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Motion SLM XL Customer Reviews

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by nmgrossman, 1 year ago

In my other review I talked about migrating and upgrading my components to Martin Logan. First it was my sub, then my center, then my rears. I still had some pretty good tower speakers from college that I was using up front which my cats were using as scratching posts. My tv is on an arm that puts it to the front of a cutout from the mantel. My center sat on one shelf and on the bottom of the cutout my receiver, and other a/v components sat. Everything looked clean, except for the two towers.

I have been eyeing the XL SLM's since they came out, but was hesitant because my livingroom is open and has a 2nd story ceiling. After debate, last week I finally pulled the trigger and decided to also swap out my Motion 6 for a 3rd SLM XL. Tuesday they arrived and within minutes I was unpacking and within an hour the 2 fronts were hung on the mantel, I concealed the holes for wiring behind the speaker just under the bracket and the holes perpendicular just under the shelf. The center just took seconds to get the stand put on.

I can honestly say they sound better than my towers. Sure they were ~15 yrs old but they were a great speakers when I bought them. With all of my speakers having folded motion tweeters, the highs really fill the room. Having the matched center I think makes things sound a little cleaner. My dynamo 700w is enough to take up the slack for the smaller drivers.

The system is truly up to what I wanted it to be, great sounding and great looking. Sure I could have gone with some Motion 20 or 40's and had a better low end, but I believe the clean look, and not taking up any floor space is a pretty good trade-off.

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by Trace, 2 years ago

I purchased front left and right speakers SLMXL, and the center channel SLM. And both rear surrounds are the FX2. And I have a quality sub. The Martin Logan speakers are clean and sound great loud. The louder you push them, the better they sound. Truly in this case, louder Is better. My better half is a professional vocalist. And that being said, it put a huge smile on her face when I debuted my newly remodeled man-cave, and the Martin Logan speakers. Movies and video games come alive too. Since I was short on space converting a former small bed room to a full time media room, my best choice were wall mounted speakers. I have zero regrets with my choice. I researched speakers for a couple of months. I never found these speakers on display for listening so I was very wary. First because these speakers are not the most affordable, and secondly I am not easily impressed. I said bye bye to my BOSE and hello Motion ! These speakers are truly like going from fast food, to a 5 star restaurant. Once you have experienced it, you realize "You get what you pay for".

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