Motion Vision X

The Ultimate Wireless Surround Sound System

The Ultimate Wireless Surround Sound System

5-channel wireless surround sound from a sleek and sculptural all-in-one system that's stylish yet unobtrusive, simple to install, and easy to operate. Three advanced-resolution Folded Motion® tweeters, four 4-inch high-performance woofers, and seven dedicated amplifiers deliver 100 watts of total system power. Wirelessly stream music with DTS Play-Fi® + "Works with Alexa" certification.

Launched in 2015

Price when discontinued:
$1,699.95 system

Introducing the Motion® Vision X with DTS Play-Fi® technology + "Works with Alexa" certification. Play-Fi delivers listeners the freedom and flexibility to stream high-res music wirelessly over your existing Wi-Fi network. Also, Play-Fi is an open platform, so you can mix and match any DTS Play-Fi enabled speaker.

Like the first generation Motion Vision soundbar, Motion Vision X delivers 5-channel surround sound from a sleek and sculptural all-in-one system that's stylish yet unobtrusive, simple to install, and easy to operate. Three advanced-resolution Folded Motion® tweeters, four 4-inch high-performance woofers, and seven dedicated amplifiers deliver 100 watts of total system power.

Wireless Connectivity with DTS Play-Fi®

The Motion Vision X raises the bar again! Utilizing DTS Play-Fi technology, the Vision X provides listeners the freedom and flexibility to stream their high-resolution music (up to 24- bit/192kHz) wirelessly over an existing Wi-Fi network to any number of connected speakers that utilize DTS Play-Fi technology once paired with the Play-Fi App. Unlike many wireless platforms, DTS Play-Fi is an open platform, meaning listeners are able to mix and match any DTS Play-Fi-enabled audio products from a selection of top audio brands. Listeners can take advantage of endless choices, from their own music libraries to online music streaming services*, and they can stream their music from virtually any device – Android, iOS, Kindle Fire or PC.

* Some of the music services listed may not be available in your region. All logos are property of their respective owner(s).

Sculptural Aesthetics with Dominating Sonic Performance

The Motion Vision X was engineered with a commanding bass performance paired with precisely etched mid- and high-frequencies, creating a vivid, three-dimensional soundstage. Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology and industry leading surround sound decoding allow MartinLogan to replace five separate home theater speakers with a one piece solution that reproduces multi-channel recordings with unflinching accuracy, resolution and detail—the inspiration behind every MartinLogan design.

Motion Vision X delivers front left/right and center channels via dedicated Folded Motion tweeters and high-performance woofers and simulates rear left/right effects channels to create fully immersive, five-channel surround sound throughout the listening environment.

Dual rear-firing bass ports reinforce the bass extension for astonishingly deep bass and can be adjusted plus or minus 10dB to custom tailor bass performance. For bass aficionados who desire the deepest bass experience, the built-in SWT-2 transmitter allows, at the touch of a button, the addition of a compatible wireless MartinLogan subwoofer. For those who desire a non-wireless subwoofer, Motion Vision X offers simple wired connectivity.

The Motion Vision X also received a cosmetic upgrade from MartinLogan's dedicated in-house design and engineering team—the luscious, high-gloss, piano black sculpture with the visually unobtrusive design remains, but a clear anodized brushed aluminum metal accent was added to the new and improved 5-button on-board navigation panel—better functionality with a welcome modern touch. The new full size extruded black-aluminum remote is an upgrade from the credit card remote included with the previous generation. Also, a new slender wall bracket minimizes visibility when the soundbar is wall-mounted.

Folded Motion® Tweeters

Folded Motion Tweeters works by moving air (which creates sound) perpendicular to the folded ridges of the diaphragm, similar to how an accordion works. This extremely low mass diaphragm "squeezes" air and requires almost 90% less excursion than the typical 1" dome tweeter, which drastically minimizes distortion while providing a lightning fast response time. The increased surface area also provides a wide, yet controlled sound dispersion to create a realistic and carefully etched sound stage.

Hassle-Free Setup

Hooking up a 5-channel surround sound system can be daunting for anyone. Speaker placement, wire routing, amplifier selection, and component connections add to the confusion and frustration. Motion Vision X offers a solution that takes the headache out of the equation by integrating all of the components necessary for an immersive surround speaker system into a single package.

The Motion Vision X installs quickly and easily on a wall with the included mounting bracket, or it can be placed on a shelf for an elegantly simple installation. We've included a setting that optimizes sound for either scenario, ensuring you'll get the best sound regardless of location.

The rear panel on the Motion Vision X has digital optical, digital coaxial, and analog stereo inputs that allow effortless hook-up of Blu-ray/DVD/CD players, gaming consoles, satellite receivers, and other external sources. Just plug them in and you're ready within minutes to rediscover your favorite music and movies.

Simple to Control

Motion Vision X's simple remote turns the system on or off, adjusts volume, switches inputs, and adjusts three discrete acoustic modes. Normal Mode preserves the intent of the original recording. Bass+ Mode increases bass output for extra impact. Night Mode is a relationship-saver for the bass averse neighbor. The top-mounted control pad allows full access to the menu system and volume should you misplace your remote.

If you are already fond of your existing remote (like your television or BluRay player remote), the Motion Vision X will listen and learn commands from most remote controls, making integration into your existing system even easier. Best of all, programming the Motion Vision X to respond to your existing remote only takes a minute. Click here for more information about compatibility and programming your soundbar for use with other remote controls.

No Compromises

MartinLogan's philosophy has never been one of compromise and the Motion Vision X is no exception. We've thrown down the gauntlet at wimpy, thin-sounding speaker bars by crafting the ultimate single-speaker surround sound system—delivering exceptionally deep yet well-balanced bass, award-winning Folded Motion driver technology, and immersive home theater surround sound in a simple and easy to operate system. The Motion Vision X sets the new standard for sound bar performance.


MartinLogan Motion Vision X Soundbar Review

"The MartinLogan Motion Vision X is elegant-looking and a versatile wireless-capable soundbar that delivers solid stereo music and home-theater surround performances."

—Yongki Go, PH.D., Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
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MartinLogan Motion Vision X Soundbar Review

"...the Vision X offers an elevated listening experience that is notably better than what most soundbars can muster... you get what you pay for from MartinLogan. Is it three times better than a $500 model? Yes. Is it twice as good as any $800 soundbar I’ve heard? Yes. High fidelity is what sets the Vision X apart from its competition, and I have never heard another powered soundbar sound so much like a high-quality speaker system. The Vision X is a great choice for a modern living room where a full-sized stereo is not an option but high-quality sound is desired."

—Mark Henninger, AVSForum
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Specifications are subject to change without notice

Frequency Response

43–23,000 Hz ±3dB

Crossover Frequency

3000 Hz

High Frequency Transducer

Three 1" × 1.4" (2.6cm × 3.6cm) Folded Motion Transducer with 5.25" × 1.75" (13.3cm × 4.4cm) diaphragm

Low Frequency Transducer

Four 4" (10.2cm) fiber cones with extended throw drive assembly. Non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format.




100 Watts (200 Watts peak) combined total output across 7 amps.


DSP based preamplifier, Dolby® Digital, DTS Digital Surround™.

Audio Controls

Top mounted controls and included remote control.

Wireless Band

DTS Play-Fi® - 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz; 802.11 g/n

Wireless Inputs

DTS Play-Fi + "Works with Alexa" certification

Wireless Receiver

Built-in SWT-2 Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter compatible with select MartinLogan subwoofers.


Wi-Fi, (1x) Optical SPDIF (digital optical), (1x) Coax SPDIF (digital coaxial), (1x) Analog 3.5 mm, (1x) Ethernet

Power Draw

Max: 120 Watts Idle: 9 Watts Standby: < 0.3 Watts


20.5 lbs. (9.3 kg)


5" x 39.9" x 5.85 "
(12.7cm x 101.3cm x 14.8cm)

Using Universal Remotes* with Motion Vision X

MartinLogan offers pre-programmed soundbar remote codes.


Download the codes above for AMX remotes. Please contact your AMX dealer regarding programming of your emote control.


Download the codes above for Crestron remotes. Please contact your Crestron dealer regarding programming of your remote control.


When using the Logitech remote programming interface, MartinLogan soundbars are listed under the "Amplifiers" category. Please see your remote control set-up instructions (provided with your Logitech remote) for specifics.

RTI (Remote Technolgies Inc.)

Download the codes above for RTI remotes. Please contact your RTI dealer regarding programming of your remote control.

URC (Universal Remote Control)

When using the URC remote programming interface, MartinLogan soundbars are listed under the "IR Data From: Audio --> MartinLogan". Please contact your URC dealer regarding programming of your remote control.

Using Other Remotes With Your Soundbar

MartinLogan soundbars offer a unique feature which allows it to "learn" codes from many third-party remote controls (television remotes, BluRay player remotes, etc)—including remotes not intended to be "universal". So, for example, you can program the soundbar to turn on and off whenever you use your television remote to turn your television on and off. Please refer to the notes below for more information on compatibility.

To learn codes from a third-party remote:

1. Access soundbar's 'LEARN' submenu.
2. Choose the command you want to program (VOL+, VOL-, MUTE, etc.) and press the soundbar's enter or right directional button.
3. The soundbar will respond with 'PUSH.BTN' or 'PUSH BUTTON'. Hold the second remote approximately 12 inches (30cm) from the sound bar and press the appropriate button four times.
4. If the new command is successfully learned the Motion Vision will display 'SET' or 'SAVED'. If the new command is not learned the soundbar will display 'FAILED'. Repeat the process if learning fails.

Please note: The remote control supplied with your soundbar will always work with the sound bar even if the sound bar is programmed to respond to an additional remote.

Please note: Not all commands have to be programmed and you may choose to program only commands you wish to use. When learning from a second remote, you will likely find the remote does not include buttons that directly correspond with all available soundbar commands. Some remotes offer 'function' buttons (F1, F2, etc.) that may be useful when programming commands unique to the soundbars (such as 'Night Mode' or 'Optical 1').

Please note: Some remote controls offer discrete 'power on' and 'power off' buttons while others offer a single button to toggle power on and off. The learning function of the soundbars allows you to program either scenario.

Please note: There may be remote controls the soundbars can not learn correctly. Due to the number of available remotes it is impossible to advise which will or will not work. Most remote controls send out a single unique code that corresponds to each button. However, some remotes that are categorized as a "universal remote*" (including some satellite or cable TV remotes) send out a series of codes in sequence for each button (i.e. an identical preamble code followed by the actual unique button code). Devices such as these soundbars, with a 'learn' feature, have difficulty learning from remotes that send out a series of IR codes. When this problem is encountered the soundbars will likely respond as if the "Vol +" button was pressed, regardless of which button was actually pressed. If you experience problems learning commands from a third-party remote we recommend trying a different remote such as one offered by the companies listed above.

* "Universal remote" is used as a generic term to describe remotes designed to control multiple devices and is not specifically referencing remotes from "URC (Universal Remote Control)".

Firmware Updates Motion Vision X


PLEASE NOTE: Use a Windows computer for this update. Use of a Macintosh computer will cause this update to fail.

REQUIRED CABLE: USB-A to USB-A cable available here: or by contacting MartinLogan’s Service department.

Customer Reviews For Motion Vision X

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King Clutch

  • Tuesday, June 12, 2018

As a musician (vocalist) I can easily attest that for folks like me whom have an acoustic friendly living room and can't run wires that the venerable ML Vision X easily triumphs all the sound bars I've owned and heard, including the Yamaha YSP-5600, and the underwhelming Sony HT-ST5000 to name a few. I paired this with the ML Dynamo 700W for the perfect setup! For movies, games, tv, and music I can easily pick up sounds and detail that I couldn't hear before, and the specs and build quality is impeccable and you certainly get what you pay for, and I'm using an Audioquest Cinnamon optical cable for the connection. The surround sound is excellent, and when not listening to anything in surround I leave each of the settings on normal with the least processing for flawless sound performance, however I suggest having patience and adjusting accordingly to your room size and listening preferences. No need for Atmos here for my living space and the sub is nice 'n tight and responsive and deep when it's gotta be, and the wireless setup is beautiful so far without any hitches. The only feature I haven't yet delved into is the Play-Fi. The friendly folks at Best Buy Magnoilia dept helped me tremendously with this order and sealed the audio deal for me on the "very best" sound bar (not requiring an A/V setup and wires) in the market.


  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I paired the Motion Vision X with the Dynamo 700W. It goes beyond all my expectations!!!!! Martin Logan has got it right with this one! The voices are clear. The range of sounds are very natural, clear where they need be, and dynamic where they need be. It really hits the sweet spot! I have not heard another soundbar that can compare.


  • Monday, May 16, 2016

Martin Logan Can Mix olie and water
It's amazing... It's incredible. Martin Logan has done it again. This time with a sound bar to hang under the TV. Bass control is incredible. The sound is very homogeneous. nice tight bass and detailed top. The mid-range is well defined. In other words, water is mixed with oil, metaphorically speaking. BR Jimmi from denmark

Eric from VA

  • Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Martin Logan has created a superstar sound bar.
A week ago I upgraded from the Motion Vision, to the Motion Vision X. I immediately noticed a difference in the sound quality. The mids and highs were more pronounced. My Dynamo 700 subwoofer came to life unlike when connected to the previous model, and sounds 30 to 40% better. (No exaggeration). This new model is Wi-Fi ready and has a Play-Fi app which allows you to stream music from your devices to the sound bar. The new remote control is much larger than the previous one, is made out of metal and has an elegant design. The problems and concerns from the previous model have been addressed on this newest revision. There’s a new feature that allows you to adjust the surround, which helps to more accurately simulate 5.1. The sound from this unit is so robust a subwoofer is not required unless you desire room shaking bass. Martin Logan support provides impeccable service and are very responsive. This sound bar is for people that want accurate, warm and natural sound, with pronounced midrange frequencies. Martin Logan has built a reputation by manufacturing high end audio products with unique designs that appeal to audiophiles and those with a sense of style. If this is what you are looking for in a high end sound bar the Motion Vision X is for you.