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MLT-1 Customer Review

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Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!
by AJA-II, 5 years ago

I will tell you this...The MLT-1 System at the sale price is literally a STEAL of a deal. The Speaker System is worth the original retail value of 1k. There is no doubt about that. I am convinced after lots of research...that there may not even exists a better buy right now for that price. Some may say the MLT-2's win and I would not be surprised as Martin Logan has proven themselves to me. Get this...I was considering B&W 600 Series...saw the deal and the retail value of these the next day and decided to save the money for now, buy these MLT-1's and I was going to spend a ton on the full 5.1/7.1 System after piecing it all together. OMGoodness!!!! Let's just say the time I am finish enjoying these speakers...they'll be something out that is from the Space-Age that I will be able to afford.

Until then...all I have to say is Thank You Martin Logan for allowing these Jewels to be practically given away for that price.

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