Mikros 90


Der Mikros ™ 90-Kopfhörer für Kopfhörer mit Geräuschisolation im Ohr wurde von dem Team hinter unseren legendären elektrostatischen Designs entwickelt und bietet den Realismus, die Fülle und Reinheit des Klangs, den MartinLogans anspruchsvolle Kunden erwarten, sowie ein luxuriöses Design und minimalistisches Design.

Launched in 2012

Price when discontinued:
299,95 $

Meinungen von Fachleuten

MartinLogan Mikros 90 Reference On-Ear Headphones Review

"making these headphones one of the best for very detailed music listening. These are professional headphones so they are quite different compared to a pair of Monster headphones, or Beats. In terms of audio quality, the Mikros 90 caters more towards those who enjoy detailed music, and like to listen to the highs and mids of a song, rather then commercially tuned music that is usually very bass heavy... The Mikros 90 also has excellent noise-cancellation, allowing for a great listening experience even in noisy public places. If this sounds like your style of cans, you can’t really go wrong..."

—MAT, Headphone Styles
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MartinLogan Mikros 90 On-Ear Headphones

"... they have given us a delicate, light weight, easy to drive headphone... I believe they will find some happy owners with this design. The sound is balanced, full, and dynamic, playing at high levels with ease and never fatiguing... the Mikros 90 are certainly worth checking out if you want something with a more sophisticated, neutral sound than the ever popular Beats by Dre."

—Stephen Hornbrook, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
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The Sexy Martin Logan Mikros 90

"The Mikros is a very interesting pair of headphones and managed to impress me on many levels... Martin Logan brings an interesting new approach and style to the market with these headphones. So if you care for the looks, crisp & detailed treble, transparency and are not into heavy bass, but still punchy and tight bass, give them a listen."

—, HeadMania
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Martin Logan Mikros 90 Review

"Martin Logan successfully imports its signature approach to treble to the Mikros 90, and it is a treat for the ears... The Mikros 90 managed to shine brilliantly and scintillate when necessary, but they never got too sassy up top. Even our brightest recordings never pushed these headphones to the point of sounding abrasive or sharp."

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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Technische Daten

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35mm dynamischer Treiber


6–22.000 Hz


180 Hz – 10 kHz (-5 dB, 3 dB)

Max. Eingangsleistung

300 mW


-42 dB (gemäß 121 R 9-5)


98 dB (bei 1 kHz mit 1 mW Eingang)


26 Ohm mit Kabel

Maximale Leistung

112,83 dB SPL


92,05% (-22 dB SPL, bei 1 kHz mit 1 mW Eingang, 30 cm)


3,5 mm (1/8 ”) 4-Leiter-Stecker, vergoldet, rechtwinklig


1,2 m langes Kabel




163 g (5,75 oz)

Kundenbewertungen auf Mikros 90

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  • Samstag, 30. November 2013

Bass Detail
I am so pleased with my new Martin Logan Mikros 90 headphones, the bass goes very deep and is more detailed than my reference Grado SR325i's. On music that has a lot going on in the bass region, these headphones can sort it all out, its quite easy to distinguish between individual instruments. With heavy and fast drumming it is easy to follow the bass guitar lines, as the Mikros 90's do a wonderful job at reproducing fast transients and percussive notes with punch and authority. They definitely shine with acoustic instruments, especially in a well recorded venue, the sense of air and room reflections are not washed out, but give a very good sense of size and space. The plucking and percussion on Patricia Barber's Cafe Blue (MFSL UDSACD 2002)is just amazing to hear and these headphones seem to be made for jazz like this, anything of Patricia Barber's is meticulously recorded and makes for great listening. A quick word on break in period, 20 hours minimum, over 100 to really reach a point that seems to be completely settled in, I did run them a lot just plugged into my Ray Samuels Predator Dac/amp, burning them in. These really do scale well, when presented with quality input or power they respond in kind. Now with pricing online in the sub 100$ range everyone should own a pair or two. I have a second pair now, just finishing the break in period. Highly recommended There can be some issues with comfort, but the head band is flexible and bendable, so with some effort I was able to shape my headband to fit my skull more closely and reduce a lot of the "new" headband clamping pressure which also helped them stay in place better. Mids and treble are very neutral, cymbals have a very real shimmer and splash, without ever being strident or harsh. The midrange is voiced very close to the sound of my Grado's with a nice realistic presentation of female voices. Overall a very nice headphone, looks, feels, smells and even sounds wonderful, what more can you say.


  • Sonntag, 10. November 2013