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What benefits does Anthem Room Correction (ARCâ„¢) have?

Created: 09/28/15 | Updated: 12/04/15

The information on this page pertains the the following ARC compatible products

  • Bravado

  • Forte


Anthem Room Correction (ARC) can have an amazing impact on the sound of a wireless speaker. Most of the time it is not possible to place speakers in the best acoustic position. Corners, doors, windows, and other hard surfaces add distortions to the sound of your speakers and compromise the sound due to the effects of the room. ARC tunes your wireless audio device using DSP to virtually remove performance-robbing room-specific distortions, clearing the way for customized, optimized sound in any space.

ARC improves the bass response, increases clarity and prevents room reflections from ruining your listening experience. This is especially important in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where there are a large number of reflective surfaces.

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