Dynamo IW-S

In-Wall Subwoofer with a Sealed, Fire Rated Enclosure

Looking to add some bass to a system without the bulk of traditional subwoofers? Featuring dual 8” woofers, and an integrated fire rated back box, the Dynamo IW-S is one of the most flexible in-wall subwoofers on the market. It’s retrofittable size means you can even add it to existing construction without the hassle of drywall repairs. Blending performance with practicality, the Dynamo IW-S is perfect for a “zero footprint” Home Theater or Distributed Audio system.

Easily Add Bass, Almost Anywhere

Designed for quick installation into existing rooms without the need for expensive and time-consuming drywall repairs. The sealed, fire rated enclosure makes Dynamo IW-S suitable for a variety of residential or commercial applications, especially where sound control is desired.

Bass Without The Bulk

Purpose-built for high output and low distortion from a compact, retrofittable enclosure. The dual, 8” High-Excursion Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene woofers provide more surface area than a 10” sub for powerful, accurate bass without the bulk. The integrated enclosure ensures consistent performance in any application while reducing sound transmission to other areas of the home.

Distributed Audio Made Easy

Our MDA series amplifiers have made adding bass to whole home music systems easier than ever. For these distributed audio systems, the Dynamo IW-S can easily be driven off the bridged “subwoofer output” allowing you to take advantage of the MDA’s robust bass management, custom DSP profiles, and advanced ARC Genesis room correction for optimized performance in any environment.

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Practical Performance

With powerful bass and zero footprint, you get the best of both worlds, allowing you to add bass to any room without taking up valuable floor space.

Other Features:

  • Ultra Rigid Stamped Steel chassis and baffles and die-cast aluminum clamps add strength and rigidity for better bass performance, and more durable installation.
  • Magnetically attached grille: Easily reveal or hide the performance whenever you like.
  • Premium-grade components include high-power rated resistors, capacitors and heavy gauge wire inductors.
  • Integrated Fire-Rated Back-box Enclosure safeguards internal parts from debris while preventing added sound ‘spillage’ to adjacent rooms while ensuring consistent and reliable performance in nearly any room.
  • Nickel-plated, spring-loaded binding posts feature a larger wire hole to accept higher-gauge wire or banana plugs.

    The Hidden Alternative

    Sometimes a traditional subwoofer just isn’t in the cards for every system. The Dynamo IW-S is the first in-wall model in our highly acclaimed Dynamo Subwoofer series. With a minimalist look, the Dynamo IW-S is a great way to have much of the performance of a standalone sub without the bulk. Bass you’ll notice, with a look you won’t.

    A Perfect Match

    In addition to the MartinLogan MDA series, the Dynamo IW subwoofers are compatible with the MartinLogan MP500 amplifier. The custom DSP presets optimize performance and our engineers even designed options to support running dual subwoofers off a single amplifier, making it easier than ever to get powerful bass in a stealth installation.

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