Helos 10 front view.

The Helos 10 delivers legendary MartinLogan quality and performance in a compact, high-resolution in-ceiling loudspeaker. Featuring a 1-inch neodymium soft dome tweeter mounted in an aimable stem, high-rigidity aluminum cone woofer, and proprietary Vojtko crossover topology, Helos 10 effortlessly provides extreme sonic accuracy.

Helos 10 tweeter and woofer detail.

Designed to Aim at the Listening Position

Helos 10 features a high-resolution neodymium tweeter mounted on a pivoting tweeter stem that easily aims at the primary listening location. This design allows the audience to enjoy the highest levels of in-ceiling audio performance, while still providing rich, detailed sound throughout the entire room.

Low-Distortion Aluminum Cone Woofer

Utilizing a high-excursion, high-resolution state-of-the-art woofer specially designed for accurate in-wall bass performance, the Helos 10 delivers a precise low-end with accuracy, authority and extension uncommon to traditional in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Precision-Built, Advanced-Topology Vojtko™ Crossover

Carefully hand-built using only the finest polyester capacitors and air-core coils, the crossover employ's MartinLogan's proprietary Vojtko topology for vanishingly low distortion and seamless driver integration. This precision-tuned network preserves even the most microscopic sonic nuances while handling the full dynamics of any source.

Helos 10 rear view.

Quick, No-Hassle Installation

A robust mounting-lock system allows quick, trouble-free installation. When not in use, the constant-control mounting locks are held securely within a self-contained housing. When moved into place during installation, they couple the speaker's chassis firmly to the ceiling. And if the speaker is ever removed, the locks retract and latch themselves back in their housings.

Each Helos 10 speaker comes with a full-size installation template that features quick-reference instructions, and die-cut guides for marking the cutout hole.

Paintable Frame and Grill Cover

A paintable frame and grill endows the Helos 10 with the flexibility to complement any décor.

Multi Application Use

Helos 10 is suitable for any application in average to small rooms. Ideal for use in a multi-channel home theater as a surround speaker, in a kitchen as 2-channel stereo speaker, or in a hallway as a single-channel distributed audio speaker.

Exceptional Sound from Any Location!

1a. ONE at the front of a room for a 5.1 or 7.1 center channel.

1b. TWO at the front of a room for stereo sound or 5.1 or 7.1 left/right front channels.

1c.TWO at the rear of a room for 5.1 left/right rear channels.

d. TWO at the side of a room for 7.1 left/right side surround channels.

Helos 10, Helos 100, and Helos 20.