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Son inégalé

La meilleure enceinte disponible à ce jour, associant la technologie électrostatique XStat à la pointe de la technologie et la basse PoweredForce pour un son incroyablement réaliste.

Après des décennies de recherche et de développement chez MartinLogan, le Sommet porte bien son nom, reproduisant musique et bandes sonores avec une richesse, une subtilité, un impact et une profondeur inégalés par aucune autre enceinte. L'écoute d'un système ancré par une paire de sommets est une expérience de transformation pour quiconque apprécie une reproduction sonore exquise.

Launched in 2005

Price when discontinued:
10 995,00 $US

Avis des Professionnels

MartinLogan Summit Loudspeakers Reviewed

"The listener is treated to a large, full-range soundstage, full of accurately detailed and placed instruments and vocals while the speaker simply disappears. "

—Brian Kahn, Home theater Review
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Les spécifications sont sujettes à modification sans préavis

Fréquence de réponse

24–23 000 Hz ± 3dB

Puissance d'amplificateur recommandée

20‒600 watts par canal

Dispersion horizontale

30 °

Dispersion verticale

Source de ligne 44 "(112cm)


92 dB / 2,83 volts / mètre


4 ohms, 0,7 à 20 kHz. Compatible avec les amplificateurs de 4, 6 ou 8 ohms.

Fréquence de croisement

270 Hz

Transducteur haute fréquence

Transducteur électrostatique XStat ™ CLS ™ de 44 "(112 cm)

Transducteur basse fréquence

Deux paniers en fonte de 10 "(25,4 cm) (par canal), grande excursion, cône en aluminium avec entraînement du jet étendu, format de chambre asymétrique sans résonance


Woofers: 2 × 200 watts / canal (4 ohms)


Transformateur audio à enroulement personnalisé, bobines à noyau d'air, condensateurs en polypropylène

Commandes audio

Contrôles des basses: ± 10dB à 25 et 50 Hz


Reliures à 5 fils sur mesure bi-fil

Tirage au sort

Au repos: 20W / canal
Max: 350W / canal


Gradateur d'intensité lumineuse


75 lb (34 kg)


59 "× 12,5" × 20,5 "
(150cm × 32cm × 52cm)

Avis des clients sur Summit

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  • mardi 17 juillet 2018

I've enjoyed a pair of Quests for over 15 years, loved them. Wanting to move into an ML complete theater drove me to consider the Summit. Simply incredible and super sexy to look at. The sound is unbelievable, so transparent, so live like, so airy. All I want to do is listen and listen for hours. Thanks Martin Logan your products tickle the soul.

Flying Dutchman

  • mardi 1 décembre 2009

Summit vs Sequell 2
17 years ago I bought my fist set of ML speakers, the Sequell 2. Great set of speakers that I enjoyed for many years. Recently I had a chance to buy a used pair of ML Summits and could not resist. The first thing to notice was the much stronger bass which resulted in playing the system less loud than before. That was nice.... but I was a bit disappointed about the sound and the imaging. As I said, the bass was there but it was very muddy and the whole system missed what I enjoyed so much in the Sequells. At louder volumes the Summits sounded terrible. I spent weeks reading through everything I could find on the internet about ML. The ML owners club was very useful! I realised that the amplifiers which I had bought for the Sequells (and were a great match) had a problem driving the Summits, despite the active bass and despite the claims that the Summits are easy to drive for an amp. This weekend I bought a Pass Labs 250.5 and even though it is not yet broken in, the sound is incredible. Very tight bass, great detail and image and a very wide sound stage. Really a wall of sound. I have never heard anything like it. So if you are dissappointed about your ML speakers it is probably not the speaker!!


  • samedi 21 novembre 2009

Simply one of the finest speakers available!
I've owned the Summit for about three years now, and it's still one of the finest speakers available. It simply sounds incredible.
The freedom of the sound and the astonishing crispy reproduction of the instruments, makes it one of the best. Also the timbre is reproduced very naturally and with a big and homogeneous soundstage.
I truly love the Summits.