for realistic and powerful mid basses that my home theater sub does not play very well. The size of the room is 20x20x9, and the sub output is adequate. So in a nutshell, the Dynamo 300 should be used for music only, played at moderate levels, and only for music that does not rely on extreme basses such as rap (that I do not care for anyway). I like the fact that it is very affordable and that the look is clean although not especially attractive.

by Rodger B., 3 years ago

Dynamo 300

I was very skeptical about purchasing this sub. It is smaller and has less power than the Klipsch that I was using. However, becauseof the price offered on Amazon, I had to give it a try. I am definitely glad that I tried it.. It sounds so much better and blends much better with my oldMartin Logan SL3s. That I was able to pick up used. Just hope it last , if it does it was a steal 129.00.. It's worth the 300.00 retail price.

by Potternovels, 3 years ago

Too Good for the Price

Most things I've bought have been good quality, but sometimes I'll buy something for a specific need and I've added this subwoofer to my smart TV to augment bass. I had no idea a 75 watt eight inch subwoofer could give this much sound. I have to keep the volume low or it overwhelms the large TV speakers. When we download movies from Vudu, the sound is amazing with abit more volume. I bought mine at an unbelievable $125 and now they're selling for $99. At this price they are almost a throwaway price. I will definitely consider the Dynamo 700 when I replace my old surround sound sub from HTD.

by ynot, 3 years ago


I replaced a Bose surround system,I must say the bose sub did pretty good,however the Dynamo 300 sub blew it up ( like Dynomite). Awsome upgrade, great bass response for such a compact sub. This is top notch for entry level.
This is my first purchase of any ML product, I must say it probably won't be my last. Thanks ML for such a high quality product at such an affordable price.

by leland c, 4 years ago


Incredible deep bass,couldn't be happier.The price, what a bargain.

by Martin G., 4 years ago

Best sub for my money!

Exceeded all my expectations for an 8 " sub at the price. I own a vellodyne HGS-8 and did not believe I'd be satisfied for 1/8 th the price. Surprisingly deep,rich,powerful and remarkably accurate! Complimented my master bedroom system well.according to my b.a.s.s. cd(bad ass sound system) it plays down to 29 hrtz at 80 db! Well done Martin Logan.

Sincerely, a bass snob

by kenito, 4 years ago

Amazing Value

Bought the Dynamo 300 to 'stand in' for a Sunfire Architectural sub that blew its electronics. Common, I've heard; Expensive to repair, cheaper to replace...the amp, at least...but a replacement amp was MORE than this great little sub!
Anyway, this little gem is named correctly. No, not as low as the Sunfire, but for 1/10th the price I've gotten 9/10ths of the performance. Very adequate for movies, it's now on to music - some low organ notes and real (vs. 'synthed')percussion - to see how well such a diminutive investment distinguishes itself there, too. Thanks for a great product and value!

by Robert Brody, 5 years ago

Solidly designed sub

The Dynamo 300 sub may seem to be under-spec'd for it's price. You can certainly buy larger subs for the money, but this sub does a very good job, being both accurate and fairly powerful. It produces very usable bass into the 30hz region and loads up well enough to create the effect of going even deeper. I've got a primary system consisting of Merlin speakers and Manley tube amps, but this small sub was bought for a 2nd system with Motion 4's and a Denon amp. It's doing an excellent job thus far and, in a medium sized room, can produce a satisfyingly musical bass-fill for small speakers. After a short break-in I found the the 300 was creating a very well blended and detailed accounting of itself. Pressed into action for movie material it handled the likes of Real Steel and King Kong with authority, though please remember that this sub is probably not suited to larger rooms for HT. I own a 10" audiophile sub that costs 6 times the price of this sub, yet the 300 sounds very much like a member of the more elite sub designs, which is quite an accomplishment at this price point. As I said, you can buy larger subs in this price range and get deeper bass, but you'll lose out on accuracy.
Now I know Martin Logan is serious about their image and products, so here are a couple of suggestions:
1) Get rid of the horrible spring speaker connections. They scream cheap on any modern product. Most people will probably use the LFE connections anyway, but every choice made still effects the overall impression of the product. I wish I had been at the meeting when this decision was made.
2) Consider making the crossover control a bit better so far as labeling it in greater detail. This way the user can easily keep track of what they're trying during setup. Little details like this enhance the owning experience and will gain you more loyal fans.
3) Watch quality control very carefully. While the build quality appears good, my sample has the speaker connection assembly mounted a bit askew. You don't want to see that on a ML product regardless of price.
Summary: A very solid choice for a low priced sub, the Dynamo 300 provides a strong entry into the more serious realm of audiophiles and even a great bargain for a 2nd system of someone who's looking for better than mid-fi subwoofer. This would also be an excellent choice for a higher end computer speaker system, though I expect ML to introduce the Dynamo PC100 for that precise application soon (I'll take credit for the idea!). Well done.

by Modi Hammarstedt, 5 years ago

Amazing little sub!

I have a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 686 Bookshelf Speakers in my bedroom system and was in DIRE need of the low end, because as great as the low end is in those it wasn't near what I wanted. I was looking at Martin Logan subwoofers at Magnolia at Best Buy but the ones there were just too much, I tested the Energy ESW-C8 but it was way too powerful and it didn't go low enough for my tastes. Then I checked out the B&W ASW608 which sounded fantastic but was way out of my price range. I checked out Martin Logan's side of the showroom and found that the Grotto i was perfect for me but was WAY too expensive, and impracticable for dorm life. I then stumbled upon the Dynamo 500 which was amazing but too big which left me discouraged, so I went on this website only to find a Dynamo 300!!! I was ecstatic! With the quality of the 500 in a smaller package, exactly what I needed!

Looks: Very simplistic and minimalistic, I love it! It sits between my dresser and wall and looks magnificent, not a show stopper but not ugly by any means!

Connectivity: Basic types, nothing wrong here, very easy to connect and start playing!

Controls: I love the controls!!! Crossover extends to 45hz but I don't know anyone that would make it extend that far, I have it at 90hz (around that) and it is the perfect balance!

Volume: Perfectly loud enough for my room which as I said is a bedroom and in the future dorm for college, I don't want to tear the whole building down but I do want to feel the floor and walls vibrate. I have it set to about 75% volume which is around 100W when my receiver is turned up all the way

Low End: 32hz is pretty good for an 8 inch woofer!!! I was amazed at the bass coming out of this thing! I played 'Venice' by Chris Botti and was astounded at the bass line, I've never heard deep CLEAR bass like that out of anything so small before! I played 'Everything you Love' by Chimaira and the fast clean bass drum was so crisp, not boomy at all!

Price: Nothing comes close to this quality at this price! Sure you can get some bajillion watt 15 inch subwoofer for $300 to bring your house down but there's no clarity in that, and this is the perfect balance!

Styling options: Would have been nice to chose between different colors....

If you have the money to buy a $300 subwoofer and you DON'T get this... I don't know what's going through your head! A GREAT GREAT GREAT subwoofer and will keep until I get a house which I will step up in size.

by grinder240, 5 years ago

sounds great

This subs sounds great for the price its bass is perfect with bose surround sound. Had a polk before and its not even on same level, looks great and sounds even better, got a steal on this sub.

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