Power and Versatility in a Compact Package

The MP500 amplifier is the perfect match for our Dynamo In Wall Subwoofers or Outdoor Living Foundation 8.1 system. Configurable as either a 2 channel Stereo or 1 channel bridged Mono amplifier, MP500’s 500 watts of available power, flexible inputs, and selectable DSP presets make for a powerful solution that doesn’t take up a lot of space.


The MP500 is a 2-channel, Multi-Purpose, DSP amplifier with up to 500 watts of power on tap. In 2-channel mode it outputs 140w x 2 @ 8 ohms or 250w x 2 @ 4 ohms and when in bridged mode it can output up to 500w x 1 @ 8 ohms. While MP500 can be used to power nearly any speaker, the selectable onboard DSP presets focus on optimizing all MartinLogan Outdoor products, such as the MartinLogan Outdoor Foundation System, and Custom Installation subwoofers. MartinLogan engineers also went the extra step to make sure that the MP500 could even drive dual subwoofers! These “Dual Subwoofer” DSP presets ensure powerful and reliable operation for MartinLogan Custom Install subwoofers. As new supported products are released, the MP500’s DSP is also easily updatable via PC by following the “Firmware Update” link above. With this and many other features, the MP500 is one of the most versatile custom installation amplifiers on the market!

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Power Density

We understand rack space can be a challenge. When multiple amplifiers are required, an optional connector bracket is available to mount 2 MP500’s side by side in the same rack space. With a 1U height and half-rack width, MP500 makes efficient use of your valuable rack space allowing you to run up to 4 subwoofers in a single rack space!

MP500 includes both racks mount ears and feet to support cabinet installations.

Optional Accessories:

MP500CB: Mounts 2 MP500's in a single 1U rack space.

Powerful Pairings

Using multiple subwoofers, especially in a Home Theater, has many benefits. Multiple subs provide more even bass across the room, making sure that every seat gets an incredible performance. In addition to this, by spreading the bass across multiple subs, there are more woofers handling the bass workload. By sharing bass across multiple subwoofers, distortion (and potential stress on the components) is lowered, resulting in cleaner, more effortless sound.

Of course the most obvious benefit of increasing the subwoofer count is the higher maximum output potential, making sure that you have plenty of "room to spare" in the system to better allow for those dynamic movie explosions or dramatic musical passages. In a nutshell, the more subs the better! To that end, MP500 has onboard DSP presets optimized for both single and dual subwoofer configurations, meaning you can run up to 2 MartinLogan custom subwoofers off a single MP500, and with the optional connector bracket you can fit 2 MP500s in a single rack space bringing the potential to run 4 subs off a single rack space!

The Perfect Match

For MP500, MartinLogan engineers created performance optimized DSP presets for our Custom Installation subwoofers and 8 ohm Outdoor speakers, ensuring you get incredible sound and reliability. While most installations will be able to use the bass management within the AVR, Processor, or other device, we also understand there are situations where a separate low pass filter may be required. MartinLogan custom subwoofer DSP presets give you a low pass filter option (when using the Left/Right Input) to help support your custom installation.

Cool Under Pressure

Taking dealer feedback to heart, the MP500 features a robust, yet quiet, active cooling system in order to keep things under control even under extreme playback. With no user intervention required, the cooling fan will engage as needed to help keep the air flowing across the MP500’s heatsinks, keeping the fun going. Maximum output, minimal noise.



Specifications are subject to change without notice

Fan Cooled





< 0.05%

Amplifier Frequency Range

20Hz-20kHz +1/-3dB


2V Trigger Passthrough

Included Accessories

Power Cord, Rack Mount Ears, and Hardware Pack

Continuous Watts x Channel @ Ohms

140W x 2 @ 8ohms, 250W x 2 @ 4ohms, 500w x 1 @ 8ohms


Ultra-Class-DTM Multi-Purpose, Two-Channel Power Amplifier

Standby Power

<.5 Watts

Controls (back panel)

Main Power Switch (On/
Off), Volume Control (Min/ Max), Preset Profile Selection (Dip Switches Position 2-6)
(32 Presets), Coax or Optical Selection (Dip Switch Position 1)


Up to 500 Watts (when Bridged)


Stereo RCA, Sub RCA, 12V Trigger, Digital Optical, Digital Coax, MIcro USB (Firmware Updates)


7.22 lb (3.27 kg)


2.2” x 8.5” x 12.5” (5.6cm x 21.6cm x 31.75cm)

Firmware Updates MP500

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