MartinLogan Delivers New Models to Renowned Motion® Series

Adding improved power handling and a dedicated surround, MartinLogan expands the popular series’ performance and ability.

Atlanta, GA – CEDIA Expo 2010 – September 23-26 – Booth SR-2 – MartinLogan, The Great American Speaker Company, announces two new additions to the Motion® Series, the Motion C and Motion FX. The Motion Series, featuring exquisite Folded Motion™ technology, is inspired by MartinLogan's legendary ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers and provides unparalleled sonic realism for home theaters and listening environments of any size.

The new Motion C center channel features high power handling and Vojtko crossover topology for extended versatility in larger systems. Like the Motion 8, the Motion C is a compact center channel engineered to produce stunning dynamic range and jaw-dropping clarity. It features real black ash wood veneer that matches aesthetically to the floorstanding Motion 10 and Motion 12 speaker models. The Motion C provides a step up for an enhanced home theater experience while enjoying the same affordability, styling and performance synonymous with the Motion Series.

The new Motion FX, the series' first dedicated surround channel, features dual Folded Motion tweeters in a wide dispersion array ideally suited for surround channel applications. Available in either black or white, the Motion FX is designed to corner mount, wall-mounting or angle wall mount for versatile surround sound placement in any room.

The addition of the Motion C and FX represent the broadening availability of affordable speaker options from MartinLogan and a chance to provide depth, power and precision to a home theater listening environment.

The Motion C is available in September and retails for $499.95 each. The Motion FX is available in October and retails for $399.95 each. Pre-orders of the Motion C and Motion FX are currently available at

For detailed information and specs, please visit the website at

Since 1983 MartinLogan has hand-crafted high performance electrostatic speakers. Their award-winning designs, advanced technologies, and outstanding customer service have long made MartinLogan's amazingly detailed speakers a must have for home theater and music lovers around the world. Located in Lawrence, Kansas, MartinLogan's dedicated in-house design and engineering team carefully creates each speaker to provide unparalleled sound reproduction along with industry leading aesthetics.

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