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ElectroMotion ESL Customer Review

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by Steve, 4 years ago

I have owned Martin Logan speakers in the past. I had the original Aerius speakers back in the 1990's. While those were excellent speakers back in the day these new ESL's are light years ahead. I am using them with a class D amplifier. The imaging boarders on Twilight Zone Good. It's unbelievable the sound staging front to back and side to side. The layering of the instruments is thicker than a 7 layer chocolate cake. You can pin point vocals, instruments all over the stage.

What gives me the background to give such glowing comments ? I use to sell high end electronics for a living for more than ten years. I have also been a semi professional musician for more then fifty years and a teacher of percussion for many years.

I used the Aerius speakers with high end tube equipment back then, they sounded fantastic. However, a high end class D amplifier with these new ESL's is definitely the next level.

Many comments have also downgraded the 8" woofer on the ESL's, I have found that when setup correctly the base is FANTASTIC and a seamless transition from the panel to the dynamic woofer.

If you have the chance to audition the ESL's please take along good recordings that you are familiar with. You won't be disappointed.

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