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Theater i Customer Review

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As good as it gets, unless you are a millionaire.
by Frank Doghearty, 4 years ago

Placing the box above my 60" TV provided the best sound. While the rack needs to be disassembled for wall mounting and the manual is virtually useless on this department, the process was easy enough for two people to do it.

The sound is, as the name says, "theater." The sound is coming from the screen, filling the whole front. Even old mono movies sound great. As there is no vertical sound dispersion, the panel must face the listener. Although MLs usually require expensive amplifiers, my Harman Kardon 7550 drives this unit just fine (well, the HK, now discontinued, weights 45 pounds, originally retailed at $2,800, and it actually outputs 440 real Watts). At the moment, the fronts are not electrostatic, "only" ML Motion 12s, but they emulate ES sound at a lot lower price (the M12 produce 3-way, bidirectional sound).

I could not be happier.

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