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Name: WTellam
Joined: January 2013
Location: Hickory Corners, MI
Country: United States
System Updated: Aug-29-2016

You gave kudos to this system on 08/31/2016

Audio Nirvana

Audiophile since 1974. ML CLS 1's with dual Descents, Convergent Audio SL-1 preamp, ARC PH3-SE pre-preamp, Fourier Sans Pareil Mono-OTL Amps, McIntosh MR-71/MPI-3 tuner, Pioneer Elite and Sony SACD, Merrill Turntable/Morch Arm/Grado Signature. Transparent Audio Interconnects and Power cables throughout. Speaker Cables are Fulton Golds. Additional Equipment: Marantz 7C, Stax SRX-MkIII, AKG-701, Audio Technica ATH-AD-700, Grado 60s.

Additional Photos

Listening Room: Salamander rack with Loewe Aconda 38" HDTV, Pioneer Elite Blu Ray, Sony SACD. Fulton Gold Speaker Cables, Transparent Audio Interconnects and Power Cables throughout. Convergent Audio Technologies CAT-SL1 and Marantz 7C preamps. Fourier Sans Pareil OTL Mono Amps and Conrad Johnson Motif MS-100. (2) pairs of CLS-1's and (2) Descent subwoofers. McIntosh MR-71 w/MPI-3, Microzotl2 headphone amp w/ LPS and STAX SRX-Mk3/SRD-7. Merrill Turntable with Grado Signature.

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