Первый в мире гибридный электростатический громкоговоритель с полным питанием

Первый в мире гибридный электростатический динамик с полным питанием. Просто подключите ваш цифровой медиа-плеер и нажмите Play!

Чистота отмечает захватывающее новое направление для электростатического дизайна громкоговорителей. Purity обеспечивает внутреннее питание с помощью переключающего усилителя высокого разрешения 200 Вт, что обеспечивает беспрецедентный уровень гибкости подключения к системе. Оснащенный стандартным линейным входом RCA, Purity может напрямую подключаться к таким устройствам, как цифровые музыкальные проигрыватели, телевизоры с плоским экраном или даже компьютеры. Дополнительные входы уровня динамика дают Purity гибкость для работы с ресиверами или другим оборудованием, которое может не иметь опции предварительного усиления линейного уровня.

Launched in 2007

Price when discontinued:
3 295,00 $




Технические характеристики могут быть изменены без предварительного уведомления

Частотный отклик

41–23 000 Гц ± 3 дБ

Рекомендуемая мощность усилителя

20-400 Вт на канал

Горизонтальная дисперсия

30 °

Вертикальная дисперсия

Линейный источник 28 "(71 см)


Стыковочные посты: 93 дБ / 2,83 вольт / метр
Уровень линии: 95 дБ / 0,1 вольт / метр

полное сопротивление

Связующие посты: 2000 Ом
Уровень линии RCA: 14 000 Ом. Совместим с усилителями на 4, 6 или 8 Ом.

Частота кроссовера

450 Гц

Высокочастотный преобразователь

Электростатическая панель CLS ™ поколения 2

»Размеры панели: 28" × 8,6 "(71 × 22 см)
»Площадь излучения: 241 дюйм2 (1,562 см2)

Низкочастотный преобразователь

Два 6,5-дюймовых (16,5 см) высокопрочных алюминиевых диффузора с увеличенной жесткостью и удлиненным приводом в сборе, нерезонансный асимметричный формат камеры; басовый рефлекс

Усилитель мощности

200 Вт


Заказной аудио трансформатор, катушки с воздушным сердечником, высокоэффективный усилитель с высоким разрешением


Уровень линии, пользовательские 5-полосные переплётные сообщения


51 фунт (23,2 кг)


52,3 "× 9,7" × 14,7 "
(132,9 см × 24,5 см × 37,3 см)

Отзывы клиентов - Purity

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Stephen Bell

  • суббота, 28 марта 2015 г.

Bass attack
My second Martin Logans, the Purity has 2 6.5" woofers that are powered by a class D amp built into the speaker. The speed of response is superb, matching the electrostatic panel. A good test is when the spaceships go to warp in the Star Trek reboot of a few years ago. There is a real 'POW"! My previous speakers, the 'Clarity' had a passive 8" woofer and the diffused bass does lag a little whilst lacking the slam I am enjoying from the Purity. In the relatively small space I have for an AV room the Purity really throw out too much bass, even with the -3db cut. I need to find if there is a mod I can use to pull that down. But the issue is my small room, not the speakers and one day they may have a larger space to play in. I speculate that this fast responsive solution to the need to offer bass slam would work even better with a larger panel and an adjusted crossover. Certainly I am at a loss as to why this arrangement was a one-off? But until I win that lottery and buy my third ML's these are a delightful window into my music and film collection. SB CHESHIRE UK

Alistair Gordon

  • воскресенье, 22 июня 2014 г.

Absolutely stunning!
I've had all sorts of hi-fi gear: high end Technics amps & speakers, Accuphase amps, 15" Tannoys, Cyrus & other excellent CD and digital sources. All sounded pretty good. Now, with a tiny UnitiQute2 as a pre-amp into ML Purity: Audio Nirvana! The ML's are not as picky about positioning as widely described. Pointing down the length of a 10 x 7 metre room they have a wide sweet spot and are pretty forgiving. There is no need for a sub, as the bass is big, deep and very well controlled. I listen to a lot of classical music, but, feed these Pink Floyd and the music flies! Having read all the caveats: positioning, wall coverings etc, buying the ML's was a leap of faith ... But it paid off big-time! I may swap out the pre-amp, but the Purity pair are keepers! Thank you for these amazing and beautiful speakers!

LaVoyd W.

  • четверг, 7 июля 2011 г.

Purity / Feature / Abyss / Encore TF
I am impressed when I see other ML members systems posted. My system is not as expensive or elaborate, but to say that it is enjoyable to me is an understatement! I have Puritys for my front & surround speakers, Feature for the center, Encore TF's for my front heights & 2 12 inch abyss subs (I plan to add Matinee's for my surround backs). I now know what people mean when they comment how different the music they listened to for years sounds. The clarity & detail is amazing & the base from the Puritys is perfect. If the higher end ML's sound even better, than I can't wait. For people that say the ESL's do not sound good with rock; Aerosmith never sounded this good. They do lack a little on the highs at a certain volume point. But I have learned to adjust. As a matter of record; I have my system powered by a 140 watt Denon 4810 11.3 (mine is set for 9.2). The Encores are powered by an Onkyo 100 watt amp. Denon DCM-290 5 disc cd, Denon DBP-1610 blu ray, X-Box 360 Kinect, Playstation 3, LG 390 blu ray (used for u-tube & internet searching only-amazing quality & ease), Toshiba 1080p HD player, 55 inch Samsung 650 lcd-all connected by Monster power center's.

Rainer M.

  • понедельник, 4 апреля 2011 г.

Best of Show
Seit 3 Wochen habe ich nun die Purity und bin mehr als zufrieden. Die Aufstellung war unkritisch, der Klang ist einfach genial. Das Aktivsystem überzeugt auf ganzer Linie. Für bezahlbares Geld ein Traumlautsprecher der auch richtig rocken kann. Translation: "I've had the Purity for 3 weeks and I'm more than happy. For the money this is a dream speaker that can also rock!"


  • понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г.

The Purity loudspeaker is quite simply amazing. I was replacing a 2 channel stereo setup that contained a Marantz pre-amp, Parasound amp, Focal speakers and a Sunfire Subwoofer. Now I run the pre-amp directly to the Martin Logans and continue to use the Sub for the real lows. The results have been nothing short of astonishing. I’ve never heard so much from a speaker. The transparency is unbelievable. I can almost see the performers in our living room. Even my wife is amazed with the sound, which is shocking. My father-in-law is a musician and was floored by their performance when he first heard them as well. The improvement was “sick” according to him. I’m sure that I don’t have the highest end audio in the world, but in my experience this has been the single greatest improvement that I’ve seen in any of my listening by a long shot. An additional benefit is the beautiful look of these speakers. They are as much art in a room as they are sound. The packaging and delivery were superb. The only downside that I’ve had is that the speakers are a bit directional in my setup. The sweet spot isn’t exactly small, but it is certainly smaller than with the Focals. That being said, the sweet spot is so much sweeter, that in my opinion it more than compensates. Perhaps others would have a different experience with a different room etc. Finally, I love the fact that these things are made in KS; way to go Martin Logan!


  • суббота, 11 декабря 2010 г.

Don't know where jilted bride is coming from as the Purity has two 6.5 inch bass drivers, not 8 inch. Perhaps he is talking about the source? For me these speakers are SUPERB with EXCELLENT BASS. A TREMENDOUS VALUE and matches will shame any other speaker but a higher end ML.


  • вторник, 20 июля 2010 г.

Excellent Value
I have owned my Purity's for a couple of years and am still quite satisfied with their performance. The main reason for purchasing was that they seemed to offer a lot at this price point. These speakers compete favorably, in terms of overall performance, with others in the $3,000-range. But, you also get a pair of 200-watt amplifiers built-in to the speakers and the best speakers cables money can buy...no speakers cables at all. I can't think of any combination of speakers, amps, and cables for around $3,000 that can give you what the Purity's can (except for possibly the used market). I do have a couple of complaints: Mine were slightly damaged upon arrival. One of the bottom corners of one of the speakers had some of the veneer peeling back. It's not a huge deal and I have just lived with it. I doubt it is a common occurance. But it is important to know that the cabinet that houses the woofers and amplifier is not the greatest quality. I have the Cherry veneer and it looks very good from a few feet away. But, up close it is rather cheap looking. I'm not sure if the Black is better. I primarily use my Purity's for stereo music listening and I find the sound to be very satisfying from top to bottom. But, if you are going to be using them for home theater, you will need a subwoofer. The bass extension from these are adequate for the listening that I do. But, they don't cut it for home theater. This is not necessarily a terrible thing. I suspect these speakers were designed to be used with a subwoofer. But, you should consider how you are going to be using the speakers so that you can get the most out of them.