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Summit X Customer Reviews

Perfect System
by Michael M., 2 years ago

I would just like to comment on how happy I'm with my stereo only system that was recently completed about 1 year ago. The system consists of a pair each of Summit X speakers and Descent i subs with the source being a McIntosh MCD 500 SACD/CD player connected directed to a McIntosh Amp (no preamp - the KISS principle). In addition to the CD player this system also has an addition source from a Sonos connect. (See picture attachment - it only shows one sub the other is 90 degrees along the wall on the right about 10' from the front wall.)

I have always been interested in music listening but until recently have not had the ability to move up to the level of equipment nor the separate room to house it. I first heard these speakers by accident in a store a couple of years ago and from that time on could not get the high quality sound I heard out of my head. I compared what I heard to traditional box speakers of widely varying price points and the auditions confirmed at least to me that the Summit X's were superior by far - actually no contest. This is my first experience with electrostatic speakers but once I heard them the "boxes" although good just fell short. Once I was convinced that these were the speakers for me I proceeded to put a system together around them that not only complemented them but extracted ever last nuance from a source.

I find myself excited to just pop in a SACD/CD and just kick back to unwind from a day of work - it's just so relaxing. Just sitting there and marveling at the wide sound stage, quality sound and how invisible they are never gets tiring. I'm also the type of person that likes innovation and cutting edge technology. These Summit X's certainly are futuristic, compact and a good conversation topic for uninformed visitors or audiophile visitors for that matter. I just can't say enough about these speakers and how impressive they sound in my listening room. I wanted a music only room no video, games or cable just great music being played very realistically as I enjoy a quality single malt scotch!

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Dream Answered
by Aquabud, 3 years ago

I'm a musician. I love live music. I've spent my entire life, give or take 40 years, in search of the ultimate audio speakers that would provide me with a listening experience that would truly approach a live performance. I recently purchased a pair of Summitt X speakers. Alas, my dream has been fulfilled. These are actually better than a live performance. It's like sitting in a recording studio and listening to playback on a set of cans. Flawless, incredible annunciation, phenomenal...almost surreal quality.

Thanks to Martin dreams FINALLY came to life.

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High end & affordable!
by Kev., 3 years ago

I've listened to these speakers with some reputable reference systems behind them & also some of the little gems that are out there that people have the novelty & privilege of putting together to call their own, not once have I been disappointed with these speakers. I am a 2 channel audiophile & they are the only speakers in the system, they are all that I need to listen to the music that I have. These are the first ESL speakers that I've owned & all I can think of is goodbye to the conventional boxes! Yes!!!
It is so refreshing to be able to tune these speakers in the way of placement, they truly are a marvel at what can be done with a small movement here or there, saves on buying cables in search of the elusive synergy to the room acoustics.
Walking into a room with the ML Summit X's playing & I quite often get that same feeling of walking into an intimate club gathering for a live performance & that realisation as you enter the room that the artist & the sound is really good, you are just so pleased to be in the surrounds & life is good.

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Summit X
by Nils Kokemohr, 4 years ago

Just purchased these speakers, and as they aren't broken in I can't comment on my own pair yet.

However, the experience I had at "Digital Ear" in LA when making the purchase was an experience to share -- I am a classical musician and therefore I am always haunting for the 'real' experience. I don't need the sound to be loud, beautiful or bassy, I just need it to be 'real' and very very THERE. If you think the musician is in your room, and if you can hear just everything without fatigue, that's my speaker.

I was able to hear the Martin Logan Summit X's next to a Focal / Burmester system (I guess the employee said it was worth over 1/4th million USD, which would comply with what I know about the component's price tags), and BOY did the Summit Xs outperform this eight times more expensive system!

If you're up for heavy metal, don't go for the Summit X. If you want the air miraculously filled with music, if you want to be able to _count_ the number of violins in the NY Philharmonics, if you want to listen to musicians and not devices, these are the best speakers I've ever heard.


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Finally I can enjoy my multichannel SACDs
by Hans, 5 years ago

Finally bit the bullet of obtaining 6 matched Martin Logan speakers (Summit X L/R; Stage center, Vantage SL/SR, Descent i LFE) driven by an Arcam 888/777 combo.

Finally I can enjoy my collection of classical SACDs in multichannel mode. They used to sound better in Stereo than multichannel with my old system; but with this new setup the multichannel actually sounds better than the Stereo track; less distortion in high-energy violin episodes; more fullness in the orchestral experience.

I have programmed the Arcam to also exploit the subwoofer in Stereo mode, this is certainly beneficial for the organ pedal on my CDs.

Of course the Cinema experience is awesome, and I no longer notice a change in sound coloring when an actor walks from left to right.

I do still miss some control/consistency in the lower (not lowest) frequency but have not done 80 hours playing yet so may report on that later.

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