Quick Facts

In the first year of production MartinLogan built ten pairs of Monolith speakers. Three of these pairs were immediately returned due to freight damage.

MartinLogan over-engineers product packaging to make sure that our speakers safely reach their destination. A Prodigy woofer assembly carton once fell out of a delivery vehicle traveling on a highway. The contents of the package were unharmed.

The leading cause of freight damage to MartinLogan speakers is piercing of cartons (and speakers!!!) by fork lifts.

Packaging and Shipping

Preserving perfection.

The MartinLogan final packaging department.

Each finished speaker must pass a series of final visual inspection to verify that it is cosmetically flawless and that pairs are perfectly matched. The people responsible for this ultimate sign-off employ a number of tools to help them. These include special lighting to accentuate surface flaws, micro-fiber cleaning cloths, high-pressure compressed air to remove even the smallest dust particles, and more than a dozen organizational routines to guarantee that each customer receives the right speakers in the right color with all of the right parts, accessories, and papers.

MartinLogan speakers travel the world and must withstand sometimes lengthy shipment by truck, boat, airplane, and train, along with all the attendant changes in temperature and humidity. Our packaging incorporates extra-thick cardboard, custom foam padding, and individual plastic and/or cloth sleeves to ensure they arrive at their destinations not merely intact, but with the same performance and sonic characteristics they had when they left the factory.

We use every means possible to deliver your speakers quickly and safely to your home.