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Motion 15 Customer Reviews

A very satisfied Motion 15 user.
by RAH, 2 years ago

I purchased the Motion 15 about 2 months ago. The Motion 15's are the replacement for my Martin Logan CLS. I upgraded my CD player from Marantz CD5004 to CD6004. I use a Denon 1510ae EISA award winning integrated amplifier. i use 2 Martin Logan CLX power cable, one for the amp and the other for the CD player.
I never expected these small bookshelf loudspeakers to sound so thrilling. Before buying i auditioned KEF Q300 and Focal 800 series larger bookshelf loudspeakers. In my opinion Motion 15 reproduces low frequencies very well. A very good midrange and very good highs. How good vocals will sound through this phenomenal for the price loudspeaker in my opinion also depends on the quality of your CD player. As far as tones are concerned Motion 15 reproduces tones just like a hybrid electrostat. Motion 15 is smooth and precise and has a dynamic sound which makes it sound like a floorstanding loudspeaker. It has the wrong image of being a home theatre loudspeaker. It reproduces both Classical and rock music very enjoyably. Please audition.

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Invisible Sound
by iReval, 2 years ago

I've had the Motion 15 for about a month now. Amazing speakers and very immersive with the correct setup.

I ended up having a hard time looking for mounts for these speakers hence the 3/18-16" thread on the back. If anyone else is looking to have the speakers mounted do not be confused. Vantage Point Sells these mounts, however the size provided says 3/8-16" which in fact is correct and does work. ""

Above are the correct mounts for these beautiful speakers!

Also, i used an amazing service "" They as well had the patience to mount all 4 of my speakers as well as hide cables and make sure the angle of each Motion 15 was flawless.

These speakers are paired with 2 Motion 40 and one Center Motion 30.
The sound is amazing and the clarity is flawless. I chose these beautiful speakers over B&W and Klipsch.

I hope this Helps!

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So, Big Things Really do come in Small Packages.
by Dan Zimmerman, 3 years ago

The first time I heard these speakers I was surprised. When I had entered the room the gentleman was comparing them to a pair of Ethos Electrostats. I have heard electrostatic speakers many times and I can't begin to explain how great they sound. Just as I was sitting down he switched the Ethos' on. I was shocked! I thought I had been listening to those the whole time.... I asked If he could switch back to the Motion 15. When he did I couldn't believe the sound that was coming out of those small bookshelf speakers.
They carry on the high qualities that has come to be a standard of Martin Logan. These give a large sound from such a small footprint and the stereo imaging is stellar.

If you are in the market for a bookshelf speaker the Motion 15 delivers exceptional performance and a beautiful design that far exceeds the price tag... You will not be disappointed.

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