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What is the difference between Play-Fi and Play-Fi HD for Windows PCs?

Created: 12/07/15 | Updated: 12/07/15

The standard version of the Play-Fi Windows app:

  • Is free

  • Syncs audio to any one of your Play-Fi products

  • Outputs audio from any application, website, or service from your PC in a lossless format. 

  • Once connected to a speaker, streams all audio sounds from the PC.

The premium version of the Windows app, Play-Fi HD:

  • Costs only $14.95 (available from the DTS Play-Fi web-site)

  • Syncs to 4 Play-Fi products simultaneously

  • Lets you choose any single application to stream to the speakers, and keep all other audio on the PC.

  • Uses DTS technology to manage and optimize streaming performance on the network.

  • Both versions are compatible with the full line of Play-Fi Products.

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