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How do I use the inputs and outputs on back of the Motion Vision X?

Created: Dec 04 2015 | Updated: Dec 07 2015

  • Update (USB)

    • Used for updating your Vision X.
  • IR In

    • Used for connecting an external IR repeater.
  • Analog In

    • The Vision Xh as left and right stereo inputs by way of a 3.5mm stereo (headphone style) plug.
  • Sub Out

    • This is an output used to connect an external subwoofer.
  • Coax In

    • Used to connect a source via a digital coaxial cable.
  • Ethernet

    • A hard-wired Ethernet connection can be used instead of a wireless connection.
  • Optical In

    • Used to connect a source via a digital optical cable.

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