Motion 60XT

つ折りMotion®のXTツイーター 、リア焼成バスポートを有する黒色アルミニウムミッドレンジ・デュアル8"ウーファー、そして甘美高光沢ピアノブラック仕上げドミナント床置きスピーカ。

Launched in 2014

Price when discontinued:
$2,999.95 ペア

Motion 60XTフロアスタンドスピーカー

エレガントなMotion 60XTタワースピーカーは、MartinLoganの受賞歴のあるMotion®シリーズに最も強力に追加されたもので、Motionシリーズの全ラインナップと音声が一致しています。




XTは極端な意味で、そして正当な理由です。 Motion 60XTスピーカーは、大きく、低く、そして明瞭な精度で再生されます。デュアル8インチウーハーとリアファイアリングベースポートが驚くほどの深みのある正確な低音を生み出します。あなたの大好きな録音の中に閉じ込められた感情にまっすぐに切って、魅力的で包括的な経験。



Motion Seriesのサウンドが素晴らしいのはなぜですか? MartinLoganの専任の社内エンジニアリングチームは、最も先進的でコンパクトなテクノロジーを活用して洗練し、それらを革新的なエンジニアリングと組み合わせることから始めました。その結果、同じようなサイズと価格の従来のラウドスピーカーに匹敵する(そしてほとんどの場合は泣く)感情的に魅力的なサウンドが生まれます。



低歪みのFolded Motion XTトゥイーターは、受賞歴のあるMotion®シリーズの製品よりも40%広い放射面を誇ります。このサイズの大幅な飛躍は、楽なパフォーマンスのための高性能トゥイーターの帯域幅と効率を高めます。


MartinLogan Motion 60XT - Reference Quality

"Immediately, I was taken aback; the broad, sharply defined soundstage extended well beyond the width of the speakers, the vocals sounded eerily lifelike, and the instrumental timbre was natural, with a depth so palpable I could practically reach my hands into it."

—David Martson, The Absolute Sound

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Speaker System Review

"I generally find too often that a home theater system can be riddled with poor compromises when it comes to playing music; that’s why I have completely separate systems for two-channel and multichannel listening. The MartinLogan package does a pretty convincing job of straddling that divide, working quite effectively with both music and movies when set up appropriately... you’re really getting a whole lot of speaker for your hard-earned money... (the FoldedMotion tweeter is) an impressive achievement in itself, giving the Motion XT speakers a decisive advantage in clarity over many conventional designs. When you couple that with the allure of the aluminum cone woofers and midrange drivers, as well as the Motion’s chic sense of styling, the overall package has great appeal. “Truth in Sound,” indeed."

—Michael Trei, Sound & Vision

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

""These are just really easy speakers to listen to," I noted when listening... Nothing seemed artificial. Nothing seemed colored. Nothing was distracting. Most of all, the tweeter didn't sound like a certain type of tweeter; it didn't have the typical mellowness of a soft dome, nor the occasional hyped-up detail of a metal dome. It just sounded natural... the Motion 60XT is easily one of the best speakers I've tested, delivering incredibly lifelike tonality and imaging... the Motion 60XT definitely delivers the magic that audiophiles always seek but too often fail to achieve."

—Brent Butterworth, Home Theater Review

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Speaker Review

"MartinLogan has a speaker that is wonderful for home theater and very good for music in the Motion 60XT... I imagine the Motion series is as close as we’ll get to a traditional box speaker from them with the AMT instead of a dome tweeter. The AMT excels with its speed and clarity. The dual 8” woofers provide plenty of bass...The Motion 60XT is a different approach for MartinLogan, but one that is very successful..."

—Chris Heinonen, Reference Home Theater

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Tower Speaker Review

"The strengths included great imaging, excellent bass and midbass presentation… The speakers would do very well in a home theater setup, as they have great dynamic range and integrate well with subwoofers… All and all they are a well-built, elegant speaker worthy of audition."

—Jared Rachwalski, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity




35〜25,000 Hz±3dB








94 dB / 2.83ボルト/メートル




400&2,200 Hz


1.25 "×2.4"(3.2 cm×6.1 cm)折りたたみ式XTトランスデューサー、4.5 "x 2.75"(11.4 cm×7 cm)ダイアフラム付き










66ポンド。 (30キロ)



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Steste Soundmaster

  • 2020年3月4日水曜日

Bought in 2018, great product then, still great now! Very clear and bass is fierce! The Folded Motion Tweeter is one of the best things about this speaker as it brings out the best in my collection. I have a McIntosh MA5200 paired with them, and they are perfect together. Hope those with these speakers love them as much as I do.

Brian W.

  • 2018年7月24日火曜日

I have owned the Motion 60XT for two years now and wanted to let the folks at Martin Logan, and everyone researching this excellent speaker, just how happy I am with it. My system is solely a 2-channel audio system. I have a Rogue Audio RP-5 pre-amp, Marantz SA-11S3 SACD player and ADCOM GFA550 power amp. While the other components each bring high level of sonics to the system, adding the Martin Logans to the mix was the biggest transformation in sound improvement without a doubt. The sound quality is superb. Yes, all the bases are covered-soundstage, clarity, timbre, dynamics, and so on. Most importantly, there is a real musicality and a sense of 'being there'. On superbly recorded/engineered recordings the sound is breathtaking. I have the SACD version of Dave Brubeck's Time Out. Each time I play it I just smile. You'd swear they were playing there in my living room. Piano, sax, upright bass, drums all reproduced expertly. I recommend anyone interested in the Motion 60XTs to read David Martson's review of it from 2016 for the Absolute Sound which is here on this website. Again, I wish to thank the everyone at Martin Logan for designing and producing such an excellent speaker, one that makes it possible for more of us to enjoy what high-end music reproduction is all about. One final note, the quality and craftsmanship is outstanding, including excellent speaker terminations. Happy listening!


  • 2017年9月4日月曜日

Complete system
Brought home a complete Martin Logan setup. I am always a little hesitant because listening to store setups in special rooms,with whatever premier setup they have as it will always change the sound from what it will be like when you get the new system home. The acoustics will be different, the equipment you are hooking up will be different, the speakers that come out of the box usually need a little break in time... I bought the system yesterday and brought it home and hooked up the 60 XTs, the 50 XT, and 4 motion FX surrounds to a Yamaha 2070...and was instantly blown away. The sound and look was incredible. I couldn't be more pleased. This morning I got up grabbed a cup of coffee then turned on some music, thinking maybe it was just the glow of a new system yesterday...nope. Absolutely stunning sound. Doesn't matter if I am playing rock, blues, or a 4K movie off disk...

old cowboy

  • 2015年12月2日水曜日

First of all, the packaging was very impressive. These had to be ordered BEST BUY does not stock them, if they did they would sell more of them, these don`t compare to the 40`s. they stock. The fit and finish of the cherry wood cabinets are beyond beautiful. The sound field is amazing & their not even broke in. To hear them is to buy them, you won`t be able to resist. Awesome speakers !!! they replaced my storm damaged M/L Quest speakers.


  • 2015年4月24日金曜日

Perfect sound.
Super clear sound and perfect balance. Love these speakers for listen music and sound theater movies.


  • 2015年2月27日金曜日

Excellent speakers absolute love them.
The Motion 60xt Floorstanding speakers are truely excellent speakers. The clarity & detail on these are phenomenal.The bass is also great. With these speakers you will hear stuff you never heard before. As far as bass, these hit pretty nicely. These speakers are excellent for jazz music & they go great with a Pioneer Elite receiver. When I first listen to these speakers I was completely hooked on them,they sounded so good, it was hard to shut them off after listening to them for four hours straight.