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How do I use the inputs and outputs on back of the Crescendo X?

Created: 12/04/15 | Updated: 12/07/15

  • Aux In [Auxiliary In]

    • Used for either digital optical (Toslink) or analog input. This input will accept either a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone style or mini-Toslink plug. A special mini-Toslink to Toslink cable or mini-Toslink adaptor is required for digital optical connection. Just plug in an external audio source and change the input using the source button (Front LED should turn green).

  • Update (USB)

    • Used for updating your Crescendo X.

  • Ethernet

    • A hard-wired Ethernet connection can be used instead of a wireless connection.

  • Sub Out

    • This is an output used to connect an external subwoofer.

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