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Motion 4 Customer Review

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Morion 4s as center channel
by TNtrucker, 5 years ago

After 8 years of trying, I finally solved HT center channel intelligibility issues by using a pair of Motion 4s, angled outboard slightly (~15deg.) and down about 20 degrees. Wired in series to avoid low impedance. Speakers are above TV screen, vertical, with tweeters above mid/bass drivers. With a 15 foot wide HT and 14 foot setback, this provides the wide, uniform dispersion I needed, and the dialog clarity is excellent. Measuring +- 1.5 db across 4 chairs in the front row - 15 feet across!! Driving with Marantz separates @ 140 watts. Calibrated with AudysseyXT for level, delay and equalization.

I auditioned the Motion 4s at home as a stereo pair before installing in my HT, and found them to produce excellent clarity, and impressive mid-bass for their size.

Thanks for a fine American product.


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