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Scenario Customer Reviews

A clear favourite
by Jeff Taylor, 3 months ago

I've had the Scenario for a couple of years now. Proof of the pudding with speakers is whether they keep inviting you to listen to them again and again. I have various hifi set ups at home and have experimented with a variety of speakers (quads, wharfedale, acoustic energy, leema, mission, yamaha, usher etc etc) Among all that I have and have tried, the scenarios have proven themselves keepers. So many speakers impose a character and prefer certain types of music over others. The scenarios may not plumb the depths as some floor standing speakers can do but they deliver musicality with most everything I try them with. They also go deeper more convincingly than any moderate sized standmount I've tried. I also find enough bass to enjoy classical music with them. Opera can sound sensational as they're so good with voices.

The imaging is lovely - not as deep a soundstage as some speakers, but wide and high with a natural feel to the delivery. The woofer integrates beautifully with the panel, treble just floats; not artificially as some tweeters can sound, but with a sense of hearing a note delivered by a real instrument. With the volume turned up, the soundstage expands and they stay composed pretty well. Where they also perform excellently is at lower - for which read 'nighttime' levels. When others are asleep, you can still hear haunting music at lower levels. Many speakers need to be ramped up before they start performing. Not so the Scenarios. I haven't heard other electrostatics so can't claim to be an authority, but, for me, whereas conventional speakers seem to pump music into the room, the Scenarios seem to float it. Notes of music sound effortless and real, with wonderful placement left to right on the soundstage. And the speaker will turn on a sixpence when the dynamics shift.

Of course, all this is subjective and so much depends on synergy of hifi components. But as I said at the outset, the acid test is does a speaker invite you to listen again and again. The Scenarios do. They're capable of sounding beautiful and are so adept at getting out of the way of the music.

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Martin Logan-scenarios
by Bob, 5 months ago

Quite impressive clarity of sound ,with great highs and mids,and plenty of bass with the powered subwoofers,very easy on the eye too. Great for music, have not tried on home theater,but with proper matching speakers ,sure they would excel.The better your amp or receiver,the better the sound,as I found these are a bit power hungry.sound great on my Kenwood 11-III, and my Mcintosh C15 with MC-122.

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Scenario speakers
by Stretch, 9 months ago

These speakers are great! They take up less space and are easier to move than most floor standing speakers. The more power you feed these speakers- the better they sound. I wish i could really crank 'em< but I have neighbors. They sound very clear - to the point of revealing mistakes in the production of the music. They have magically immense bass from the small driver. The speakers produce reflected sound from every surface, but with different technology than bose . The top end is very open with a wide musical stage. I give it 4 stars, because they are VERY temperamental as to their placement. The listening sweet spot is very small. You must be centered. Lean to the left or right or forward or back , and the sound changes. Your furnitures' placement affects the sound. I knew this when i bought them. In an ideal environment at fabulous volume you can't touch Martin Logan.

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Scenarios are an oldie but goodie.
by Brandon, 4 years ago

I recently went to the international audio show in Chicago. I have been wanting to get into some higher end audio gear and wanted to see what was out there and honestly what I could afford.

After going to well over 40+ rooms and listening to various lines there was one thing that kept hitting me time and time again. It was the thought that I had gotten such a bang for my buck with the Martin Longan Scenarios I had purchased almost 8 years ago.

The clarity and the way the speaker seems to flood the sweet spot with such a full range is just mindblowing. I have used them for my main stereo set up, and even my home entertainment center front end for a couple of years, since I had them and have never experienced a problem or let down.

Even in my search to maybe ungrade to a higher end speaker I no longer think of it as an upgrade. I think of it more as a second option added to my audio collection because these Martin Logans will never leave my world of music.

I also like the fact that they really seem to crave and flow well with the vintage power. They have always sounded great, but when I bought a vintage marantz powerhouse they went to another level. They really responded well to the heavier warmth of the vintage marantz.

Last but not least is the actual physical appearce of the speaker. Let's face it. We allow our audio systme to take over a lot of space in our homes and apartments. Often times seperated out as stand out pieces of art. The Logan design in general commands attention like a work of art and then backs it up with performance.

I could not say enough about the Scenarios or the Marantz line in general.

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