Subwoofer Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Troubleshooting

    Please refer to your product's manual. Manuals can also be viewed online by visiting the literature archive.

  • Could you suggest a list of power amplifiers and components that will be ideal for MartinLogan speakers?

    With numerous excellent amplifiers available and the list growing practically each day, we can't recommend one amp over another simply because we haven't had the opportunity to audition them all. This is also true of each component in your A/V system-there are many great components to choose from. Your MartinLogan specialty audio retailer is experienced in assembling and installing a wide variety of MartinLogan loudspeaker systems and can recommend a system that suits your requirements.

    Since MartinLogan speakers are capable of resolving subtle details, you can actually hear the differences between components as you swap them while listening to a familiar piece of music. Because of the signature that each component can add an individual character to the sound, it's important to take the time to match each one to your personal tastes.

    Above all, trust your ears and carefully audition each element before making a final decision.

  • Can you suggest a list of speaker cables that will be ideal for MartinLogan speakers?

    Many people are surprised to hear that speaker cables and component interconnects can have a significant impact on the quality of sound. Just as with the amplifier questions above, there are many types and designs of cables to choose from and we haven't had the opportunity to extensively test them all. Therefore the best approach is to speak with your MartinLogan specialty audio retailer. They can recommend a variety of cable and interconnect options and work with you to find the best solution.

    In fact, the cables should be matched to your components and speakers to assure that any additional sound signature or coloration is minimized or eliminated. Take the time to audition different cables and, as always... trust your ears.

  • What is the warranty period on a MartinLogan speaker system?

    MartinLogan speakers have a 90 day warranty which can be extended to 5 years (3 years for subwoofers) by simply returning the warranty card along with a copy of the sales receipt, within 30 days of delivery. To read the complete warranty information click here.

  • How do I clean my speakers?

    Use a dust free cloth or a soft brush to clean your speakers. We recommend a specialty cloth (available through the Xtatic Shop) that cleans better than anything else we have tried. If your speaker features EcoSound, please refer to the following FAQ.

  • Should I unplug my speakers during a thunderstorm?

    Yes. Or before if possible. As with any high quality audio component it is always a good practice during stormy weather.

  • Will exposure to sunlight affect the life or performance of my speakers?

    We recommend that you not place any loudspeaker in direct sunlight. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause deterioration of grill cloth, speaker cones, etc. Small exposures to UV will not cause a problem. In general, the filtering of UV rays through glass will greatly reduce the negative effects on the electrostatic membrane itself as well as woofers and other transducers.

  • How do they work? What makes them sound so good?

    MartinLogan subwoofers employ a variety of technologies to achieve superb sub bass reproduction. For specific details regarding the unique combination of technologies found in each subwoofer please refer to the product pages.

  • How does BalancedForce™ design work?

    Please refer to the BalancedForce technology brief for a full explanation.

  • How does TriLinear™ design work?

    Please refer to the TriLinear technology brief for a full explanation.

  • My Martin Logan Subwoofer makes a humming sound and the lights do not switch off. What is going on?

    There may be some minor 60hz hum from somewhere outside of your subwoofer that is causing the sensor to stay turned on. Disconnect the input jacks and see if the light goes out (this may take up to 10 minutes).

    If the light goes out, then check to see if the CATV (TV cable) is connected to the processor upstream. The shield of the cable may not be well grounded and as a result it may be passing a tiny bit of voltage down the line to your subwoofer. MartinLogan subwoofers are grounded and thus stray voltages find it easy to take that path (the path of least resistance). To solve this problem ground the CATV by running it through a grounded AC power strip with CATV in/out.

    If the cable is not the culprit, the next most likely cause of the hum is that the subwoofer may be on a different electrical circuit from the pre-amp/processor. If their grounds are slightly different from each other they will be equalized by flowing a slight voltage through the subwoofer input interconnect, causing a hum. Again, the voltage may be extremely slight, but could be enough to turn on the circuit as evidenced by the light. The solution will be to plug the subwoofer into the same electrical circuit as the pre-amp/processor.

  • Is it safe to set things on my subwoofer?

    While MartinLogan subwoofers are designed with a durable, stain-resistant surface, we advise you not to set anything on top of them-especially containers holding liquids.

  • Is there likely to be any interaction between my subwoofer and the television in my Audio/ Video system?

    Yes. MartinLogan subwoofers do not use shielded driver. We recommend 3 feet between a subwoofer and video components that are susceptible to magnetic fields.

  • Will my electric bill go 'sky high' by leaving my subwoofer plugged in all the time?

    No. MartinLogan subwoofers, when the power switch is set to 'Auto' or 'Standby', will draw about 10 watts when idle (depending on model).

  • Will your electrostatic speakers harm my balanced amplifier?

    No — all MartinLogan speakers are compatible with balanced amplifiers and will not damage the amplifier in any way.

Uncompromising performance. Unflinching accuracy. Unwavering reliability. Harnessing the myriad technical advantages of electrostatic principles to recreate sound in its truest form—this is what MartinLogan is all about.