Setup and Configuration of Subwoofers

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How/where do I set the Phase on my subwoofer?

Created: Jul 16 2018 | Updated: Aug 24 2018

The Phase control allows you to adjust the phase of the subwoofer. Depending on model, the subwoofer's Phase control may be on the subwoofer's main control panel (either on the front, back, or bottom) or controlled using a free smart phone App (Dynamo 600X/800X/1100X/1600X) available for iOS and Android devices.

The range of adjustment for the Phase control changes, depending on model.

Depending on where the subwoofer is placed in your room, there may be bass frequency cancellation. This can occur because your subwoofer and front speakers are out-of-phase—they work against each other through their frequency overlap region. Bass is then reduced and may even sound disjointed. This control accurately synchronizes your subwoofer and front speakers through their bass frequency overlap region.

The Phase control is entirely dependent on numerous factors including the size and configuration of your listening environment, the placement of the unit, and seating arrangement. Due to the way bass sound waves develop in different rooms there is no rule of thumb for setting phase. For instance, if your room has a peak at the subwoofer crossover area, you may wish to set the phase so the actual acoustic outputs of the subwoofer and main speakers are out of phase. Experiment and try different settings and be patient. Every setup will be different, but a general ruse is to set the subwoofer at 0 if it is placed at the front of the room or 180 if it is in the rear and adjust from there.  It’s easiest to set with 2 people, have one sit in the main listening position while playing bass heavy content and adjust the knob or switch until bass sounds the fullest.

If you are using the subwoofer to augment other MartinLogan products, we suggest starting with the phase set at 90° (with Inverted polarity turned on, if available).


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