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Dynamo 1500X Customer Review

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Awsome Sub
by don619, 2 years ago

I been listening to different sub at Bestbuy Magnolia store, like B&W,Def Tech,REL. Those sub are not even come close to this Dynamo 1500X model. Before I purchase the Dynamo 1500X, I bought the Dynamo 1000 and tested it out for 2 week,it was power enough to fill up my living room 15X25 and 18ft high ceiling but I was still not satisfy with the power and instead went to exchange for two Dynamo 700. I thought by running left and right would balance out my living room. Still not satisfy, had it for 2 week and exchange for the Dynamo 1500X model, I love the accurate of the bass and the power that coming out of that 15" sub. It shake the house and hope my neighbor don't call the cop on me, because I love watching action movies and listen to musics.

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