Quick Facts

Upon a customer's request, MartinLogan once machined and sculpted an entire CLX speaker out of a special solid Bubinga log. The log was shipped in its entirety to the MartinLogan factory. It was split in half to create a book match and parts were cut out in mirror images to create a perfectly matched pair of speakers.


The MartinLogan cabinet shop.

Hand-built and hand-finished.

We painstakingly build our speaker cabinets out of only the very best materials, machine-cut to exacting tolerances, hand-assembled, hand-sanded, and surface-coated multiples to achieve our ideal finish. Each and every step in cabinet manufacturing is punctuated with a thorough quality review. We use the highest-density MDF together with special glues and joinery for best sonic performance no matter what the climate. The process typically takes three days from raw materials to completed cabinet. It's the only way we can be sure that every one is extremely strong, acoustically inert, and perfectly finished