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Source Customer Review

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Superb Entry Level ML
by Ed, 2 years ago

This is my pair of first MartinLogan speakers. These speakers have over 100 hours of use so they are starting to break in.

These are the clearest speakers I have ever owned. Fed by a 20 WPC bargain Tripath digital amplifier and matched to an 8" sealed subwoofer, the soundstage is wide and coddling. The overall sound is slightly warm and not too analytical which is my preference. The bass is surprisingly deep and adequate for most music genres without a subwoofer. Despite a conventional bass unit matched to an electrostatic panel, I am unable to discern the Source as a hybrid speaker. And oh, the mid and treble... to die for.

I have the speakers set a bit more then a foot from the rear and side walls spread 7 feet apart sitting about 6 feet from the speakers. Not exactly optimal but this is a good compromise between form and function. Husband acceptance factor plays a role here.

Compared to some Eminent Technology speakers (also superb) and some old Monsoon floorstanding speakers (again very good bargain speakers), the Source is slightly clearer and more akin to good headphones then speakers. One minor criticism is the narrow sweet spot is about a couple of feet across - something my planar speakers didn't suffer from.

Since owning these speakers for a bit more then a month, I look forward to my evening listening sessions where I go through my music collection and hear the music from a refreshing perspective.

Bravo MartinLogan. The current ESL for the same price is clearly more handsome the the old Source. If the ESL is as good as the Source speakers, I would not hesitate recommending these beautiful new speakers.

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