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Theos Customer Review

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Incredible, Beautiful Speakers, and Great Customer Service
by Billy R., 4 years ago

I Purchased these speakers at Best Buy and was a bit skeptical because of the power requirements. After taking them home I actually found that one of the woofer(s) were damaged (it was an open box product)and called customer support for ML and was helped out and a replacement part was sent out immediately. Best Buy did say they would take the speakers back but had no replacements to give me right away so I went the route with the ML support. I had the woofer replaced and began listening to the amazing and sound stage these speakers create. Like most ML products the detail is impeccable and the bass response from the woofers was better than expected. Eventually I had to purchase a dedicated amp as the 5 channel one I had did a sufficient job but could tell that these could handle much more. Overall I think the Theos are awesome and look great, I cannot wait to upgrade surround speakers!

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