Открой свои уши и посмотри.

Откройте свой разум для нового эталонного стандарта музыкальной четкости, мощности и интеллектуального размера.

Откройте свой разум для нового эталонного стандарта музыкальной четкости, мощности и интеллектуального размера. Закрой глаза и услышь. Ощущение, которое вы ощущаете, - это непоколебимая приверженность музыке в ее высшей форме воспроизведения. Открой уши и посмотри на представление. Кульминация десятилетия достижений в области электростатических и гибридных технологий громкоговорителей, Aerius предлагает вам бескомпромиссный, но доступный новый эталонный громкоговоритель, который раскрывает все в музыке.

Launched in 1992

Price when discontinued:
1 995,00 $



Технические характеристики могут быть изменены без предварительного уведомления

Частотный отклик

40–20 000 Гц ± 3 дБ

Рекомендуемая мощность усилителя

20—400 Вт на канал

Горизонтальная дисперсия

30 °

Вертикальная дисперсия

Линейный источник 38 "(96,5 см)


89 дБ / 2,83 вольт / метр

полное сопротивление

4 Ом, 2 при 20 кГц. Совместим с усилителями на 4, 6 или 8 Ом.

Частота кроссовера

500 Гц, 12 дБ на октаву

Высокочастотный преобразователь

38 "(96,5 см) CLS ™ электростатический преобразователь

Низкочастотный преобразователь

НЧ-динамик 8 "с герметичным корпусом 1,25 куб. Фута


5-полосные двухпроводные клеммы


55 фунтов (25 кг)


55,5 "х 10,5" х 13,5 "
(141 см х 26,7 см х 34,3 см)

Отзывы клиентов - Aerius

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David P.

  • суббота, 13 февраля 2021 г.

I never owned electrostatic speakers before, and now I'm totally amazed by the definition and soundstage and lack of listening fatigue. I got them from a friend- I traded a pair of JBL Horizons '70s vintage speakers and a '70s vintage MacIntosh power amp for the MLs and a NAD power amp, and he made me some silver-core cables as well. I'm now a very happy listener!


  • среда, 4 июня 2014 г.

the only thing i havent changed
I purchased my Aerius speakers new in 1994. At that stage I was using Naim amplification and an Arcam CD player. Great sound. Since that time Ive changed sources and amplification many times over and my most recent set up was Audio Research pre and power with an Ayon cd and Oracle/SME/Dynavector for sources. At no stage have I felt that the Aerius apekers have reached their full potential, they are clean , transparent, dynamic, balanced with an excellent soundstage and I must say more than adequate bass in my listening room. Recently I swapped the ARC valve power amp for a Pass Labs X250.5 and wow did this make a huge difference again, yet the Aerius took it all in its stride. Like a well worn and loved pair of bedroom slippers these speakers continue to shine 20 years after I frist bought them. I had the opportunity to demo a pair of Summits and whilst they do sound different I dont necessarily think they sound better, ML certainly hit the spot with these beauties.

Kyle Mansfield

  • воскресенье, 11 августа 2013 г.

Amazing all around!
I have had other ML speaks but for the overall balance and musicality these are truly mind bending! You can find clean ones for under a k used get them. I'm running them with a substandard set up and they are still better then speakers I've heard at many times the price ! Big wow....they blew away any expectations I had.


  • вторник, 10 мая 2011 г.

Arcam AV9 processor Arcam P1000 power amp x7.1 Arcam r-dock 4x ML AERIUS Greatings from the UK Having just purchased the above equipment all I can say is WOW...detailed, open, delicate absolutly fabulous cannot wait to get hold of ML Stage & Dynamo to complete the set up. Before the Arcams arrived the ML\'s were powered by an ONKYO 807 and it just could not handle the range required by the ML\'s but with the Arcam (OK big price change) but it is like a live band playing in my lounge truly amazing! As close to Wilson Benesch as I can afford...and to pick all of this kit up for £3000 is a bargain...the power of EBAY. Not sure what inter-connects to use so have Profi-Gold for now and happy with them, yes you can spend ££$$ on cables expensive way to find whats good, so open to ideas from fellow ML\'ers!


  • воскресенье, 12 декабря 2010 г.

The Best Speakers I've ever owned
I purchased my beloved Aerius second hand six years ago, they are partnered with a Class A valve amp and just keep on producing superb music no matter what the source. All that hear them are truly amazed and so they should be! the electrostatic panel makes all vocal music sound so open( Joni Mitchells Blue is stunning) and the bass intergrates well enough for me, the reviews at the time said they had poor bass, for the life of me I don't know why!it's well controled with my amp and as "Nursie" said "firm but fruity!" Over the years I've owned some good speakers, KEF reference, B&W, Ruark etc and I can say without question I will NEVER go back to conventional speakers, the "Panel" is that good!


  • понедельник, 27 сентября 2010 г.

I bought these used and am the 4th owner of these. After cleaning the panels and remembering how the vantages sounded like. I powered them up. What amazing sound they produce. I have heard klipsch belle's, polk lsi 25's and others but these are great. I would buy them again for the price I paid. Amazing solid bass and clear highs.

Sound Details

  • вторник, 18 мая 2010 г.

Aerius light up QuickSilver M60 monoblocks with details you can see
My system consist of two Martin Logan Aerius Speakers with Transparent MusicWave Plus speaker cables, one QuckSilver Audio LineStage tube Preamp,two silver M60 QuickSilver monoblock tube amps and one Sony NS999ES DVD/CD player, also a Pro-jekt turntable with a Benz-Micro cartridge and stylus with a B&K Ltd. phono preamp. This was my first mid-high end speaker purchase and I am pleased to say it was an excellent choice. I auditioned two other speaker systems Bowers & Wilkens(B&W) and Thiel. Both have their merits, but the Logans steal the show when you listen to the visual sound experience they provide with an incredibly smooth and balanced soundstage. I say the highest compliment is always "Are those on?" and your reply is "that's what you're listening to", it is an awesome thrillride listening to visual audio. From Sade to Creed these speakers finese almost every element of each musical style from strong vocals which seem to float hauntingly accross your lisening space to touch your ears as you watch every word on approach and the speed of which a blistering guitar solo is accurately presented through those magic transparent panels. I have listened to just about every genre of music through these Aerius speakers and the only disappointments are these; when the source material is not so great and they represent that accurately too, the other is when you move out of the oh so sweet Martn Logan "sweetspot" you know where that is. Let's talk about the visual experience of the Martin Logan footprint, for me being able to watch an instrument begin and end it's place in the material is so satisfying, your head turns left as it is introduced and suudenly your attention is shifted to the right as the sax appears out of nowhere, this never gets old. I can't give all the credit to the Logans the QuickSilver Audio tube amps reveal the glory that is the Martin Logan experience. I have other amps at home Vincent Audio ST-331, Proton AA-1150 and AA-2120,Legacy Luminance Amp, but the most revealing are the QuickSilver. However you power your Martin Logans I am confident they will reveal the best your audio sources have to offer. They will be a beautiful sight to listen to and an aural experience you will always want to come home to.