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Spire Customer Review

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They just keep getting better and better
by C5smithjack, 2 years ago

I bought these speakers and they really were/are incredible. They changed my thoughts on audio and I have owned some very nice and expensive speakers over the years. What blows my mind is how much they can keep improving. Every small change, mod or upgrade in my system clearly comes through because these speakers have no growth ceiling. The sky is the limited. I upgraded my DAC and it was a huge upgrade, my tube amp to tube mono blocks and a huge upgrade. Then I did some smaller changes and changed out some power cables and another nice upgrade. Speaker cables, nice upgrade. I upgraded tubes and another nice upgrade. It really is amazing. When I say upgrade I had nice high-end gear to start with and when I got something a little better the speakers sound quality becomes better and better and better. They first started to image better and then the base got stronger and sharper and more focused and then they came across as more enveloping. I could go on and on and don't want to bore you as I think you get the point. Even small tweaks like a $8.00 footing mod can be clearly heard from these incredible speakers. I am telling you these are amazing speakers. I heard Summits and these are better. I heard Montis and I couldn't hear any improvement. You will need to buy CLX or Summit X to improve upon these Speakers. These are by far the best bang for buck speaker on the planet and owning them is an absolute joy because they continue to get better, better and better. They just continue to soar and I am really enjoying the ride...

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