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SL3 Customer Review

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My SL3 dreams
by Elisha Govan, 5 years ago

I purchased my SL3's in 2008, just when the recession was really kicking in, and many were tight for money. As it were, I had relocated back home to the South Jersey area, and planned to stay for a couple of years. I was reacquainting myself with the South Jersey, Philadelphia area local Hi End stereo dealers, and discovered the Album-Hunter in Maple Shade NJ, which deals in collectable recordings, 45's, Album, cassette and eight track tapes, and such things. They also have had a Hi Fi exchange and use stereo equipment purchase business on site, and I just happened to stop in one day, and they had just picked up a set of perfect SL3's, which were flaw-less in appearance and reproduction. Some unfortunate guy was going through a divorce in the Philadelphia area, and had to unload them. I had been wanting these babies since the mid-90's, but kids, mortgage, and life got in the way; but not this time. I got mine for just over $1,000.00 dollars, and have been enjoying them since late 2008, and its been the greatest listening experience of my life. I started off by powering them with my older Denon AVR 4806 7.1 monster, and the sound was awesome, however, that unit was difficult to setup, it lacked the Audyssey MultEQ XT, room equalization system. Next I powered it with my legendary Kenwood Sovereign 4900, it just couldn't deliver the upper high ends, quality and transparency was just not there. I was fortunate to find Denon's legendary AVR 5805 online, and I picked it up locally, so I was able to test it before purchase. Wow, my SL3's have new life, and I hear sound stereo phonically reproduce to studio quality now. Sadly, for those of you in the Philadelphia, South Jersey area, The Album Hunter closed its doors in 2011, the owners said they just got tired of picking up heavy used stereo equipment, and all the other in's and out of running that kind of business, I wish them well.

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