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Source Customer Review

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Just reading reviews and specs just does not prepare you for the crystal clarity and clean sound.
by T. Everley, 1 year ago

I bought a used pair of the ML Source speakers a little less than a year ago (2015). I don't know if I got lucky or people that own ML's take good care of them but this set was in pristine condition. My wife and I had went to a Home Theater store because I wanted to hear what a $50,000 pair of speakers sounded like. The store also had a set of the ML's ESL speakers. So after listening to the other speakers we asked the store clerk if we could hear the ELS's. We was so much more impressed with the ELS's than the $50,000 speakers that it really took us by surprise. We decided to budget for a set of the ELS's. Then I found the Source speakers in the local want ads. Needless to say we bought them. These speakers are incredible. You just can not imagine what these sound like until you listen to them. Just reading reviews and specs just does not prepare you for the crystal clarity and clean sound. The mid bass to the mids are so defined that rhythm and lead guitars sound like the musician is plugged into an amp in front of you. The vocals are incredible but where I think these speakers really shine is in the reproduction of natural instruments such as acoustic guitars, pianos, bells, chimes and cymbols. The Source speakers reproduce the natural ringing of the guitar strings and the natural metallic sounds of the symbols, bells and chimes. I can even tell the difference in the effects that a guitarist uses on their guitars. I now have a full set of ML's incluing a Cinema I center speaker and two of the motion 8 for the rear speakers. I am driving these with a McIntosh processor and a McIntosh 8 channel amplifier. I have had numerous amps, receivers and speakers through the years from as far back as the 70's and have been a musician for as long and the ML's gives me the exact sound I have been looking for, a good accurate tight bass as well as the natural sound of the cymbals and chimes with out the cymbals and chimes sounding hissy and lacking the sound of the metal that these instruments are made of.

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