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Motion Vision X Customer Reviews

Martin Logan Can Mix olie and water
by JCaudio, 1 year ago

It's amazing... It's incredible. Martin Logan has done it again. This time with a sound bar to hang under the TV. Bass control is incredible. The sound is very homogeneous. nice tight bass and detailed top. The mid-range is well defined. In other words, water is mixed with oil, metaphorically speaking.

Jimmi from denmark

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Martin Logan has created a superstar sound bar.
by Eric from VA, 2 years ago

A week ago I upgraded from the Motion Vision, to the Motion Vision X. I immediately noticed a difference in the sound quality. The mids and highs were more pronounced. My Dynamo 700 subwoofer came to life unlike when connected to the previous model, and sounds 30 to 40% better. (No exaggeration). This new model is Wi-Fi ready and has a Play-Fi app which allows you to stream music from your devices to the sound bar. The new remote control is much larger than the previous one, is made out of metal and has an elegant design. The problems and concerns from the previous model have been addressed on this newest revision. There’s a new feature that allows you to adjust the surround, which helps to more accurately simulate 5.1. The sound from this unit is so robust a subwoofer is not required unless you desire room shaking bass. Martin Logan support provides impeccable service and are very responsive. This sound bar is for people that want accurate, warm and natural sound, with pronounced midrange frequencies. Martin Logan has built a reputation by manufacturing high end audio products with unique designs that appeal to audiophiles and those with a sense of style. If this is what you are looking for in a high end sound bar the Motion Vision X is for you.

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