Der beste elektrostatische Line-Source-Lautsprecher der Welt.

Der beste elektrostatische Line-Source-Lautsprecher der Welt.

Der CLX liefert die Wahrheit - der Höhepunkt dessen, was wir alles über die Elektrostatik gelernt haben, seit wir 1983 unser erstes Produkt auf den Markt gebracht haben. Reiner Klang durchdringt Ihren gesamten Raum und befriedigt selbst das kritischste Ohr. CLX, der neue Branchen-Benchmark für die Auflösung von Details, verwendet zwei elektrostatische Wandler, um die komplexesten Musikpassagen so originalgetreu darzustellen, wie ein Kristallprisma das gesamte Farbspektrum verteilt. Dies ist das grenzenlose Spektrum des CLX - die absolute Wahrheit in der Musikwiedergabe.

Launched in 2008

Price when discontinued:
21.832,00 $

Meinungen von Fachleuten

MartinLogan CLX Full-Range Electrostatic Loudspeaker: A New Standard of Transparency

"Because they are so neutral in balance, so “not there” as sound sources, so low in distortion and high in transparency, they make my better and best recordings, particularly of smaller-scale music, sound more realistic than any other speaker I’ve had in my home (at low to medium-loud volumes)."

—Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound
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Acoustics Test MartinLogan CLX Art [RUSSIAN]

"[Translated] Loudspeakers of reference level, both in sound and performance, which deserve an honorable place in the audio Hall of Fame. artinLogan CLX Art, literally stuffed with advanced technological innovations, is a sample of holography and three-dimensionality: the most important parameters to which any high-end system can aspire. It is simply impossible to not fall in love with them."

—Anatoly Maksimenko,
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Girls, Shoes and Speakers

"The extra level of resolution provided by the CLX brings you so much closer to the music, providing an immersive field of sound that takes you somewhere special."

—Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio
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The Speaker They Said They'd Never Build

"It's this sense of completeness, the way that everything you get is presented as part of a single, coherent and contiguous whole that makes the CLXs so special; that and the fact that they do so without reducing the music, the musicians or their range of colours"

—Roy Gregory, Absolute Sound
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MartinLogan CLX Electrostatic Loudspeakers Reviewed

"CLX's are everything I could've hoped for and more. They exceeded my aural expectations in ways I was prepared for having owned the older CLS'. These are not an update, no sir, the CLX are a whole new animal, one that if you're lucky enough to let them out of the cage, will astound you with their sonic beauty and grace but be able to maul you with their bass. Seriously, I can think of no other speaker I'd rather own right now than the CLX's"

—Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review
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Martin Logan's new CLX From Hi-Fi World

"...what Martin Logan have achieved with the CLX is impressive; they are a near perfect exponent of the art. Technically and subjectively their tonal balance is convincing, sound from the Mylar film is unobstructed by the stators for unrivalled insight, detail retrieval and clarity, bass power is plentiful and maximum volume very high..A meticulously crafted electrostatic that's free from traditional limitations, this is one of the very best loudspeakers money can buy."

—Noel Keywood, Hi-Fi World
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Technische Daten

Die technischen Daten können ohne vorherige Ankündigung geändert werden


56–23.000 Hz ± 3 dB

Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung

20 - 450 Watt pro Kanal

Horizontale Dispersion

30 °

Vertikale Dispersion

57 "(145 cm) Leitungsquelle


90 dB / 2,83 Volt / Meter


6 Ohm, 0,7 bei 20 kHz Kompatibel mit Verstärkern mit 4, 6 oder 8 Ohm.


360 Hz


XStat ™ CLS ™ elektrostatischer Wandler.
»Plattenabmessungen: 145 x 22 cm (57" x 8,6 ").
»Strahlungsfläche: 3.190 cm²


DualForce ™ Doppelmembran, dreifacher Stator-Dipol-Niederfrequenz-Elektrostatikwandler.
»Plattenabmessungen: 144,8 x 29,2 cm (57" x 11,5 ").
»Strahlungsfläche: 4.228 cm² (656 in²)


Dickfilm auf Aluminiumoxid-Substratwiderständen, Luftspulen, Polypropylen-Kondensatoren und kundenspezifischen Ringkern-Audiotransformatoren


Benutzerdefinierte verbindliche Beiträge


Lichtintensitätsdimmer steuert


110 lbs. (50 kg)


70,32 x 25,75 x 14,69
(178,6 cm x 65,4 cm x 37,3 cm)

Kundenbewertungen auf CLX

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  • Montag, 27. Januar 2014

CLX with Descent i
I have had these speakers for some time serial # 44 and 45 never have had a problem with them. Music wise they are great they still bring magic to music played I use them with the Descent i which I like with them. With good electronics they are hard to beat. I use Ayre mono blocks KXR and Ayre MXR pre amp then a Burmester 100 phono amp a Clear audio statement table a Tri-Planar arm then a Ortofon SPU Royal N. interconnects are Ayre signature series speaker wire is Cardas Clear. I also run a Ayre DX5 and Apple TV with Netflixs. So they get a lot of hours never had a problem with them. They have taken a lot of playing power outages Lighting storms and still play dead quite . The better the amps you use the better you will get for the price I think you would have to spend a lot more to get better sound. Barring defects in the clx if you are not getting great sound the problem is up stream. Thou they are not a easy speaker to set up they take awhile to find the right position a quarter inch can make a big change get help if you can. This speaker is large no way around that but is far better looking in a room than a lot of large speakers. I feel the CLX is a great speaker long term a good deal. Hope this helps I have never regretted buying them. Garth


  • Montag, 9. August 2010

CLX and Surround Sound
I don't think that the CLX is used in a multichannel system much. Yes as the front channels but all the way around. Oh, but what are you missing? Quite simply, when the CLX is used in a multi-channel surround sound configuration and when it is fed high resolution discrete 5.1 source material such as SACD, DVD Audio, or Bluray audio, the experience is nothing short of mind blowing. When sitting in the sweet spot, the music from well mixed surround sound such as Porcupine Tree, Elton John, Pink Floyd,Depeche Mode,The Beatles or anything from Steve Wilson, will absolutely amaze and astound you. The CLX has the ability to extend the clear crisp fast sound that so many like from the upper registers, all the way down to the low end. It truly is like taking the CLS or Summit X for that matter and placing them on Steroids. The CLX surround sound system is truly an E-ticket and would do well at Disney World, giving all patrons the sound experience of a lifetime.