Encore TF

Altoparlante ad alta risoluzione anteriore (sinistra / destra), centrale o surround

Un diffusore versatile in grado di applicazioni frontali sinistro e destro, canale centrale o audio surround. L'Encore TF può anche essere posizionato sia a muro che a muro.

Progettato per servire come altoparlante ad alte prestazioni per i canali anteriore sinistro e destro, centrale o surround per le home theater, il compatto Encore TF offre dettagli eccezionali. Un driver Advanced Thin Film, woofer a bassa escursione a lunga escursione e sofisticata ingegneria crossover si combinano per produrre suoni con una chiarezza e un'apertura realistiche. Encore TF offre una riproduzione audio convincente, sia montata sotto uno schermo piatto ad alta definizione, sia utilizzata con il supporto da tavolo incluso.

Launched in 2009

Price when discontinued:
499,00 USD



Le specifiche sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso

Risposta in frequenza

70-20.000 Hz ± 3dB

Potenza amplificatore consigliata

20-200 watt per canale


92 dB / 2,83 volt / metro


4 Ohms nominali. Compatibile con amplificatori da 4, 6 o 8 Ohm.

Frequenza di crossover


Trasduttore ad alta frequenza

Trasduttore ATF ™ da 1,5 "× 2,25" (3,8 × 5,7 cm)

Trasduttore a bassa frequenza

Due coni di carta di alta rigidità da 4 "(10,2 cm) con gruppo di trasmissione a lancio esteso, formato camera asimmetrica senza risonanza, bass reflex


Bobine di nucleo aria, condensatori elettrolitici in poliestere e bassa dissipazione


Binding post a 5 vie


9,5 libbre (4,3 kg)

Dimensioni (con staffe a parete)

6 "× 24" × 4,7 "
(15,3 cm × 61 cm × 11,8 cm)

Dimensioni (con supporto antiscivolo)

6.5 "× 24" × 5.5 "
(16,4 cm × 61 cm × 14 cm)

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Peter Q.

  • sabato 24 marzo 2012

Great Center Channel
I was doing a living room remodel that required me to get a wall mountable center channel speaker that was of relatively shallow depth. After doing some research I settled on the Encore TF. I am glad I did. The speaker looks great with the rest of my AV setup. More importantly, it sounds excellent. I would not hesitate recommending the TF.


  • domenica 2 maggio 2010

I have been from the mid to the higher end of audio products through out the years. When I was looking for a set of on speakers to accomidate my master bedroom tv I had looked at many inwall, small bookselfs, even the dreaded home theatre in a box. All to achieve the sound I wanted. Then out of the corner of my eye low and behold. Whats this a speaker almost the exact same size of my tv. As well as sound amazing. I was impressed with the instore demo even though it was a less than ideal demo enviroment of a retail store. I was impressed none the less with the detail and umpf you could say that was produced for a smaller speaker. After getting home and franticaly unpacking my new found toys. I turned on my tele popped in a variety of concert bluerays to tinker and play with and then fell in love with the depth, range, and performance. Fantastic build boys and girls at ML Thanks for taking my money I would gladly do it again.


  • domenica 27 dicembre 2009

Most important speaker in a home theatre.
I am very pleased with the performance of the ML Encore TF as a center channel speaker. This speaker brings forth the staging area that is expected during a home theater performance, with true to life vocals and mid range response. I have my Encore matched with a pair of ML Vistas, which are in a different class of speaker. However factoring cost, it was much easier to make the budget for an additional center channel.


  • mercoledì 23 dicembre 2009

hear the difference
wow...just hooked an encore up and replyed the same section of TOP GUN. The voices are so real and clean....amazing sound....what a center channel should be in the affordable range of audio gear...now onto the Matinee!......thanks..........Saab