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Source Customer Review

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Nice ESL
by pcsteve, 5 years ago

Construction quality seems great. Shipping carton protects contents effectively. However, I've yet to achieve what I believe to be potentially attainable acoustic performance, due perhaps to my new Cambridge Audio Integrated amp (60W-RMS) not having quite what it takes for The Source to perform in a 20 x 30 ft. room. Another disappointment was the advertised description of The Source in and their frequent paper magazine, which depicted these Source speakers came with adjustable bases that allowed easy rake angle change, from a laid-back angle for listening at a distance (or standing) vs. a basically vertical rake angle for near field (or seated) listening. I opted for the “SE” Special Edition flavor of The Source which replaced the vinyl-clad woofer cabinet with real-wood veneer. I thought this would be a nice enhancement to what I expected to be perhaps my last pair of quality speakers. Having been in the audiophile business since the early seventies, I worked and-or managed several audio salons in the 70’s and 80’s, and had the opportunity to own or at least borrow for extended times, speakers and electronics of hi-end caliber. I’ve owned Dahlquist DQ-10, DCM Time Windows, Rogers LS3-5A, several Magnepan models, and finally Acoustat X electrostatic with integral hybrid tube-solid state amplifiers. Linn Sondek LP-12 with Keith Monks tonearm with mercury pools, DB Systems pre-amp…you get the idea. So I do have some history and experience with hi-end audio gear. My point is, my Source speakers DID NOT come with the reversible base that allows rake angle adjustment. And as it turns out, I need the 1-degree vertical rake to get the best tonal balance for my listening preference and to complement my listening room. So I paid extra for a nicer wood cabinet but lost what I consider to be a crucial configuration feature of these speakers. The adjustable screw-in spikes don’t come close to allowing the rake angle adjustments I need in my environment. Anyway, The Source is a fine speaker but the notion of a “reversible base” to adjust rake angle does not apply if you choose to invest in the SE version, which has wood veneer instead of vinyl. I’ve had to resort to small 2x4 wood blocks to give rise to rear end of The Source. But they do some musical things quite well. I’m thinking an Odyssey Khartago power Amp might fix some of my sonic issues. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. Also, I’m surprised I can’t find any blogs about modifying The Source, such as raising the ESL panel a foot or so above the wooden woofer cabinet, etc. Thank you, -Steve McConnell

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