Abyss代表着MartinLogan的终极设计系列低音炮。配备高分辨率12英寸铝制锥形驱动器Abyss可毫不费力地提供出色的低音效果。除了性能之外,真实的故事是Abyss创新的用户可配置设计。能够进行前后射击操作并具有灵活的分频控制功能Abyss能够从任何位置提供极好的低音 - 无论是在角落,家具下面还是后面,甚至安装在橱柜中。

Launched in 2006

Price when discontinued:

MartinLogan Abyss Subwoofer

"The great thing about the Abyss is that if you do set it higher, you won’t be forced to suffer higher levels of distortion, because MartinLogan has managed to keep distortion very low, so rather than hearing woolly, indistinct bass, you hear clean, incisive bass notes, and when there are several bass instruments playing together, you’ll be able to hear each instrument quite clearly— the sounds don’t collapse together into an amorphous ‘mass’ of sound."

—Greg Borrowman, Australian Hi Fi

MartinLogan Feature powered speaker and Abyss subwoofer

"The Abyss easily kept up with the quintet of Features. On my reference mothership flyover - the opening of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones - it reproduced the spaceship's deep rumbling with no audible trace of distortion. Even many much larger subs struggle with this passage."

—Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision

MartinLogan Feature powered speaker and Abyss subwoofer

"Used on its own or with the company's Abyss subwoofer, Martin Logan's Feature speaker brings a new excitement to on-wall audio...audiophiles will probably prefer this system to any other on-wall rig - both because of its sound quality and because it's an original and exotic take on what has become a predictable product category."

—Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision




23-120 Hz±3dB;通过LFE效果输入的消音


LFE RCA:34,000欧姆兼容4,6或8欧姆额定放大器。










左/右RCA线路电平,RCA LFE,扬声器电平




15.8“x 13.5”x 15.2“
(40.1厘米x 34.4厘米x 38.6厘米)

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John H.

  • 2010年2月3日星期三

Why did I wait this long???
Just received my ML Abyss sub today, along with a new high end power cable, and all I can say is WOW!!! Why did I wait so long to buy this. Bass is tight, fast and deep, all in such a small footprint...I'm amazed. Build quality is top notch, detachable IEC power cable a huge plus and the design of the reversible cabinet just amazes me. Why aren't all subs designed this way??? I bought to replace a $2000 15" Velodyne Servo sub (one of the highest rated subs of our time)that was just too big for my new room. I was afraid that I would lose too much performance by replacing, but this sub fits the bill perfectly. Sure, the Velo plays deeper, but the Abyss is right behind it, and it looks MUCH prettier. Can't wait until it's broken in so I can see what this sub can really do...I'm sure I'll be even more impressed. I have a feeling my Klipsch Reference speak's will be soon replaced by some new ML's...LOL!!! That's how impressed I am with this sub. Run and get one while you still can...


  • 2009年12月29日星期二

Great Sub - very tight bass
Love this product. All I have is a 5.1 set up for my HT room and this sub does the job. Found it at Fry's on a clearance sale and I could not have been happier. Clean, crisp bass even when pushed a little. No distortion. Not the loud thumping bass from cheap Subs ...Overall very happy.