20, 40, 60XT 15, 35XT 30, 50XT 2i, 4i, 6i, 8i SLM, XL, X3 Vision X
Floorstanding Bookshelf Center Channel Compact Speakers Ultra-Slim Sound Bar

Read some professional and customer reviews. Check back often to see new reviews from customers enjoying the Motion Series in their homes.


Professional Reviews

MartinLogan Motion 15 Bookshelf Speakers

Motion 15

We were very impressed by MartinLogan’s Motion 15, especially by its Folded Motion tweeter. The Motion 15 is a beautiful speaker with a smooth, controlled sound.

—Guido Gabriele, iLounge.com
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MartinLogan Motion SLM X3 Soundbar Review

Motion SLM X3

The MartinLogan Motion SLM X3 is wonderful solution for the movie lover that has not the floor space or budget for large speakers. Featuring the Folded Motion Transducer and advanced mid-range divers, the MartinLogan Motion SLM X3 delivers highly detailed sound for movie and video soundtracks.

—Francisco Licon, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
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MartinLogan Motion SLM X3 Soundbar

Motion SLM X3

Motion SLM X3 gave every extraterrestrial effect and every musical note its due. And once I was plonked down on my own keister with a movie of enormous fun, I forgot to worry about the sound -- I sat back and enjoyed it. Nothing could recommend the Motion SLM X3 more.

—Kevin East, SoundStage! Xperience
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The Two of Them Are More Fun [RUSSIAN]

Motion 15

[Translated] The ability of Motion 15 to play the vocal parts so cleanly and emotionally turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Thanks to the use of Folded Motion tweeters, high frequencies were reproduced with maximum detail and clarity.

—Alexander Chechelyov, Hi-Fi.ru
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MartinLogan Motion 40 Floorstanding Speakers Review

Motion 40

The MartinLogan Motion 40 floorstanding speaker is a luxury product for a modest price having a strong musical voice to go with a beautiful, well-made cabinet.

—Francisco Licon, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
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The MartinLogan Motion AFX Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers Reviewed

Motion AFX

If you desire to add Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound to your home theater setup, and don't like the idea mounting speakers in your ceiling, the MartinLogan Motion AFX is definitely a speaker add-on to consider.

—Robert Silva, Lifewire.com
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MartinLogan Motion Vision X Soundbar Review

Motion Vision X

The MartinLogan Motion Vision X is elegant-looking and a versatile wireless-capable soundbar that delivers solid stereo music and home-theater surround performances.

—Yongki Go, PH.D., Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
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MartinLogan Motion 60XT - Reference Quality

Motion 60XT

Immediately, I was taken aback; the broad, sharply defined soundstage extended well beyond the width of the speakers, the vocals sounded eerily lifelike, and the instrumental timbre was natural, with a depth so palpable I could practically reach my hands into it.

—David Martson, The Absolute Sound
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MartinLogan Motion Vision X Soundbar Review

Motion Vision X

...the Vision X offers an elevated listening experience that is notably better than what most soundbars can muster... you get what you pay for from MartinLogan. Is it three times better than a $500 model? Yes. Is it twice as good as any $800 soundbar I’ve heard? Yes. High fidelity is what sets the Vision X apart from its competition, and I have never heard another powered soundbar sound so much like a high-quality speaker system. The Vision X is a great choice for a modern living room where a full-sized stereo is not an option but high-quality sound is desired.

—Mark Henninger, AVSForum
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Martin Logan Motion 15 Standmount Loudspeakers

Motion 15

...a strong and vibrant well staged sound, with crisp and controlled treble married to a strong stable midrange – for their price and size they do a remarkable job and have a sheer enthusiasm for instruments and vocals rather than punchier electronica. They won’t ever get caught in a speed trap, but the top-end has great pace and the bottom-end doesn’t lag behind or ever seem slow, balancing nicely for a more natural presentation. Overall characterisation is slightly smooth, un-offensive and particularly pleasing in a smaller sized room. The design and finish is great and the included grills protect the delicate ribbon from little hands and is also non-offensive or detrimental to the sound.

—Dan Worth, HiFi Pig
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Motion 35XT

The MartinLogan Motion 35XT succeeds in ticking pretty much every box on the small-speaker wish list: easy to drive and easy to live with, but can really grow with your system, a sound that is detailed and open but also genuinely solid and musically convincing, and a speaker that is entertaining and informative at the same time. The perfect alternative for the high-end music lover looking for a second system or stand-in, it’s also the hair-shirt audiophile’s starter speaker par excellence – except that it might just embarrass the speakers in more than a few big, high-end systems and lacks the basic appearance so important for budget–esoteric credibility. Let’s face it, speakers this pretty (and this affordable) really shouldn’t sound this good, be this engaging, or this much fun. Like lightning striking twice in the same place, it upsets the natural scheme of things

—Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+
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Shining Lights

Motion 35XT

... the extra size adds a handy amount of low-end punch to what was already a refined and articulate packaged... More than the sum of its parts? Absolutely. This is one system that really will appeal to both your heart and your head... There's a richness and lovely tonality to the sound that makes music flow with an easy gait.

—Jon Myles, Hi-Fi World
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MartinLogan Motion 60XT Speaker System Review

Motion 60XT

I generally find too often that a home theater system can be riddled with poor compromises when it comes to playing music; that’s why I have completely separate systems for two-channel and multichannel listening. The MartinLogan package does a pretty convincing job of straddling that divide, working quite effectively with both music and movies when set up appropriately... you’re really getting a whole lot of speaker for your hard-earned money... (the FoldedMotion tweeter is) an impressive achievement in itself, giving the Motion XT speakers a decisive advantage in clarity over many conventional designs. When you couple that with the allure of the aluminum cone woofers and midrange drivers, as well as the Motion’s chic sense of styling, the overall package has great appeal. “Truth in Sound,” indeed.

—Michael Trei, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan Motion 60XT Tower Speaker Review

Motion 60XT

The strengths included great imaging, excellent bass and midbass presentation… The speakers would do very well in a home theater setup, as they have great dynamic range and integrate well with subwoofers… All and all they are a well-built, elegant speaker worthy of audition.

—Jared Rachwalski, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
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HRAC Gear Review: MartinLogan Motion 35XT Bookshelf Speakers

Motion 35XT

With the 35XT, MartinLogan has managed to upscale its Motion Series bookshelf speaker offerings. The new speakers play impressively loud and sound clean, with excellent detail, clear mids, and good dynamics. Imaging is about as good as I’ve experienced from bookshelf speakers, and I’ve heard some good ones in my time… its performance made me want to keep listening to music late into the night, which is what good hi-fi is all about — and it’s very much HRAC Approved.

—Al Griffin, Hi Res Audio Central
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MartinLogan Motion 35XT Loudspeaker - Sweet and Lowdown

Motion 35XT

Imaging, on the other hand, was exceptional... startling in their movement and clarity... The 35XT proved its mettle to my ears. It managed to strike a canny musical balance. An impressive achievement, to say the least... only the ML has the virtue of its sweet tweet, and offers such a high level of overall transparency and musicality. The 35XT is a worthy heir to the proud tradition at MartinLogan.

—Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound
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MartinLogan Motion 35XT Loudspeakers

Motion 35XT

What I look for in a speaker is one that not only makes the full range of music I listen to sound as good as it can, but that also looks good in my home, occupies as little space as the laws of physics allow, and represents supreme value for the money. All of that is offered by the MartinLogan Motion 35XT, in addition to a natural-sounding integration of tight, truthful bass and graceful highs... I believe I’ve found what I’ve been looking for.

—Jeff Stockton, SoundStage! Network
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MartinLogan Motion 35XT Bookshelf Speakers

Motion 35XT

The gloss-finished wooden cabinets and metal speaker grilles alone give the outward impression of a more expensive design. And of course, fantastic sonics for their price point reinforce that assessment. Used as a stereo pair, the ML 35XT speakers offer a lot of sound for the dollar."

—Rob Johnson, TONE Audio
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MartinLogan Motion 60XT Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

Motion 60XT

"These are just really easy speakers to listen to," I noted when listening... Nothing seemed artificial. Nothing seemed colored. Nothing was distracting. Most of all, the tweeter didn't sound like a certain type of tweeter; it didn't have the typical mellowness of a soft dome, nor the occasional hyped-up detail of a metal dome. It just sounded natural... the Motion 60XT is easily one of the best speakers I've tested, delivering incredibly lifelike tonality and imaging... the Motion 60XT definitely delivers the magic that audiophiles always seek but too often fail to achieve.

—Brent Butterworth, Home Theater Review
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MartinLogan Motion 60XT Speaker Review

Motion 60XT

MartinLogan has a speaker that is wonderful for home theater and very good for music in the Motion 60XT... I imagine the Motion series is as close as we’ll get to a traditional box speaker from them with the AMT instead of a dome tweeter. The AMT excels with its speed and clarity. The dual 8” woofers provide plenty of bass...The Motion 60XT is a different approach for MartinLogan, but one that is very successful...

—Chris Heinonen, Reference Home Theater
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MartinLogan Motion SLM-XL Floorstanding Speaker

Motion SLM XL

“… the Motion SLM-XL speakers are the best-sounding on-wall speakers I've heard at or anywhere near their price. The speaker's versatility for use as a center channel and/or surround -- as well as its ability to be placed on the wall, desktop, or floor -- make it a superb value. If you are looking for a great pair of low-profile speakers to match with your flat-panel TV, you owe it to yourself to take the SLM-XLs for a spin and see if they're right for you.

—Myron Ho, Home Theater Review
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Martin Logan Motion 15

Motion 15

A pretty face and practical too – what’s not to like?... We really [like] the Motion 15s. Their delicate, detailed and agile performance impresses us, and they’re great fun to listen to.

What Hi-Fi?
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Ribbon Development

Motion 15

This is a speaker to choose with your musical heart... the mid-treble integration and smoothness is first rate and it drives rooms well. The finish and appearance are excellent. Buy this one with your heart and sit back to enjoy its exuberant musical talents.

HiFi Critic / Absolute Sounds
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MartinLogan Motion 15 Loudspeaker (Hi-Fi+)

Motion 15

Agile, communicative, competent and complete, what’s not to like? There’s a few exciting new compact monitors appearing at present; MartinLogan’s Motion 15 could just be the surprise package that upsets the applecart. Buy, enjoy and even if you upgrade later, keep them for that rainy day; they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

—Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+
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MartinLogan Motion SLM On-Wall Loudspeakers and Dynamo 700w Subwoofer

Motion SLM

I see it as a gateway speaker to the MartinLogan brand... it’s one of the best wall-mounted speakers I’ve reviewed. They’re beauties to look at, with a high-gloss finish to match that of any flat-panel TV. The Folded Motion Tweeter is more refined than those used in other wall-mounts I’ve heard, and the Motion SLMs produced much better depth of image than other on-walls... All in all, an easy recommendation.

—Vince Hanada, SoundStage! Xperience
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar

Motion Vision

The audience for this product doesn’t want either the configuration or the hassles of a formal component system. They’re looking for a way to get many of the benefits of a real system without its complexities. In short, they’re looking for a workaround. And this is one magnificent workaround. There are few affordable systems that do what this system—and its pleated tweeters—do best.

—Mark Fleischmann, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar Review

Motion Vision

In my opinion, the Vision is a superb soundbar that gets many things right. It can go loud, sounds great, looks modern, and has a surprising amount of bass. It really shines when listening to music, but is no slacker when watching movies either. Still, I kept coming back to its musicality, which was far beyond any other soundbar I have heard... If you are looking for a soundbar that can turn your non-believer friends into cult-like fanatics about soundbars, the Vision might be your answer. You no longer have to choose between great sound with a dedicated 2.1 system or great looks with a soundbar, the MartinLogan Motion Vision gives you the best of both worlds.

—Cliff Heyne, Audioholics
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MartinLogan Motion 40 Speaker System

Motion 40

This system is so sublime and so thoroughly enthralling that it feels miserly to limit the description to super-premium. The MartinLogan Motion 40 system is one of those rare products that comes along in which every aspect construction, physical appearance, emotional appeal, etc. is so ideally matched in its expression to one another that the finished whole transcends the category that the parts would have normally put it in. This system has that special essence of completeness that’s extremely difficult to find at any price. Marvelous, MartinLogan. Absolutely marvelous.

—Darryl Wilkinson, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan Motion 40 Speaker System

Motion 30

This system is so sublime and so thoroughly enthralling that it feels miserly to limit the description to super-premium. The MartinLogan Motion 40 system is one of those rare products that comes along in which every aspect construction, physical appearance, emotional appeal, etc. is so ideally matched in its expression to one another that the finished whole transcends the category that the parts would have normally put it in. This system has that special essence of completeness that’s extremely difficult to find at any price. Marvelous, MartinLogan. Absolutely marvelous.

—Darryl Wilkinson, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan Motion 40 and Motion 30 Review

Motion 40

The thing I love most about the Motion 40s and Motion 30 in my surround system...is how revealing they are, without being punishing... The Motion 40s especially do an amazing job of delivering the increased dynamics and superior high-frequency sparkle of the high-res download, yet managed to do so without making the CD rip sound bad in the slightest. That’s an impressive trick, to say the least... So needless to say, I love them, especially for the price.

—Dennis Burger, Technology Tell
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MartinLogan Motion 40 and Motion 30 Review

Motion 30

The thing I love most about the Motion 40s and Motion 30 in my surround system...is how revealing they are, without being punishing... Amazingly, with even the most action-packed sequences, the Motion 30 never suffers due to its size, and in fact it holds its own with center channels way, way larger. Dialogue clarity is fantastic, integration with the rest of the system is simply superb, and dispersion is (almost) perfect... So needless to say, I love them, especially for the price.

—Dennis Burger, Technology Tell
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MartinLogan Motion 40 Loudspeakers Reviewed

Motion 40

...the Motion 40s really do perform above their price point. If you enjoy clean, highly articulate highs and mids, these are going to make you smile.

—Sean Killebrew, HomeTheaterReview.com
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar

Motion Vision

With the Motion Vision, MartinLogan demonstrates that the words “soundbar” and “high-end” can be synonymous. And while a “bar” won’t replace a true surround system, the Vision gives installers an exciting, no-compromise offering in this popular category.

—John Sciacca, Residential Systems
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Martin Logan Motion Vision Soundbar and Dynamo 700W Subwoofer

Motion Vision

MartinLogan’s Vision, especially when supported by the Dynamo 700w sub, makes a very worthy solution. It won’t produce the broad sound-stage of a “real” system, nor genuine surround sound ambience or effects. But it comes close enough, and its impressive accuracy and detail in the playback of voices and instruments warrant close listening — even by an audiophile.

—Daniel Kumin, Sound & Vision
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Introduction to the Motion Vision Soundbar

Motion Vision

…the Motion Vision provided deep, rich sound comparable to some of the best bookshelf speakers I have had the pleasure to audition...If you are in the market for a new sound bar and sound/style are high on you list of priorities, I recommend that you envision this one!

—Jim Milton, Secrets of Home Theater
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MartinLogan Motion 15 / LX16 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Motion 15

The Folded Motion Tweeter, perforated metal grill, and over sound quality are evidence of this balance. Martin Logan seems to have hit a nice balance with the [Motion 15s], the first speakers of their kind from Martin Logan, there is a lot to like here. If you really want the sound of Martin Logan’s electrostats, but want something in a smaller form factor, then look no further, go out and buy a pair of these. If you are starting to build a 2.1 or 5.1 system, the [Motion 15s] are at least worth a good listen.

—Cliff Heyne, Audioholics
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Sound Bar Review

Motion Vision

Simply put, the MartinLogan Motion Vision is a terrific over-achiever of a sound bar. It is simultaneously eloquent and muscular, as adept at delivering the subtle nuances of your favorite music as well as it is blowing your hair back during a raucous movie scene.

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Sound Bar Review

Motion Vision

Simply put, the MartinLogan Motion Vision is a terrific over-achiever of a sound bar. It is simultaneously eloquent and muscular, as adept at delivering the subtle nuances of your favorite music as well as it is blowing your hair back during a raucous movie scene. While there are other strong options in the high-end sound bar space, the Motion Vision distinguishes itself by offering some of the cleanest, most accurate high-frequency response available.

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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MartinLogan Motion 40 Loudspeakers

Motion 40

The Motion 40 is an exciting speaker, due in no small part to its upfront sound, meaty bass, and clear highs.

—Philip Beaudette, SoundStage! Network
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Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar - Review

Motion Vision

I was impressed with the quality of the audio provided by the Martin Logan Motion Vision. The power output is sufficient for both small and medium size rooms and the clarity and detail at the mid and high frequencies served both movie and music listening well... I highly recommend that if you are shopping for a sound bar and have the opportunity to give the Motion Vision a listen, it is well worth your time and consideration.

—Robert Silva, About.com
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar Reviewed

Motion Vision

Not only has MartinLogan built a soundbar in the form of the Motion Vision, they've arguably built the best soundbar I have heard yet... The Motion Vision's build quality is superb, looking every bit as high-end a product as anything MartinLogan has made to date. Its sonic capability is also unparalleled, as it possesses the scale and definition of a set of discrete loudspeakers, yet manages to confine that sound to a single cabinet... I can say that the Motion Vision from MartinLogan is the first soundbar that I would personally consider buying. At the very least, it represents my new benchmark by which all others will be judged.

—Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review
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Big Sound for Small Spaces: 4 Sound Bars Reviewed

Motion Vision

Close your eyes while the Motion Vision is playing and it's easy to forget you're listening to a single 40-inch speaker. Even in a medium-sized room, this soundbar packed an auditory wallop comparable to systems three times its size... But it wasn't just this soundbar's brute force that impressed. Unlike plenty of other units I've tested, dialogue in movies and TV shows was always balanced, uncolored, and crystal clear. Throw in a satisfyingly wide soundstage and you have a truly rare thing in the soundbar world -- a speaker that sounds fantastic regardless of the source.

—Bryan Gardiner, WIRED
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Motion C

The MartinLogan ElectroMotion’s usual approach to speaker design pays dividends with a movie performance that’s simply out of this world. Insightful detail reproduction, authoritative speech, a seamlessly immersive soundstage, rock-solid bass, tight integration… you name it, this system excels at it.

—Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews
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MartinLogan Motion 15 / LX16 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Motion LX16

Martin Logan seems to have hit a nice balance with the LX16s, the first speakers of their kind from Martin Logan, there is a lot to like here. If you really want the sound of Martin Logan’s electrostats, but want something in a smaller form factor, then look no further, go out and buy a pair of these. If you are starting to build a 2.1 or 5.1 system, the LX16s are at least worth a good listen.

—Cliff Heyne, Audioholics
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Motion LX16

I will say that I have become somewhat addicted the sound of the LX16 and find my mind referencing back to that sound with every speaker I listen to now...The LX16 are absolutely worth a listen. In a market already flooded with over-achieving bookshelf speakers, the LX16 manage to stand apart from the rest and for that, we recommend them.

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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Motion C

We consider MartinLogan’s ElectroMotion ESL surround system to be an overachiever of the first rank. It offers very serious high-end sound quality for only a little more money than some mid-fi systems cost. For many listeners, then, the quest for upper-tier sound will begin and end right here

—Chris Martens, Hi Fi Plus
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Review: MartinLogan EM-ESL, EM-C2 and EM-FX2 Speakers

Motion C

I think the EM-ESL is one of the best bargains going in an audiophile music speaker. It gives audiophiles all the things most of us seem to want (huge soundstaging and a dramatic presentation) and all the things we should want but sometimes neglect (like neutral tonal balance and natural sound).

—Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision
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Review: MartinLogan EM-ESL, EM-C2 and EM-FX2 Speakers

Motion FX

I think the EM-ESL is one of the best bargains going in an audiophile music speaker. It gives audiophiles all the things most of us seem to want (huge soundstaging and a dramatic presentation) and all the things we should want but sometimes neglect (like neutral tonal balance and natural sound).

—Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision
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MartinLogan ElectroMotion Loudspeaker Reviewed

Motion C

MartinLogan ElectroMotion loudspeakers are not only an incredible value but an incredible loudspeaker system. I've encountered no speaker at or even a few ticks above the ElectroMotion's asking price that possess the same transparency, articulation, speed and natural tone. When adequately powered, the breadth in which the ElectroMotions render a soundstage is stunning and their dynamic capabilities all but crush previous, affordable MartinLogan designs.

—Andrew Robinson, Home theater Review
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MartinLogan ElectroMotion Loudspeaker Reviewed

Motion FX

MartinLogan ElectroMotion loudspeakers are not only an incredible value but an incredible loudspeaker system. I've encountered no speaker at or even a few ticks above the ElectroMotion's asking price that possess the same transparency, articulation, speed and natural tone. When adequately powered, the breadth in which the ElectroMotions render a soundstage is stunning and their dynamic capabilities all but crush previous, affordable MartinLogan designs.

—Andrew Robinson, Home theater Review
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MartinLogan Motion 10 / 8 / 4 / Dynamo 1000 Home-Theater Speaker System

Motion 4

Folks, the Motions are the real deal. It doesn't take a special speaker to do movies, but it does take a special speaker to belly up to the musical bar and turn a CD into a genuine musical experience.

—Kevin East, SoundStage!
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Motion 10

MartinLogan has hit a home run with the Motion system, pure and simple. It is a compact, well made, and attractively finished surround sound speaker system that can fit into spaces where larger systems simply will not work. But most importantly, the Motion system preserves MartinLogan’s sonic “family values,” meaning that it offers clarity, subtlety and nuance combined with an unexpectedly vibrant, full-bodied sound.

—Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound
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MartinLogan Motion 262 Home Theater Speaker System Review

Motion 6

Truth be told, the system performs so well in so many respects that I find myself expecting too much of it at times, comparing the speakers to those costing two, three, five times as much. The slight relative throatiness of Motion 6 sticks with me in a way it definitely shouldn't for a system at this price point, because for the most part, the Motion Series speakers simply don't sound like speakers at this price point. Their clarity is exceptional, their ability to disappear into a room (sonically speaking) is uncanny, and their value is unrivaled.

—Dennis Burger, Big Picture Big Sound
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MartinLogan Motion Speaker System Reviewed

Motion 4

I was impressed by just how comfortable these speakers were playing at high volumes, and in fact often sounded better at these levels. If you want a home theater and music system to rock on a budget, these are speakers to seriously check out. Their high efficiency and low impedance help them maximize output from receivers, allowing one to have the volume and dynamics found in truly great home theaters and music systems at a budget price.

—Dr. Ken Taraszka, Home Theater Review
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MartinLogan Motion Speaker System Reviewed

Motion 12

I was impressed by just how comfortable these speakers were playing at high volumes, and in fact often sounded better at these levels. If you want a home theater and music system to rock on a budget, these are speakers to seriously check out. Their high efficiency and low impedance help them maximize output from receivers, allowing one to have the volume and dynamics found in truly great home theaters and music systems at a budget price.

—Dr. Ken Taraszka, Home Theater Review
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MartinLogan Motion 12 7.1 Loudspeaker System Review

Motion 12

Music just flows through this system. Effortlessly. Detail galore with a very smooth top end. You can crank this system very loud...The MartinLogan Motion 12 7.1 loudspeaker system, however, is worth every single cent of its asking price

—Chris Boylan, 4/4
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The MartinLogan Motion 4

Motion 4

If we are going to get more people excited about the world of HiFi, this is definitely what we need a lot more of. I am very happy to award MartinLogan one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2010...the Motion 4’s are worthy of the MartinLogan name on the box.

—Jeff Dorgay, ToneAudio
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MartinLogan Motion

Motion Vision X

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MartinLogan Motion AFX review: Remarkable add-on speakers for object-oriented movie soundtracks

Motion AFX

Major audio advancements don’t come often, but when they do, the effects can be astounding. Going from mono to stereo, stereo to multi-channel, and now multi-channel to object-oriented audio represents a sizable leap in performance, realism, and engagement. If you’ve wanted to embrace Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, but weren’t sold on Atmos-enabled speakers, then doubt no more. MartinLogan’s Motion AFX speakers can transform any setup and speaker system.

—Theo Nicolakis, TechHive
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Customer Reviews


Motion 60XT

Dominant floorstanding speaker with a Folded Motion™ XT tweeter, black aluminum mid-range & dual 8" woofers with rear-firing bass ports, and a luscious high-gloss piano black finish.

by mojave45, 5 months ago

Complete system

Brought home a complete Martin Logan setup. I am always a little hesitant because listening to store setups in special rooms,with whatever premier setup they have as it will always change the sound from what it will be like when you get the new system home. The acoustics will be different, the equipment you are hooking up will be different, the speakers that come out of the box usually need a little break in time...

I bought the system yesterday and brought it home and hooked up the 60 XTs, the 50 XT, and 4 motion FX surrounds to a Yamaha 2070...and was instantly blown away. The sound and look was incredible. I couldn't be more pleased. This morning I got up grabbed a cup of coffee then turned on some music, thinking maybe it was just the glow of a new system yesterday...nope. Absolutely stunning sound. Doesn't matter if I am playing rock, blues, or a 4K movie off disk...

by old cowboy, 2 years ago


First of all, the packaging was very impressive. These had to be ordered BEST BUY does not stock them, if they did they would sell more of them, these don`t compare to the 40`s. they stock. The fit and finish of the cherry wood cabinets are beyond beautiful. The sound field is amazing & their not even broke in. To hear them is to buy them, you won`t be able to resist. Awesome speakers !!! they replaced my storm damaged M/L Quest speakers.

by Toroalaska, 3 years ago

Perfect sound.

Super clear sound and perfect balance.
Love these speakers for listen music and sound theater movies.

by jjk, 3 years ago

Excellent speakers absolute love them.

The Motion 60xt Floorstanding speakers are truely excellent speakers. The clarity & detail on these are phenomenal.The bass is also great. With these speakers you will hear stuff you never heard before. As far as bass, these hit pretty nicely. These speakers are excellent for jazz music & they go great with a Pioneer Elite receiver. When I first listen to these speakers I was completely hooked on them,they sounded so good, it was hard to shut them off after listening to them for four hours straight.


Motion 40

Powerful floorstanding speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter, black aluminum mid-range & dual woofers with rear-firing bass port, and a luscious high-gloss piano black finish.

by Dan P, 2 years ago
1 of 1 people found this helpful


Just grabbed a pair of these amazing speakers, and instantly transformed our living room into a great entertainment area. Movies and Music sound crisp and powerful. These speakers have great bass as well, but when I paired them with my a 12" Klipsch sub, sound was amazing. Looking forward to purchase 2 more speakers to complete surround system. I just snagged a Martin Logan Feature center channel which makes it that much sweeter. Martin Logan, thank you for making such beautiful, stylish equipment that the spouse approves of!!!

greatly recommended!!!

by AZ loves ML, 2 years ago
1 of 1 people found this helpful

Wow, what an upgrade

After a long hiatus from making any substantial core purchases to my system, my time had come. I had recently purchased a Sony XBR70 4k television so I needed to "graduate" to the next level with my audio set up. After much research, I discovered that ML was the only way to go for me. I went with the Motion 40's and Dynamo 1000W. I will be purchasing a ML center channel soon! These 40's sound amazing. The tweeters are picking up nuance and creating an image that I didn't know existed. They provide enough punch, but the Dynamo 1000W provides real bottom end that's enough to shake the windows. We have a large Great Room and this little setup will fill the entire room with quality sound throughout. I love it and so glad that my eyes (and ears) were open to ML. Thank you for making a quality product.

By the way, the wife even approves and really likes the look of the 40's. The grille, the angled lines, and piano finish keep it classy!


by Paul M., 3 years ago
1 of 1 people found this helpful

Great Speakers

The Martin Logan 40 Towers produce a clean, crisp, clear sound that is exact!
The quality of the build is excellent with a great looking finish. I also like the bi-amping connections for superior performance.

With the arrival of Dolby Atmos receivers, I would really like Martin Logan to offer a Dolby Atmos capable speaker add on that could be mounted on the top of the Motion Series to enable present owners the additional top mounted reflected sound possible with Dolby Atmos. Hopefully a solution will arrive soon.
Keep up the great work and innovation Martin Logan! You are tops on my speaker list

by orderedanalog, 4 years ago
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Best speakers I have ever owned

The Motion 40 was not my initial pick when browsing for a system, considering Martin Logan's rich lore and reputation is focused on their electrostatic speakers. But when I listened to them and realized how closely the Motion 40s reproduce that airy crystalized sound that Martin Logan is famous for, I had to do a double take. It hard to make speakers that are truly transformative in this day in age, but I feel like every song, every movie, every piece of content I listen to with this system (2 ML 40s, 1 ML 30, 2 ML4s, 1 Dynamo 700w) is now a special experience.

If you haven't considered these speakers for your high quality system, don't hesitate.

A side note, I almost feel as though Best Buy is not worthy to sell these, but if they didn't sell them, I may have never heard them so there you go.

by Flash, 4 years ago
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Speakers for a lifetime......

These Motion 40's replaced Infinity Reference Standard Kappa 7's a 3 way speaker system purchased in 1992. NO comparison ! Besides newer technology, the craftsmanship is superb ! The Kappa's had a wonderful wood enclosure. These are the black wood finish, just beautiful. They are part of a 2 channel system in my home. I am thrilled with the sound, obviously and the quality. Thank You ML for proving that Quality & Craftsmanship is alive and well in the USA!!!
PS: I believe that audio box stores should remain a part of the retail main stream in America. One cannot know how a sound system appeals to their discriminating taste unless you hear it for yourself. The internet cannot do that for you.....

by DavidH, 4 years ago
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These speakers put out the most crisp sound of any speakers I have listened to. The Folded Motion Tweeters produce sounds I never would have known existed in the music or movie.

by Djohansyah S., 5 years ago
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Just bought this speakers - Motion 40.

Wonderful for home theater 5.1 - I paired it with NAD and Stereo with my vintage Carver stereo system.

Sound pristine!

I would recommend to anyone who want to upgrade his/her home system.

by iReval, 5 years ago
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Just Bliss

I walked in to my non-local Magnolia Theatre set with a mind that id be buying speakers finally after two years of looking. I was set on Klipsch RF-82 I had heard them and spent enough time with them to almost be married.

Here comes the twist! As my personal Magnolia Designer asked me "Have you ever heard of Martin Logan?" I said "Have I!" I'd love to get me a pair but I'm sure their pricy. So as I started listening to Chopin and Pavaroti on these beautiful delicate and finesse sounding but deep and crisp speakers; I asked for he price. I was amazed. They were definitely higher then that of the Klipsch however their reasons for being did not leave me with any doubt!

So I bought them! With an accompanying Motion 30 center and four Motion 15 to compliment the surround. Since I already had a Dynamo! There was nothing else to complete!

I've had the system for 24 hours and I can't stop saying this I love them!

Yet theres only one bad thing I can actually complain about. Not Martin Logan's fault or maybe, but finding mounting brackets for the Motion 15's has been horrible due to the thread and size of 3/18-16 with the weight of 12 pounds.

Overall though. Beautiful, elegant, sincere sound. I have my Chopin and Pavaroti giving a concert in my theatre now nightly.

Thank you Martin Logan!


by John C., 5 years ago
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Incredible Sound

I went to BestBuy to find floor speakers that I could pair with a new Sony Bravia 55" TV...and use for listening to music as well. I didn't want to set up surround sound - just 2 channel. The sales person recommended the Martin Logan Motion 20's or 40's. After listening to both speaker set ups for music and a blueray movie I selected the 40's. I couldn't be happier with the performance for both listening to music and watching movies. The clarity, sound reproduction, and full sound stage are unsurpassed by any speakers anywhere near the price range. Highly recommend these speakers...they are amazing!!

by tomtjp, 5 years ago
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I own a pair of ML Motion 40's and have been breaking them in for the past 2 weeks. I tested them on both Music and HT...my room is 24x24 9'ceiling. I am amazed how how effortlessly and relaxed the sound fills my room from my Onkyo TX SR 805. The sound stage is large, clean and un-colored. I hear thing I never heard before from my old music collection. I just love these Piano Black Beauties and the smile it puts on my face.
Oh...they pass the spouse test too...catch her cranking em when I get home from work...well worth the price!!!

by Z93indy, 5 years ago
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Great Sound

Crystal clear sound from all around. Makes a 5.1 System sound even better than most.

by Pardhip S, 6 years ago
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Exquisite Sound

I originally came into my local Best Buy Magnolia HiFi center to listen to another pair of speakers. These little gems were not even on my radar. The look of the speakers lead me to believe they were several times more expensive than what the actually price was. A beautiful piano gloss black finish and speaker grills that dictate there is something sinister underneath. Needless to say I was shocked when these were fired up and played sound that was just amazing. I did not believe that the bass response from these and even looked for a subwoofer that my have been on at that time, but these little gems were the only speakers playing. The Highs, Mids, and Lows from this speaker seem to defy what should be allowed to be produced from a loud speaker this size and at this price point. I took them home and now am a proud owner of a pay of ML Motion 40. They complement my system well and I still cannot stop staring at these beautiful works of art. Amazing accurate bass, solid Mids, and High frequency response that will amaze you, all from one sexy package.

by Ted K., 2 years ago
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Motion 40

By far the best bang for your buck, absolutely just fantastic.

No distortion no matter what I throw at them. Crisp and full, could

not sound better if I were there live. My friends that have heard

are in awe, in my opinion don't hesitate.

by Pedro J., 5 years ago
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Amazing Speakers

I haven't had heard any speakers as these before. The bass is incredible and the twitter marvellous so the quality of the sound is amazing. I congratulate ML for this piece of technology and art. After I hooked the Motion 40 to my Hi-Fi set (HK 990/HD 990/JBL E250P), my house filled with a profound sound and I jumped to another listening dimension. I'm not kidding; try them in your Hi-FI dealer and discover it by yourself.

by AudiophileDood, 8 months ago

Excellent ! but requires dual subs

Took me little over 3 months to decide on landing these pairs.
I autionned PSB, Klipsch in the similar range and ML Motion 40 was totally in the different league.

I will be really honest in thie review. You will need to get two subs to cover lower frequencies regardless the music or movies that you are playing.

I am running Motion 40s with Dual SVS SB13s and it's an excellent subs to match. But you can also stick to the same brand, Dynamos I guess.

I will be purchasing ESL Classic 9 soon and will compare with Motion 40, so stay tuned.

by samuelandrews, 1 year ago

Old time ML listener

I have owned Martin Logan speakers for over 20 years. Models SL30, Cinema, Theater and Odyssey speakers. Needing to downsize I chose the Motion 40 speakers along with a Dynamo 700 sub. Once again Martin Logan has completely blown me away with an unbelievable sound stage that is spot on. The Motion 40 speakers are not as transparent as the electrostatic hybrids but they are darn close. Clear and precise sound is delivered from the Motion 40 speakers. I was also pleased with the tightness and sound of the Dynamo 700 sub. Prior to the Dynamo I had a pair of M&K subs. The Motion 40 speakers and Dynamo 700 in my opinion is another outstanding product delivered by Martin Logan. Outstanding ML!!!

by garyp, 1 year ago

Motion 40 - Amazing Bang for the Buck

I set up my new Motion 40s a couple weekends ago, along with a new Yamaha A-S1000 amp, Music Hall mmf 7.3 turntable, and Onkyo C-7030. I always research new purchases for quite a while and this was no exception for any of these items. All I can say is that these components together have a fantastic sound.

This particular early review is on the Motion 40s. It is very obvious just upon unboxing these speakers that they are of very high grade. Mine are piano black and absolutely stunning in appearance. And although some music elites may consider these to be somewhat small floor speakers, in an average size room they fit right in. Hooking them up was very straight forward. These are installed on carpet and I will say that positioning them perfectly from the wall and triangulated with one another and the listening sweet spot takes a little effort...but effort well worth it.

The instruction sheet says to break the speakers in at 90 dB for 72 hours before any critical listening. Well, at this point it's been only about 5 hours, so the break in has a way to go yet. But I will say that playing CD on the Onkyo player gave a superb, realistic, hi-fidelity sound. Playing LPs on the Music Hall TT varied according to which LP I played. All had the warm sound (compared to CD) I expected. But some sounded much better than others; the worst was Pink Floyd "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" remastering. The sound was very muddled; terrible. On all the LPs I have played thus far I definitely found that increasing treble by 1/2 and decreasing bass by 1/2 turn gave a much more realistic sound.

One last thing: the folded motion transducer tweeter on these speakers is by far the best sounding I've ever heard, including a $40,000 pair of B&Ws at the Magnolia showroom. Yes the B&Ws sounded great, as they should for such a high price, but the ability of the Motion 40 tweeters on high frequency sound bested the B&Ws, in my opinion.

I will review these once again after the break in time period.

by tummyrope, 1 year ago

Killer speakers for the $

We had a flood and re-did our basement. i decided to upgrade my stereo, and went on the hunt. I listened to many combos of receivers and speakers. I had my mind set on the Pioneer Elite SC-95 bc of its discreet amps, but had a hard time with the speakers. My high end budget was in the $1500/ea range.

i listened to the Golden Ear, a few B&Ws, some higher end Polks, etc. I had pretty much decided on the B&W's until a Geek Squad guy said "wait, listen to one more". He then switched back and forth bw the B&W's and the Motion 40's, and i was blown away at the clear high end, and the dimension I could hear and "see". They immediately made the B&W's sound sort of "honky" in the mid, and the highs seemed sort of harsh.

The M40's are just so easy to listen to, even before the break in period. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

I am adding their Motion 8 center channel, and am listening to a few subs.

my opinion is that the B&W's are a bit overrated.

by Alan Podsadowski, 2 years ago

Incredible Motion 40's

I have been into quality home hi-fi since 1969. I have owned over 15 sets of very decent speakers since that time. I remember first hearing the ESS-Heil speakers (Air Motion Transformer tweeters) in the early 70's, and being absolutely blown away! But at that time, the Heils were out of my budget range. But as time passed I moved from Massachusetts to Vancouver British Columbia, Canada; and my budget went up.

Some of the best speakers I've had were from Totem, B&W, Vandersteen,& Monitor Audio. But they all had one thing in common---fairly traditional tweeters. I always was aware of the fact that after an hour or so, I would regularly experience listener fatigue. They all sounded too bright eventually, and reminded me of the differences between digital & analogue sound.

So when a recent move to downsize to a townhouse, from a house with cathedral ceilings and large listening area, I had to replace my large B&W Nautilus 803's (NOT diamond tweeters), I decided that I would do a bit more research to see if I could find not only something smaller, but speakers that had excellent tweeters that would not sound overly bright, no matter how long I listened. Enter the Martin Logan Motion 40's! I was hoping that the Air Motion Ribbon like tweeters would be the ticket---and all I can say is RIGHT ON!

I now realize that for me, speakers should be constructed from the top down. I've always loved female vocals, good drumming (e.g. Joe Morello), piano & other sounds that had warm & clear highs. The Motion 40's are without question the BEST (and NOT most expensive!) speakers I have owned. In fact, I bought a used set of ML 15's for my bedroom about 2 months before I got the 40's, and I was very impressed with the soundstage and the highs, that were never too bright & fatiguing.

Everything about the 40's is first class. The bass is tight & full despite the size of the woofers. The finish is absolutely beautiful & the footprint is quite small. My wife loves these speakers and that is way more important than I had ever realized! But it's the tweeters that are the most amazing. I have a Joe Morello CD that he plays an extended solo right at the beginning of TAKE 5. He hits the rims of the drums a lot, and makes full use of the cymbals. When I close my eyes, it feels like I'm sitting right there in front of Joe! I also have some Reference Recordings of classical music & a couple of SACD's of Jonathan Bell on violin, that are absolutely breathtaking with the Motion 40's.

The fact that I was able to negotiate the price to just under $2,000 CANADIAN (that's about $1,400 U.S.!!!), makes this piece of equipment the BEST hi-fi deal I've ever made, and that includes my purchases of used equipment as well! I've always liked the sound of electro-statics like the other Martin Logans & the Magneplanars, but they have always been way too big in my living room. I can only imagine the reaction from my normally very accommodating wife.

So...PLEASE, if you're in the market for some great speakers at a very reasonable price, you owe it to yourself to check out the ML Motion 40's. I am SO grateful for all the people who took the time to review them online, which propelled me to go have a listen. That's why I have taken the time to write this review. I hope it helps you in your decision.

by Jeff Brooks, 2 years ago

Superior Sound

Just picked up my Motion 40's + Pioneer Elite SC-95, and without even haven broken them in or bi-amped (which I am going to do), they sound incredible. One of my neighbors has brought several people over to listen to them. I chose a wide variety of music to test them out with, and there isn't any genre I listened to that fell short.

Am going to use them for music-only, and use another pair of front mains for surround/movies.

Extremely happy, and highly recommend them.

by Roy A., 2 years ago

motion 40

The best speaker

by Trower, 2 years ago


My wife and I had been talking about changing the speakers for the past two years because we have high ceilings in our living room which are not conducive to listening to movies. We always had trouble with hearing the conversations. I finally decided it was time to upgrade the whole sound system. My brother has always had great sound systems and I used to love watching movies whenever I would go visit him.
So where I am going with this is after going to Best Buy with my brother I listened to several speakers. When the young lady that was helping us recommended listening to the Martin Logan's my brother and I were super impressed. We were listening to the Motion 15's. When I returned back to where I live my wife and I took a ride to Best Buy and went to the Magnolia room to listen again. I decided that I would go with the Motion 40's in front, Motion 8 center, Motion 4's for the rear and a Dynamo 700w sub. My room now sounds better that a movie theater. Music is clear and defined along with a fullness I did not was achievable with the room shape. I will tell you what I read in another review was a great comment. You have to get the speakers broke in as the instructions tell you. Be patient as it is worth the wait. I have about 36 hours on them and they sound better every time I listen. Running a SC-91 Pioneer Elite. Fantastic receiver to boot. Trower

by dadoc, 2 years ago

Motion 40

Really liked them after listening to 3 others. Bright highs and good lows. Used to play jazz, blues and classical/opera.

by MtnMan1, 2 years ago

This Is It!!

I have been a serious audio enthusiast since I first heard my Uncle's four speaker stereo in 1973. A 16x16 room with a speaker in each corner (RTR's). I was in music heaven and swore that I would someday have a system that would sound as great as his. Well, 42 years later I found that system, (can you believe that? 42 years?!) after owning speakers like Sony, JBL, AR, Sansui, Pioneer, and most recent Klipsch, only better, much better than what I experienced in 1973, with my new Martin Logan Motion 40's along with Motion 30 center, Motion 15 for surrounds and a Dynamo700 sub. I am in love. Again. More.

by mychael.houck, 2 years ago

Phenomenal Quality

I've lived with the Motion 40 loudspeakers for three years now. Currently they are being driven in a bi-amp configuration using a Marantz NR1603 AVR to drive the highs and mids, and a Marantz MM7025 to drive the bass. Sound is indescribable. They are setup in the living room of my 900 square foot condo and the sound is full and articulate.

The motion tweeter is in an absolute class of its own, and more than enough reason in itself for buying these. The clarity isn't quite as transparent as you might find on their electrostatic loudspeakers, but it is clear that the idea was to get as close as possible.

ML rates these as 40-20k Hz, and in my room (18x20, ceramic tile floor) rarely do I long for a sub, and almost never while listening to music. The NR1603 is a class AB amplifier rated at 50 wpc, and that alone isn't quite enough to drive them to their limits. I'd recommend at least 100 wpc to truly get everything out of these. My plan at some point is to replace my MM7025 with a Marantz PM-11S3 integrated.

Many reviews will say these perform above their price point, and I agree. $2,000 a pair is a steal. You won't be disappointed. I routinely fall in love with these over and over again.

by Tbgchi, 2 years ago

Martin Logan Motion 40's

For quite some time, I've been considering making an investment in full range tower speakers. considering my love of music and all things related to High Quality sound, it's a bit of a mystery that I've never made the leap to reference quality before. I've read a ton of reviews and articles pointing to tower speakers as a must for any serious audio enthusiast. We currently own a couple Polk theater package matched speakers and Focal Sib & Cub.

About a week ago, I came across my first big speaker purchase sitting in some corner of our basement.... A pair of Klipsch KG4's with the passive radiator Woofer....

Could they still work after lying dormant all these years??? i had to find out.

So, I carried them upstairs to compare to our Focal Sib and cub Speaker system. I snagged the wires out of my front Focal's and connected them to the Klipsch KG4s. I slapped the Soundtrack to Schindlers List into the BluRay player, and pressed play....


You gotta be kidding me! Did I really just leave these things sitting unused for 15 years?

The sound filled the room with a combination of warmth and clarity that reminded me why I fell in love with the KG4s in the first place. the KG4s have a fullness I'd not heard from our current speakers in quite some time. Even my non-audiophile "don't spend money on that stuff" wife could hear the difference. Had the speakers not been so bulky and beat up, I'd would've tried to convince my non-audiophile wife to let me keep them in our living room.

Instead, I did what any impulsive self-proclaimed audiophile would do....

I hopped in the car and beelined to the nearest highend audio store to demo some towers!

with the help of a very knowledgeable salesman, I was able to test a wide range of speakers in a highly efficient manner. we went back forth testing BW C2- C5, Martin Logan Motion 15s through 40, sonus faber venere 1.5-3.0, Martin Logan Electrostatic, etc.

It didn't take long for me to conclude that the Martin Logan Motion 40s were at the top of the list of speakers in consideration. Vs other speakers in the 2k range, the ML 40s possessed a sound quality that haunted me all that night after leaving the store. i couldn't get the faithful sound reproduction created by the ribbon tweeter out of my head.

Sure enough...

Two day later, I called the store, purchased the speakers, and went to pick them up later that night. Once home, as instructed, I hooked them up to my Denon AVR 1911 receiver in bi-amp fashion, slapped in the Soundtrack from Schindlers list, and pressed play....

Whoa!! Best speakers I've ever heard in my own home. Brilliant sound reproduction. I'm convinced we've missed out on portions of our music in the midrange for years. Looking forward to getting these things broken in. The ML 40s can compete against speakers that are much more expensive.

No regrets on this purchase.

Thanks for reading.

by Thomas M., 3 years ago

Outstanding value

I did a lot of shopping before selecting the Motion 40's to fill my 20x20 room. They replaced a pair of vintage Advents. I considered Sonus Faber, Bowers & Wilkins, Vienna Acoustics, KEF, etc.

I am simply amazed with the motion 40's. They are highly efficient and easy to drive. The sound is quite stunning coming from the smartly sized and well placed drivers. The folded style tweeter is amazingly clear and accurate. The design and build quality are first rate even though they are manufactured in China. I especially like the Gloss black finish, fine details like rounded edges, the metal grills, the rear port, and the artistic binding posts.

Lastly, I like that Martin Logan is based in Lawrence, Kansas where the designers seem to have anticipated my every request. Well Done!

by Ryan S., 3 years ago

Excellent sounding speakers

After listening to every floor standing & bookshelf offering from B&W, PSB, and ML in the $2K - $3.5K range, the Motion 40 & Dynamo Sub combination simply has the best sound. I preferred the voicing of these speakers even over the Motion 60XT and redesigned B&W CM series.

I am using these in a 2, occasionally 2.1, channel music-only setup. ML marketing has put a good deal of emphasis on the aesthetics of these speakers - they do look beautiful though the silky ribbon highs and articulate low end are far more stunning. My budget far exceeded the cost of this system, but as audio engineers say, "what sounds right, is right". An incredible product even at twice the price.

To put my view in perspective, I was a professional studio engineer for many years and still regularly listen to music / mix / master on everything from Yamaha NS-10s up to the B&W Nautilus 802s. I chose the Motion 40s for the casual listening room in my home and could not be happier within the budget for that room.

by Edward D., 3 years ago

Astonishing sound!

First, I am not an expert reviewer, just someone who loves good sounding speakers. I had auditioned speakers from Bowers & Wilkins (CM9s), Monitor Audio Silver 8s, and the Motion 20s.
Actually, it was a little difficult because I could not listen to them at the same time. However, the clarity of the highs and the speed of the bass are what won me over to the 40s. I have them bi-amped with a Denon A-3000 receiver, and have driven them to over 100 spls (short bursts) with no problem. For home theater, I have a motion 12 speaker, which is also excellent. The only problem now is that I will need Martin Logan speakers for the rear surrounds.
The initial sound was only fair which worried me, but after a few weeks, the sound just opened up to something beautiful. You really need the 72 hours break in period for these babies to shine. I won't say that I heard sounds that I never heard before, as I have always had decent speakers. However, acoustic guitars, female and male vocalist gave me a sense of being at a live concert, IMHO. I now listen to music much more than I watch movies now.
Finally, they look gorgeous in my listening room.

by Tou Lo, 3 years ago

Simply the BEST!

I originally went into BB Magnolia to purchase a pair of B&W 683 S2's for my home theater setup. My budget was in the $2k range so I knew I could get a great pair of floor standing speakers that would last me for years.

Now keep in mind that before I settled for a pair, I stopped by Magnolia during lunch break for an entire week before making my decision.

I started off with the B&W 683 S2's paired with a Pioneer Elite SC-81, the B&W 683 S2's sounded warm (which is my preference), full and powerful as expected. I then thought to myself, why not try the Motion 40's? I've heard nothing but the best from reviewers online who actually have them with a more than capable receiver. So what did I do? Switched the setup over to the Martin Logan Motion 40's and my ears were blown away! The sound reproduction coming from the Martin Logan Motion 40's were just insane and out of this world, I couldn't believe what I was hearing! What I loved the most about the Martin Logan Motion 40's were the high crisp details that I didn't even know existed until I heard the sound reproduction straight from these awesome speakers, compared to the B&W 683 S2's it was a no competition, the Motion 40's wiped the floor and it wasn't even close in my honest opinion.

With that said, I bought a pair, hooked them up to my Pioneer Elite SC-71 AV Receiver and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I initially thought I'd need my subwoofer but with these babies bi-amped there was no need for a subwoofer at all. The Pioneer Elite SC-71 provides more than enough juice with it's Class-D amp.

Go buy these speakers NOW, Martin Logan outdid themselves on this one, truly one of the best speakers that I've ever heard in my life!


Motion Vision X

5-channel wireless surround sound from a sleek and sculptural all-in-one system that's stylish yet unobtrusive, simple to install, and easy to operate. Three advanced-resolution Folded Motion™ tweeters, four 4-inch high-performance woofers, and seven dedicated amplifiers deliver 100 watts of total system power.

by JCaudio, 2 years ago

Martin Logan Can Mix olie and water

It's amazing... It's incredible. Martin Logan has done it again. This time with a sound bar to hang under the TV. Bass control is incredible. The sound is very homogeneous. nice tight bass and detailed top. The mid-range is well defined. In other words, water is mixed with oil, metaphorically speaking.

Jimmi from denmark

by Eric from VA, 2 years ago

Martin Logan has created a superstar sound bar.

A week ago I upgraded from the Motion Vision, to the Motion Vision X. I immediately noticed a difference in the sound quality. The mids and highs were more pronounced. My Dynamo 700 subwoofer came to life unlike when connected to the previous model, and sounds 30 to 40% better. (No exaggeration). This new model is Wi-Fi ready and has a Play-Fi app which allows you to stream music from your devices to the sound bar. The new remote control is much larger than the previous one, is made out of metal and has an elegant design. The problems and concerns from the previous model have been addressed on this newest revision. There’s a new feature that allows you to adjust the surround, which helps to more accurately simulate 5.1. The sound from this unit is so robust a subwoofer is not required unless you desire room shaking bass. Martin Logan support provides impeccable service and are very responsive. This sound bar is for people that want accurate, warm and natural sound, with pronounced midrange frequencies. Martin Logan has built a reputation by manufacturing high end audio products with unique designs that appeal to audiophiles and those with a sense of style. If this is what you are looking for in a high end sound bar the Motion Vision X is for you.


Motion 20

Compact floorstanding speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter, dual black aluminum woofers with rear-firing bass port, and a luscious high-gloss piano black finish.

by Spridle, 2 years ago
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Terrific for Music!

I've had my Motion 20's for a few weeks now, and they sound like they're broken in. When looking for speakers in the 1600 USD price range it was hard to find many reviews of the Motion 20's, but I was able to audition them at Audio Visions locally. I compared them with others I could hear locally, B&W, Paradigm, Monitor, Definitive, Revel, Golden Ear and a few more. All speakers in this price range sound good, but not all speakers in this price range look good, too.

I had heard the Motion 20's first and then went on my months long search. After some time I mostly remembered how much I liked the looks of the Motion 20's, but the sound is more important. The Motion 20's were the shortest and narrowest of what I auditioned, and I wondered if they would be big enough for my 13X17X10 living room. It's an odd room with very little reflection. With the competition fresh in mind, I went back and checked out the Motion 20's again, thinking I'd probably have to go up to the 40's if I stayed with Martin Logan. I was wrong - the Motion 20's definitely hold their own and fill my room with well balanced, articulate sound.

I listen to mostly guitar based Rock and don't watch movies with these. My sub is currently not hooked up. So far, I haven't missed the sub at all. I toed in the speakers slightly and they're about 15 inches from the back wall and over 2 feet away from any side wall. The bass is solid and has nice depth. It's not just a one note thump. The highs are just better than most of the competition. The Motion 20's play music louder without losing control and getting muddy or losing their soundstage than most speakers.

I read somewhere that the Motion series was just a placeholder for Martin Logan. I can't disagree with this statement more. These sound different from the Electrostatic speakers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both designs and Martin Logan has certainly become a major player in both, which can only be good news for people looking for speakers. There's a Motion speaker for every sized room, and the Motion 20's are perfect for mine.

I love the sound foremost, but the visual appeal really can't be overlooked. The Motion 20's are quite stunning to look at. A lot of speakers in this price range use flat black vinyl or just a big cloth sock as a cover. The soft corners and glossy black finish and the metal grills of the Motion 20's don't seem to call attention to themselves, but so far, when people have noticed them, they have to go up and look at them. The 1600 dollar a pair range is a lot for some of us, and the Motion 20's don't give up anything in terms of looks or sound. I couldn't be happier with this decision.

by David M., 2 years ago
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I have had a lot of great speakers but these are my first Martin Logan's. I've wanted a pair for years and I so glad I bought these. Amazing right out of the box. Using a Carver to run them and they respond very well even at low volume.

The ribbon tweeter is so crisp and smooth at the same time, no shrill highs. And the bass from these is well amazing, you'd swear there is a sub hooked up to them.

If you want value and great sound these are for you.


by Bosco, 2 years ago

Motion 20 speakers....Very Pleased!

After upgrading my TV, I was going to replace my large, 20+ year old Polk Aidio speakers with a higher end sound bar. I had all but handed over my credit card when I walked into the audio room. I listened to a variety of speakers including the Motion 40s. The 40s were above my price range, but, wow! Anyway, the sales person suggested the Motion 20s. They did not have any to demo, but, after listening to the 40s, I took a chance and bought the Motion 20s on faith. I could not be more happy! I spent more money than I had planned and I'm glad I did. Sound bars are fine, but, nothing beats a nice pair of analog speakers. I new to Martin Logan, and am an instant fan. If you are considering the Motion series, don't hesitate. Pure quality.

by Swolfe, 3 years ago

Best of the Bunch

The Motion series speakers are a group that is underrated and over preforming. After continually comparing Motion 20's to other loud speakers in the same price range from other brands like B&W, Paradigm, Definitive Technology and even some pioneer elites. it was a 2 way battle. the B&W 683 S2 and the motion 20s. with a pricing difference of about 50 bucks price would no longer be considered. The 683's have a wide sound stage, well controlled and fairly deep bass, and are a pleasure to listen too. the major downfall here is the tweeter. the highs really suffered on female voices and some high pitched guitar solos. With the motion 20's the soundstage was equally as large as the B&W's the midrange faired as well as the bowers, but in no way better. the highs were airy, flowing, clean, and seemingly endless. the folded motion tweeter that ML developed puts the high frequency reproduction in the motion speakers above some speakers that are 10 times the cost. unfortunately for the motion 20 model at least, the bass lacked a solid "umph" which can break the immersion in 2 Channel music with a dynamic sway. after weighing out the pros and cons i quickly realized that you can always get bass from a subwoofer to compensate for the towers but you can't do much to improve the highs. Motion 20 is the winner. and I would buy them again and again.

by kooziepete, 4 years ago


Very happy with purchase the motion 20 sounds great. What a tweeter. Listening to David Sanborn and they sound so sweet. Thanks Martin Logan


Motion Vision

5-channel surround sound from a sleek and sculptural all-in-one system that's stylish yet unobtrusive, simple to install, and easy to operate. Three advanced-resolution Folded Motion™ tweeters, four 4-inch high-performance woofers, and seven dedicated amplifiers deliver 100 watts of total system power.

by Ken, 6 years ago
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No Compromises

I recently moved to a new apartment in California, and while the space fits all my needs, the walls are irregularly placed, making speaker wire particularly cumbersome... Not to mention the fact that, as a renter in California, I can't really mount anything to the walls. So recently, I've been looking at soundbars to replace my older surround sound system, and decided on the Martin Logan Motion Vision. It's one of the absolute best purchases I have ever made.

Before hearing the ML Motion Vision, it really disappointed me to have to "settle" for a soundbar, rather than a full-fledged surround sound system. Sure, most soundbars are at least an upgrade from your television's built-in speakers... But the "enveloping surround sound" that they usually advertise is full of baloney, and even when you listen to a decent soundbar, there's still one problem... It still sounds like a soundbar. Tinny, or not enough bass, muddy, unclear separation between channels... The list goes on.

But when I ran into the Motion Vision, my opinion of what a soundbar could be changed completely. Honestly, in the right room (not the high warehouse ceilings and wide open spaces of big box retailers - though, it sounds pretty good there), it puts some surround sound systems to shame. Crystal clear high range, deep bass - both with no distortion, even when cranked to 11... Amazing separation of channels that envelops you completely... And the best midrange (dialogue) I've ever heard from almost any home theater speaker, particularly for a soundbar.

That's the thing... For the first time ever, I didn't have to "settle" for a soundbar... It puts my old surround system to shame. It's also a snap to set up. The option to add a subwoofer is nice, but not a necessity for anyone without a high-end sub... There's more than enough bass here, you can feel it in your lungs. Sure, it could have used some HDMI inputs, but the connectivity options are fine and shouldn't be a deal breaker for anyone. The Motion Vision is all about audio quality, and it delivers.

This is the best soundbar ever made, period. And buying it doesn't feel like a compromise... It's an upgrade.

by dmcoopknx1966, 11 months ago

Super Smooth on Vocals and Musical

I've held off purchasing a soundbar because the audio quality isn't significantly different than the TV speakers. When I listened to the Vision Soundbard I was blown away. It is easy to install and tastefully designed. From an audio point of view - it is wonderful. The vocals for spoken word are clear and easy to understand. It also has a very smooth transition between its crossover point for the HF drivers. I did not purchase a sub to go with it and don't feel it will be necessary for the room I have it located. I had to back the bass off a touch as it is. The bottom end is smooth and round and as it transitions into mids there are no obvious distortions or odd harmonics jumping out. I'm a huge fan and recommend this to anyone wanting a great sounding soundbar. My only complaint is the cheap-assed remote. Yes I primarily just used it to setup the soundbar and then trained the soundbar to respond to my other remotes - but geesh is this thing cheesy. It lives in a drawer now. Having said that - I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. You won’t be disappointed.

by Hakim H., 2 years ago


The sound and the style of this sound bar are truly amazing!

by L.Santos, 2 years ago

Surprised and Happy!

I am one of those people who just wasn't ready to make jump into a soundbar setup. I was replacing an old sony 5.1 that still works but I wanted to clean up my living room and get something that was made after 2006. The bestbuy rep did a great job of showing us various soundbar setups. We originally looked at a sony 7.1 soundbar, then bose, and then samsung. He took us over to the Magnolia center in BestBuy and showed us the MartinLogan Vision. It was a clear difference in terms of sound and clarity. It had a sense of full sound. Let me explain.. Bose while it did a really great job simulating sound all over the room sounded empty. It was missing something. Samsung and Sony also did a decent job but when the volume was turned up you could hear the distortion. I watch a lot of movies and like them loud so there went those out the window. I still wasn't completely sold just yet. The Motion Vision is a stand alone soundbar with no subwoofer attachment like most setups. Don't get me wrong it woofers built in so it does have some bass, but I just happen to like more. The Best Buy rep then brings out two subwoofers the Dynamo 500w and 650w. The 650w 15" was incredible! Talk about BASS!! So I went with the slightly smaller version the Dynamo 12" 1000w(oh did I mention it hooks up wirelessly to the motion vision). I did spend a bit more than what I inteded to when I went looking for a soundbar but after setting this up at home.... WOW!! I will say you will have to tweak the setting to get the sound how you want it but I would say total setup was maybe 30 to 40 minutes. That includes me messing with the settings. I have great sound and thunderous bass! My wife says who needs a movie theater when I get the same sound and thunder at home. I couldn't be happier, the soundbar alone is great but I wanted more bass and boy did I get it.

by Mark V., 4 years ago

Bose vs. Martin Logan

I purchased the Bose 1SR sound bar based on the Bose name. I was not satisfied with the overall sound quality. Thankfully I went to Best Buy to listen to the Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar. The ML is so superior to the Bose. The ML has a much wider range of sound quality from music to dialogue to movies. The bass is incredible! The Bose sounds OK playing movies, but fails when it comes to normal listening and music. The ML even brings out great sound when listening to comercials and just about everything. So glad I returned the Bose and purchased the Martin Logan! The ML looks much better also.

by Brian, 5 years ago

DOES support IR codes for switching to a specific input source

A previous review stated that the motion vision didn't support the IR codes necessary to switch to a specific input source. This is inaccurate. While the remote supplied with the motion vision only has next/previous input buttons, the IR codes for switching to a specific input are supported and can be programmed into a universal remote like the Harmony Ultimate. Also, the motion vision is a fantastic sound bar all the way around.

by RGomez, 5 years ago

Very Musical Soundbar

Recently set-up one of our small bedrooms for computer/multi-media use.
Added a remarkable Sony 55 inch LCD.
Shopped around in January 2013 for a soundbar.
Narrowed the selection to the B & W Panorama 2 and the Martin Logan Vision soundbar. Frankly, it was difficult to demo the two in the typical Magnolia and similar audio-visual merchant vendor showrooms. The Panorama often sounded slightly better stage wise but there was a musical character to the Vision that I found potentially more pleasing. I have a pretty impressive sound system elsewhere in the house (Avalon speakers and Jeff Rowland preamp/mono amps etc.) so I wanted a musical sound in the bedroom but not at that same level.
Well, after a couple of months of break-in of the Vision soundbar, Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subwoofer and Oppo BDP-103, the sound is outstanding -- extremely musical when playing CD's, Pandora and great watching movies (Blu-Ray; even DIRECTV) and foreign TV series (Scandinavian/French/English) off Netflix and HBO etc series; the subwoofer is very focused and impressive.

I listed the ancillary equipment (left out my comparison of various optical audio cables and HDMI cables -- I found that they do make a difference) and the break-in time to emphasize that it took more time and effort than I thought to get a great sound. I doubt that one will be able to audition the Vision at its best in most showrooms. The mega-dollar audio showrooms that I have visited do not demo the Vision and Dynamo 700 but rather have systems that cost considerably more. However, unless you are setting up a sine qua non audio-visual room, I strongly recommend that you seriously consider the Vision and Dynamo 700 subwoofer.
Also, Martin Logan has an extraordinary and patient support team that provides great assistance.

by Sutton R., 5 years ago

Before you buy

4.8 stars, so close to 5 you can taste it.

First - If you can find a better sounding powered soundbar for less money, be sure to pass it on.

If you are serious about sound, though, a sub is a must, imo, although many, many people would never miss one. I prefer the sound when the "wall mount" setting is selected, vs the "on shelf" setting. Be prepared to experiment. While this kind of bass extension is unheard of in most soundbars (btw, literally correct so not really a pun, kind of like a pun), it sounds better if the job is shared with a sub. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase, but want to share something that might be helpful to some shoppers. Specifically, how I worked around the one shortcoming that I care about.

Setup -

I am using the Motion Vision for video and audio playback. Sources include a cable box and two disc players, that play most formats of video and audio discs. One player also streams video and audio via the Internet and DLNA.

Goals -

Listen to music without having the TV on and program my Harmony remote so that any listening and viewing activity can be automated via pressing one menu selection. Oh yes, and have a pleasing visual impact. Which leads us to...

The lack of IR codes for selecting specific inputs -

The IR codes are for "next input" and "previous input". What this means is that if you have a 3rd party remote such as a Harmony, you will not be able to automate selecting the appropriate input. For those of you who don't care about this, you can skip my "solution". When I added the Motion Vision to the Harmony remote, buttons for selecting each of the inputs were also added. Sadly though, they were "show" buttons, meaning that they gave you the satisfying feeling of selecting the inputs, without the actual ability to do so. ;)

Solution -

Plug all of the sources into a remote controled 5 port HDMI switch, plug the output of the switch into an audio de-embedder, plug the audio output from the de-embedder into the Motion Vision and plug the video output from the de-embedder into the TV. The Harmony remote now controls the switch as desired and any of your normal listening and viewing functions can be programmed on the remote.

$100 later -

The switch was about $40 and the de-embedder was about $60. This also leaves two HDMI ports for future expansion. I bought a Kinivo switch and a KanexPro de-embedder and both do what they are supposed to do. Other brands are available.

Even with the additional $100, I'm totally satisfied with the value/dollar ratio. So far, everyone who has listened to it is impressed and everyone who has seen it is impressed.

by BoomNastyHockey, 5 years ago

Soundbar Does Not Do It Justice.

The ML Vision Soundbar is astonishing with its audio reproduction, and even its movie audio processing. It should be in a category all its own. Deep bass, even without connecting a Dynamo through the Vision's built in wireless sub connection, and its rich audio reproduction will take all your favorite hits and make you feel front row.

Thank you Martin Logan,


by jmon012, 5 years ago

Back to the Future

In the 70's and 80's, I used to visit high end independent audio stores with my father. He was an audiophile without the checkbook necessary to truly indulge, but I remember Martin Logan from those trips to the store and those gorgeous electrostatic loudspeakers.

I hadn't even thought of Martin Logan until I heard this beautiful sound (if that's even possible at Best Buy) emanating from below a huge plasma screen TV. I've been searching for a sound bar to ale my woes of listening to the built-ins of my HDTV. The sound bar needed to be minimal, so that my lovely wife wouldn't mind the not-so-lovely looks of one more piece of electronic equipment in the house.

Despite knowing better, I've stuck with Bose for my audio needs for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, I thought their sound bar was too synthetic in sound quality, over-engineered, and I really did not want to deal with a subwoofer taking up floor space, so I decided to try the Motion Vision. I can say, even after only six hours of ownership, that I made the right choice.

The Motion Vision has astounding audio reproduction and has filled my living room with warmth and joy. I don't miss the subwoofer at all, as the bass is absolutely breathtaking from this unit. I can finally hear dialogue from my movies and I even took some time to watch a concert on Palladia, and it sounded great! The design is elegant, organic, and quite simply, the best sound bar I have found. For those looking for amazing sound reproduction, without the hassle of a high-end 5.1 or 7.1 system, this unit does more than take care of business.

Thank you, Martin Logan for taking me back in time.


Motion 12

Powerful floorstanding speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter, dipole mid-range, ported dual woofers, and black real-wood veneer.

by revaiah, 6 years ago
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Motion 12 Floorstanders

Excellent speakers. I bought them recently and using them with my Denon AVR 1911. Initially I was apprehensive noticing their impedance, had an opinion that motion 12s will fry my Amp. I have been using them for the last one week continuously (5-6 hours at a stretch). I do not see Denon getting hot, it runs cool.
Extremely nice midrange and mind blowing tight bass. Awesome combination of crossover, drivers and the cutest looking enclosures.

A must audition for music and movie lovers

by gainiac, 6 years ago
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Martin Logan 12/8/4 System. Blew the competition away.

I've been a rock musician for over 30 years. I mention this only to say that I'm quite acustomed to loud music. I went to my local BB dealer with the hopes of purchasing a medium sized room HTib system while ideally getting as much power for the money as I could. The salesman initially showed me a competitors 5.1 system in their demo room, which I took home and thought I enjoyed but truly felt was less than adequate. I returned the following day, out of a need to also upgrade my receiver, and in speaking with a store manager, I asked to demo some other options. He put on ML Motion 12's, 4's with an 8 center and a Dynamo 700. I actually laughed out loud. I immediately had him put on MY system I had just purchased, and we A/B'd them with various DVD's/Blue Rays for over an hour. I cannot overstate how completely FLOORED I was. My new system died right there in that room. The musical tones that came from the ML system were more than incredible for the size. The width, the dynamic range in this system is very powerful. A few expletives came out of my mouth during a number of loud scenes from Avatar. The top end was so focused, cut the room easily, the mids so lively, the sub so big, musical, very fast, I absolutely just HAD to have this setup at home. Needless to say I brought the other system back immediately, and purchased the 4's and 8 right away. I have been building my system, with the final piece being the Motion 12's I added this evening. It's insane. I truly love this system! Thank you, ML!

by Cal Nielsen , 1 year ago


A friend of mine gave me a pair of Motion 12's that needed a new midrange because of shipping damage. I purchased a new driver with the help of their excellent customer service for a very reasonable price and I hooked them up and must say I was amazed at the clarity, depth and imaging they put out. I play only vinyl on my Bang Olufsen 5500 turntable with MMC2 cartridge and I'm rediscovering my record collection. The prescence these speakers put out make me feel like I'm in the room with whatever I'm listening to. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend Martin Logan!

by LoungeRat, 5 years ago

Mind Blowing

I've been blessed with an ear for detail and as a musician who's spent time on both sides of the stage and studio I've trained myself to critically listen to everything. I've also been cursed in that I hear the imperfections in most audio equipment.

After purchasing these speakers I've found that for the first time in my life I've been able to stop listening for high points and low points in a piece and instead just start emotionally engaging. After spending a few weeks listening to my Motion series fronts and surrounds and letting them start to loosen up a bit I can honestly say if you're told these are "budget" speakers you're being misled. This is not a watered down version of something else or disguised attempt to sell a brand name via shortcuts.

These speakers give a stereo image in a tremendous way. I'm able to sit and listen and pinpoint, almost in a three dimensional field, where each instrument and voice is in the mix. I'm able to listen to each instrument and hear how it should sound individually rather than trying to simply decide if the sum total works well together. If you want real proof - try putting on Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You". If you can't hear John Bonham's kick drum pedal squeaking you're not hearing everything you should!

While this is a great value, like most products it's not for everyone. They will not make bad records sound good, and I would say they tend to be a bit on the bright side. For the majority of my music preferences and for movies that lends a helping hand. If you find yourself trending to hard rock or rap music though you're probably not going to get quite the enjoyment out of these that I have. While these seem to be a great 2-chan contender and the bass was quite solid, to really "feel" the lower frequencies you should consider adding a sub.

These are not Electrostats. I did really enjoy the sound of Electrostats and think you owe it to yourself to spend a while in front of a pair but didn't feel the added price was warranted in my listening environment. Additionally, the sweet spot for the Motions was noticeably more forgiving and in a wide room such as mine it was an added bonus.

If you are in the market for an entry-level audiophile speaker I'm sure you've researched enough to know to give these or the newer 20/40's a listen. If you're on the fence about whether or not to buy "real" speakers or go for a home-theater-in-a-box option to save money I would strongly, strongly encourage you to skimp elsewhere. The Motions will change how you hear sound forever.

by Johnson, 5 years ago

motion 12 with dynamo 10

I am very impressed with the sound quality of the motion 12 tower speakers. the high to low end is what every tower speaker should be!! put together with a dynamo 10 and a denon AVR-1613 the motion 12 speakers sound amazing.....
I will definetly be a return customer to martin logan and look foword to future products .......

O. J.

by warrensongs, 5 years ago

better than JBL

What a treat to get these speakers and at a great price!

by Oceanside, 6 years ago


It's my first time owning this product, and I am very satisfied, very difinitive sounding, bass note and mid-range and high range very precise and crisp. i most defenitly recomend this product to anyone who enjoys music.

by lonerwulf, 6 years ago

sound quality superb

I listen to these in the store and though well if they are half as good as here the will sound great at home. I was wrong they were twice what I heard in the store. Probably due to how I have set them up. Either way they are really nice speakers. I am still breaking them in I can't wait to push them. If you are still on the fence stop wasting your time and pay the price you will not regret these speakers!

by Leon K., 6 years ago

Motion 12

Just the best!

by BHoltfreter, 6 years ago


I have been enjoying these pair of Motion 12 for a couple weeks now. The highs are great and the lows are as well. Before I had a pair of Sony three way dual 8 inch woofers. Their highs were okay and the lows were not that impressive. With the Motion 12 I could turn my powered subwoofer off if I wanted and still enjoy smooth deep bass with great highs as well.

by Emmanuel S., 6 years ago

Motion 12

absolutely amazing speakers for price.

by yoppster, 6 years ago

Kicks Butt

Purchased the Motion 12 speakers (2ea) along with the Motion 6 center speaker & Dynamo 700 subwoofer to go with my Denon AVR 1912 amp & all I can say is wow! It really is the bomb also have two kenwood suround speakers (sorry M/L) & this system is the talk of the town. Was glad I was turned on to Martin Logan they kick butt!!

by BLWJ, 7 years ago

Home Theater Must.

I have listned to other front speakers and I would put these against any of them.

by kocean, 7 years ago

Lovely sound! I listen to them primarily for stereo sound, and am very pleased!

I've paired the Motion 12 towers, with a Dynamo 1000 sub, and am amazed by the sound quality.

I listen to a very wide variety of music, and once the speakers burned in, they are very versatile.

My first impressions were that they lacked in the mid/low end, but about 30 hours in, they began sounding worlds better for ambient/electronic music. They sounded good for jazz, classical, and Ray Charles esq. music right from the start, but with time they really opened up.

I highly recommend them for all genres. They have changed my life, and anybody I let have a listen, tells me that they've literally ruined their listening experience on anything but them.

by mike, 8 years ago

Unbelievably Accurate

Motion 12's are unbelievably accurate for outstanding sound reproduction. I have my pair hooked up to a Pioneer SC-9540 class E amp, and on pure direct it is incredible audio. The folded motion tweeter out preformed all the other speakers that I have extensively researched and demoed. Most titanium and aluminum tweeters have a narrower range of accurate reproduction before the highs start to feel uncomfortable to listen to. I listened to eva casidy with various speakers and i found that the motion 12's had the most present sound. The mid-range is another factor of why i chose them. Taking it off pure direct and putting it to 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio/DTS-High resolution audio, it gave me an entire realm of incredibly accurate tones and balanced range. I have a much better time listening to music rather then watching a movie, but none the less, these speakers are worth the extra dollars. I could not be more happy with my motion 12's.

by BigErn, 8 years ago


I've had the Motion 12s over a month now and would sum up my experience as nothing less than amazing. The Motions were replacing an aged pair of VMPS Minitower 2a's. As the VMPS's were a much larger 4-way rig I worried that some of the depth and presence may be lost by this transition. After a month with the MLs, I can honestly say the Motion 12s have blown me away. Even the most demanding highs and mids are reproduced with effortless accuracy and stunning brilliance via the Folded Motion tweeter and dipole midrange. The wide dispersion characteristics generated by the open enclosure create a warm feeling as the music wraps around you. The lows are nicely handled by the dual 6 1/2" woofers which are fast and not overpowering. Whether its music or soundtrack, 2-channel or integrated into a home theater, the MartinLogan Motion 12s are a wonderful choice. For audio enthusiasts that want the high-end experience without the high-dollar price tag, Motions are the only way to go.


Motion 35XT

Larger bookshelf speaker with a Folded Motion™ XT tweeter and luscious high-gloss finishes. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by Richard R., 2 years ago
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Great Speakers

I previewed these in a room that had about 25 different bookshelf speakers and about 25 different floor standing speakers. Some over $8000.00 a pair. The Martin Logan's blew them all away.

by Mad Mazdy, 3 years ago

Unbelievable sound!

I recently upgraded from the Martin Logan LX-16 speakers which are identical to motion 15 speakers and that is a great speaker to start with. Had the Martin Logan LX-16 for more than 30days but was still found wanting for more. The 35XT gives you that extra air and clarity and deeper bass that I was searching for. I have been a tower speaker person all my life in fact my first speakers is still with me, a 1993 Infinity Kappa 9.1 purchased new back than. So I didn't need a large speaker to start with. Downstairs I just had my Harman Kardon AVR 80 MKII service back to new the reciever is in mint condition and was looking for worthy speakers to sound great with. I never thought I would be owning a Martin Logan. Martin Logan to me meant a out of reach speaker company I have admired a long time. I am happy to see their line ups like the motion series speakers that can be now in reach for most audiophiles in more modest budget. But I have to say I thought the world of my Kappa's and still do but the 35XT sounds so well that I find myself listening to it more.


Motion SLM X3

The slender Motion SLM X3 soundbar features an advanced resolution Folded Motion™ tweeter, six 4-inch high-excursion fiber cone woofers for maximum controlled low-end bass extension - all in an ultra-slim profile designed expressly for super-thin TVs giving you a complete stereo and center soundstage.

Not yet rated, be the first

Motion 50XT

Dominant center channel speaker with a Folded Motion™ XT tweeter, high-gloss piano-black finish and subtle angled top. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

Not yet rated, be the first

Motion 10

Compact floorstanding speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter, ported dual woofers, and black real-wood veneer.

by rgbsports, 5 years ago
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Motion 10/sub 300

I don't know what improvements were made to this model but it really sounds so incredulous to hear the crispness and clarity of vocals. The midrange is perfect and the sub that I had added to it makes it the perfect soundsystem in my 12x17x9(height) listening room. Every music from Norah Jones to Peter White guitars sounds like I'm right there at the recording studio or live concert. And to top it all excellent service from staffer Scott Gribble.

by Mike S., 6 years ago
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Martin Logan Discovered

Until 2 months ago I had never heard of Martin Logan. I was in the market for a new system and someone I know was working at Future Shop, I was reminded time and time again to come down and just listen to these spekers. So I did. The Motion 10 was the smallest speaker on the floor. I immediately like that as my space is small. We listened to all that was avaliable and even though the others (other brands) dwarft these small towers the sound quality from them was as good and better than most. The mids and highs were balanced, powerful and clear. I like bass, these did not rumble out the lower frequencies I wanted (understandable) so all I had to do is match them with the Dynamo 300 powered sub. Wow, thats better, a small unit that fills in what was missing. The bass from the Dynamo is tight and powerful, exactly what I always wanted. Just so you know this little unit WILL shake your walls if you want it to.
In conclusion, if you are looking for quality in a small package, priced well with a great warranty, Just listin to Martin Logan, They sell them selves.

by Harold F., 7 years ago
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Motion 10 Speakers

I purchased a pair of Motion 10 speakers from Best Buy at their Magnolia Home Theater store. These stores sell higher-end electronics. I've paired them with a Mirage sub-woofer, center speaker and a pair of Mirage surround speakers. All are for an 80Watt system. I've had the speakers but a few days and they are wonderful. I can't wait for the seventy hour break-in period to see if there is any significant difference. I looked at Polk and Pioneer as I was limited to space and height restrictions. These Motion 10's were more expensive but way outclassed the others.

by Richard D., 4 years ago

Surround for sound quality at low volume

I purchased these Motion 10's back in April 2013 and couldn't be happier. I (unusual done) use them as my surround sound speakers on a high end sound system. I live in a small apartment and placed them next to but slightly ahead of my front surround speakers. They add a very creative sound effect that I wanted at low volume. As an apartment dweller, I can now appreciate the low yet wonderful sound effects I was so desperately trying to achieve. I also use a powered sub but set at low rumble, unless I kick it up about 10 notches. There are endless things one can create with their sound systems (being patient), is one. Thank you Martin Logan for the great value of a remarkable speaker. Have always wanted to try the Electrostatic speakers you offered.

by Tom N., 6 years ago

great speakers

Man for me these Rock!!!! Just the right size for my space . Add so many demetions to the shows never new I was missing so much. love it thanks. For developing them.

by javaidatiq, 6 years ago


Hi fellow Martin Logan fans. I am new to the site and recently purchased my set of motion 10's with a motion 8 center. This was an upgrade from an older HTIB (home theater in a box) system. The minute I started using this system I heard a difference in quality. All elements of sound are replicated in these speakers. Calling them excellent is a drastic understatement. I am planning on either purchasing a pair of motion 2's or motion 4's. However I am also considering buying another pair of motion 10's and using those as my rear speakers. Any suggestions?

by chapsbk, 6 years ago

The absolute BEST speakers, ever!

Hi all- I am writing this review to Martin Logan because their speakers are the best. I work at hi-fi retail store that sell your products, and I always wanted them. Now I do and I can not believe the quality. Excellent product.

by Dominik K., 6 years ago

I Couldn't Ask For More

To start off, let me mention that these speakers sound spectacular. I previously owned a Bose system and it sounded as though and update was necessary. My amplifier/receiver was 4 ohms, so I decided to look for something in said range. My first choice was to buy the Motion 4 bookshelf speakers. Not that there isn't anything wrong with them, but I had enough space for floorstanding speakers and enough taste for more bass. I mainly use my speakers just for music, so my focus was overall soundstage and tonal depth. I immediately fell in love with the Motion 10's! Not only do they look modern and sleek, but the sound is magnificent! Every sound in my music library came to life in great detail. The mid/high tones were very clean and the bass was tight and well pronounced from these relatively small speakers. Once paired with a subwoofer, this system will be perfect! For those who have enough floor space and a well-made amplifier/receiver, there shouldn't be any doubts about getting these speakers! Great work, MartinLogan!

by falcon, 7 years ago


I work for a large box audio retailer so i get to hear alot of equipment. one of my co workers said we're moving a set of martin logans out of a sound room! I didnt need speakers just recently upgraded to polk rtis in march. I said what the hell ill go hear them. got them at very reasonable price. got home plugged them in to my elite. got eveything set up. and turned it on. my jaw hit the floor. they are amazing. Im in the process of switching the rest of my speakers over to martin logans. Will never buy anything else great product thank you for making quality stuff. will recommend to all my customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Scotty G., 7 years ago

Martin Logan Motion 10

I have 4 Martin Logan Motion 10 speakers in my living room as my front and rear speakers, with a Motion 8 as my center channel. The surround sound for television/movies is amazing, but that was the secondary reason I bought the speakers. The main reason I purchased the speakers was for my music. I have all of my music ripped as lossless AIFF on my iPod and the quality of the sound is beyond amazing! My music has never sounded as good as it does with my new system. Martin Logan's are expensive, and worth every penny!


Motion 15

Bookshelf speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and luscious high-gloss finishes. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by iReval, 5 years ago
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Invisible Sound

I've had the Motion 15 for about a month now. Amazing speakers and very immersive with the correct setup.

I ended up having a hard time looking for mounts for these speakers hence the 3/18-16" thread on the back. If anyone else is looking to have the speakers mounted do not be confused. Vantage Point Sells these mounts, however the size provided says 3/8-16" which in fact is correct and does work. "http://www.thinkvp.com/products1643/BookshelfSpeakerMountsPair"

Above are the correct mounts for these beautiful speakers!

Also, i used an amazing service "nextdaytechs.com" They as well had the patience to mount all 4 of my speakers as well as hide cables and make sure the angle of each Motion 15 was flawless.

These speakers are paired with 2 Motion 40 and one Center Motion 30.
The sound is amazing and the clarity is flawless. I chose these beautiful speakers over B&W and Klipsch.

I hope this Helps!

by Dan Zimmerman, 5 years ago
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So, Big Things Really do come in Small Packages.

The first time I heard these speakers I was surprised. When I had entered the room the gentleman was comparing them to a pair of Ethos Electrostats. I have heard electrostatic speakers many times and I can't begin to explain how great they sound. Just as I was sitting down he switched the Ethos' on. I was shocked! I thought I had been listening to those the whole time.... I asked If he could switch back to the Motion 15. When he did I couldn't believe the sound that was coming out of those small bookshelf speakers.
They carry on the high qualities that has come to be a standard of Martin Logan. These give a large sound from such a small footprint and the stereo imaging is stellar.

If you are in the market for a bookshelf speaker the Motion 15 delivers exceptional performance and a beautiful design that far exceeds the price tag... You will not be disappointed.

by Nejapa , 5 months ago

Great Speakers

I bought these speakers after hearing Martin Logan speakers at a friend's house. These M15 produce an incredible sound for the size, better than my Bose 901. I can hear every instrument and they handle lots of power. The best speakers I have ever had.

by TSquare, 5 months ago

Overall Execellent Bookshelf Speaker

I purchased the Motion 15 in April 2017 and listen to a variety of Jazz, 80s R&B, and Reggae. The Motion 15 is best used in a small rooms for the best sound.

by jayc, 8 months ago

Quality / Sound

I purchased a set of Martin Logan / Motion 15 just to reduce the amount of speakers in the room and I must admit I was not truly 100% sold at first. I thought was going to look my sound quality but after setting up my speakers, I was very pleased.

by Fuce, 1 year ago

Mission Creep!

I was recently looking for cheap speakers to hook to a great old vintage receiver that has been gathering dust in the basement (from 1978, the golden age haha), and also to hook up to our bedroom tv. I was looking for an inexpensive second system. I did a lot of internet research and then listened to several bookshelf speakers at a local soundroom. The Motion 15s blew the others we listened to away and we quickly brought them home. Unfortunately, the tv would not pair with the old analog receiver despite many attempted workarounds. More internet research and then back to the store,and I came home with a decent AVR (same brand as the original receiver). Have been enjoying the system for the past month and it really sounded beautiful but I started to think, wouldn't it be nice to add a sub for better enjoyment of music and movies? Answer: yes. More research and then back to the same store, this time hoping to find a low-end sub just to fill out the sound spectrum. But that wasn't to be; we listened and quickly moved up the line, and big mistake, listened to the Martin Logan 500 which got us off of the idea of a low end sub. It clearly made a big difference in the demo music we were listening to. We eventually pulled the trigger on the 700, the wireless feature winning the day. I just finished setting it up and holy @#%*! What a sound, paired with the 15s!. I'm listening to Traffic right now - and it sounds amazing. I highly recommend the combination. This little system now sounds better than my main music system (pretty good separates with a 200 watt power amp and tower speakers from a great company). I can't believe it.

by Kevin, 2 years ago

These speakers are a lot more than anyone thinks

What an amazing pair of speakers. I bought these for a friend who needed solidly built speakers to travel with. Yet when I heard them connected into the stereo HiFi setup at home I was struck by the incredible dynamics, agility and mid-high range detail of these speakers. Its the sort of speaker that transmits the emotion of songs with the perfect pace, resolution and attack that changes your mood instantly as they sing. These speakers are just that magical.

I've heard dozens of speakers but there is something rare about these little guys, someone in Martin Logan intentionally or unintentionally did magic.

If you add a Dynamo sub to form a 2.1 Stereo HiFi system with these speakers and a good amplifier you will have a system which defies others costing three times more. I always respected Martin Logan for its flagship electrostatics technology, but listening to these Motion 15's made me a believer. That folded motion tweeter is pure magic. Now I am going to buy another pair for myself.

by Gallarus, 3 years ago


Moving from our loved Sansui 320w monsters was never going to be easy...well actually it was! As soon as we heard the motion 15s we were hooked. What an easy yet detailed sound from such a small dimension...they must be a Tardis! Well done ML. And they look great too - we got the black cherry high gloss. Now back to the music.....

by SteveK, 3 years ago

Excellent small speakers!

We have a very small apartment and therefore needed small speakers. But, we wanted big sound - just stereo, not interested in surround systems. Having owned a pair of Aerius-i ESLs for several years, we naturally turned to Martin Logan. We compared the Motion 15s to comparable models by B&W, Definitive, and several others. While I can't say the MLs blew the competition away, I will say that they sounded as good as anything else we heard, and a little better than most. And, to be honest, having grown up near Lawrence I'm just plain old partial to the Martin Logan brand (although a little disappointed that the Motion 15s are made in China). After just a week of listening (not even broken in yet) we couldn't be happier. No, these aren't reference speakers, and I'm sure nit pickers will find nits to pick. That's what they do. But for a small space, and coupled with a decent amp (bought a Rotel RA-1570 to go with then), these small speakers do in fact produce the big sound we were after. Definition, separation and presence are excellent and both highs and lows are clean and clear. The speakers also look great. Don't think you can beat the Motion 15s for the price.

by RAH, 5 years ago

A very satisfied Motion 15 user.

I purchased the Motion 15 about 2 months ago. The Motion 15's are the replacement for my Martin Logan CLS. I upgraded my CD player from Marantz CD5004 to CD6004. I use a Denon 1510ae EISA award winning integrated amplifier. i use 2 Martin Logan CLX power cable, one for the amp and the other for the CD player.
I never expected these small bookshelf loudspeakers to sound so thrilling. Before buying i auditioned KEF Q300 and Focal 800 series larger bookshelf loudspeakers. In my opinion Motion 15 reproduces low frequencies very well. A very good midrange and very good highs. How good vocals will sound through this phenomenal for the price loudspeaker in my opinion also depends on the quality of your CD player. As far as tones are concerned Motion 15 reproduces tones just like a hybrid electrostat. Motion 15 is smooth and precise and has a dynamic sound which makes it sound like a floorstanding loudspeaker. It has the wrong image of being a home theatre loudspeaker. It reproduces both Classical and rock music very enjoyably. Please audition.


Motion 30

Powerful center channel speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter, high-gloss piano-black finish and subtle angled top. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by AZ loves ML, 2 years ago

Motion 30 for center channel

About 3 months ago, I invested in a pair ML Motion 40s and the Dynamo 1000. I knew the center channel would be the next purchase as I needed something that would properly pair with the 40s. Well, I got my new Christmas present to myself in the Motion 30 and I'm loving it. Dialogue is crisper than ever and I can actually hear the characters speaking much better than before. Also, when I'm listening to music in 7 channel surround, I am enveloped in a room of sound. The staging is just phenomenal and I couldn't be happier. Yes, $700 is a lot to spend on a speaker, but remember most of your sound actually goes through the center channel! It's the most important speaker in your system! Highly recommend.

by DavidH, 4 years ago

Very Pleased

I added the Motion 30 to my Motions 40's and Dynamo 500 system. It truly opens the sound stage and adds depth to the performance. Would recommend to anyone.

by Allen K., 5 years ago

Love the clarity!!!

I have just added the Motion 30 to my system, which consists of Preface speakers and the Dynamo 700 subwoofer. It is a good fit.
The Motion 30 is extremely clear in its sound delivery. The sound is very full, balanced and covers the spectrum. The Motion 30 is a very good looking speaker, very subtle, it does not need to jump out at you.


Motion SLM XL

The slender Motion SLM XL speakers features an advanced resolution Folded Motion™ tweeter, two 4-inch high-excursion fiber cone woofers and four passive bass radiators for maximum controlled low-end bass extension - all in an ultra-slim profile designed expressly for super-thin 65-inch or larger TVs.

by nmgrossman, 3 years ago

All ML

In my other review I talked about migrating and upgrading my components to Martin Logan. First it was my sub, then my center, then my rears. I still had some pretty good tower speakers from college that I was using up front which my cats were using as scratching posts. My tv is on an arm that puts it to the front of a cutout from the mantel. My center sat on one shelf and on the bottom of the cutout my receiver, and other a/v components sat. Everything looked clean, except for the two towers.

I have been eyeing the XL SLM's since they came out, but was hesitant because my livingroom is open and has a 2nd story ceiling. After debate, last week I finally pulled the trigger and decided to also swap out my Motion 6 for a 3rd SLM XL. Tuesday they arrived and within minutes I was unpacking and within an hour the 2 fronts were hung on the mantel, I concealed the holes for wiring behind the speaker just under the bracket and the holes perpendicular just under the shelf. The center just took seconds to get the stand put on.

I can honestly say they sound better than my towers. Sure they were ~15 yrs old but they were a great speakers when I bought them. With all of my speakers having folded motion tweeters, the highs really fill the room. Having the matched center I think makes things sound a little cleaner. My dynamo 700w is enough to take up the slack for the smaller drivers.

The system is truly up to what I wanted it to be, great sounding and great looking. Sure I could have gone with some Motion 20 or 40's and had a better low end, but I believe the clean look, and not taking up any floor space is a pretty good trade-off.

by Trace, 4 years ago


I purchased front left and right speakers SLMXL, and the center channel SLM. And both rear surrounds are the FX2. And I have a quality sub. The Martin Logan speakers are clean and sound great loud. The louder you push them, the better they sound. Truly in this case, louder Is better. My better half is a professional vocalist. And that being said, it put a huge smile on her face when I debuted my newly remodeled man-cave, and the Martin Logan speakers. Movies and video games come alive too. Since I was short on space converting a former small bed room to a full time media room, my best choice were wall mounted speakers. I have zero regrets with my choice. I researched speakers for a couple of months. I never found these speakers on display for listening so I was very wary. First because these speakers are not the most affordable, and secondly I am not easily impressed. I said bye bye to my BOSE and hello Motion ! These speakers are truly like going from fast food, to a 5 star restaurant. Once you have experienced it, you realize "You get what you pay for".


Motion AFX

Dolby Atmos enabled height effects speakers with 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 5.25” polypropylene cone bass/midrange driver with stamped steel basket, all incorporated into a beautiful High Gloss Black cabinet that is voice-matched with MartinLogan Motion speakers.

by TSquare, 5 months ago

Very Nice Surround Addition

The Motion AFX compliment my 500 sub and Motion 15 bookshelf speakers. Works well in my small apartment.

by Don grabski, 1 year ago

DTS:X here I come!!!

Having been a fan of DTS for many years, when I learned of DTS:X a height channel to rival Dolby Atmos, I got on board by purchasing an AVR receiver that supported this format. (When working for Paramount Pictures as a Sound and Projection engineer, 30+ years ago, I had the honor of working with the person who started the DTS company.)
The next purchase was the Martin Logan Motion AFX pair of "Height Channel" speakers.
I have guests ducking when playing a DTS:X movie on my system.
The Motion AFX speakers do the job perfectly!


Motion C

Powerful center channel speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter, black ash real wood veneer, and on-wall mounting versatility. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by Patrick, 6 years ago

Superb speakers for both music and home theater

We recently purchased a home theater system comprised of four Motion LX16's, one Motion C center, and Dynamo 700 wireless sub. They are connected to a high-end Denon AVR and Oppo disk player, which we use to play SACD's and movies. Our primary speaker purchase criterion was musical accuracy, as all members of our family are instrumentalists, including on double bass and tenor sax - so accuracy in the lower midrange and bass was particularly important. However, our space is constrained - very large towers were not an option. I had auditioned numerous towers and bookshelf speakers, including B&W's, Definitives, and JBL's. When I finally auditioned the LX16's at a local HiFi store, I knew my search for musical accuracy, in a relatively small size, had ended. The LX16 clarity and accuracy across the entire musical range, especially at high volumes and down to 60Hz, is stunning for a bookshelf speaker. Vocalists, rock, funk, and jazz are all reproduced with a seamless integration of treble, mid, and bass accuracy, at both low and high volumes. When we listen to full orchestra music, the separation of the instruments, and creation of a clear soundstage, is particularly good. We can now hear the the full warmth of the double bass strings, but also enjoy the treble texture as the bow attacks each string. Our Dynamo 700 seamlessly fills in the lowest frequencies, including LFE on action films, with similar accuracy and tightness. For TV, films, and multichannel music, our Motion C is a great match for the other ML speakers, providing clear dialogue and with the front-firing ports helping provide sonic depth. This combination of speakers is so versatile, great for all types of music as well as immersive home theater. Well done Martin Logan.


Motion SLM

The slender Motion SLM speakers features an advanced resolution Folded Motion™ tweeter, two 4-inch high-excursion fiber cone woofers and two passive bass radiators for maximum controlled low-end bass extension - all in an ultra-slim profile designed expressly for super-thin TVs.

by TJP, 5 years ago


I just purchased a pair of Motion 40 and the SLM as my center.
The blending of the SLM with the Motion 40 are absolutely seamless! The sound stage, the timber, the imaging are simply wonderful! I sit and listen to music and say WOW to myself to thing I never heard before in my old music. Its been 2 weeks now and the longer I listen to them the more I just love em!!!
I highly recommend these beautiful gloss black babies!!


Motion 8

Powerful compact center channel speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and on-wall mounting versatility. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by JulianF, 9 months ago

Which way is up!

Great sound from such a small speaker - crisp and clean.

My only quibble is that the instructions don't tell you which is the top and bottom when used horizontally - guess it doesn't matter.

by GordonO, 2 years ago

Finally Clear Dialog

After going to a retailer nearby and returning 6 different receivers with different sound measurement software and trying 3 different center channels, (one of them was the klipsch reference II 52C) I still could not get the dialog in movies to sound clear. Some movies and tv would sound okay, the ones that you can tell were compressed and EQed brightly, but still about %75 of content in my living room was muffled, and muddied. Some of the software on the receivers corrected this issue and made the balance sound nice but still it lacked clear transients for the consonants. Thats the F's and the T's and the sibilance with the SHHH, they all kind of sounded similar unless the voice was making an effort to pronounce the words with more effort with his or her mouth. Also male voices require their own accuracy in a lower range which my other 3 center channels lacked.

The Motion 8 fixed all of this by itself. Amazing speaker. Even those background vocals that I thought used to be filler for movie sound landscapes are distinguishable. Thank you Martin Logan. Your great.

by Z93indy, 5 years ago

Clear Voice

Crystal clear voice sounds from center location.
Makes people voice sounds like in your room.

by D'an, 6 years ago

Makes you want to view Blu-ray movies again and again!

The Motion 8 sure makes the movies much more interesting and exciting to watch. The sound is crisp and clear which makes you want to watch Blu-ray movies over and over again. The unit was very easy to mount on wall and the black piano finish is especially elegant. A very good price for beautiful style and quality sound!

by jcortez, 7 years ago


en cantado del sonido no hay nada mejor que estas bocinas.

Translation: "There is no better than these speakers!"

by Bubba, 8 years ago

LCD TV Audio Blues

We recently purchased a new Samsung HD LED TV. When we got it home and turned it on the whole family thought we had experienced hearing loss. I called the technician to come and replace the sound board. No improvement. Technician advised that most new ultra thin TV's fall way short on audio quality and he recommended we find a home theater system. After spending close to 2k i was a little frustrated however knowing a little about the physics of sound reproduction, it only made sense that we would need to supplement our new entertainment system.

I went to a local retailer, who after carefully asking what my challenges were and what I wanted to accomplish he directed me to the MartinLogan line of drivers. Bookshelf, electrostatic, ported and center channel options. I know sound is a very subjective decision, however I believe that the Motion 8 outperform all other options available at any price. we love the design, ease of setup but most of all the sound.

As soon as my wife will let me I will be adding the ESL Vantage.

Thank Martin Logan... Great Work.. Great Innovation!


Motion FX

Dedicated wide dispersion surround speaker with dual Folded Motion™ tweeters and Folded Motion Cascading Bass-Reflex Port for deep, detailed bass response. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by nmgrossman, 4 years ago


Unfortunate for me, my home theater is in a 2 story living room that opens to a loft and a kitchen. I started out from college with another brand's gear. Over time it has become apparent that it was time to move up. As a University of Kansas graduate, Martin Logan speakers always got my attention. I never had money for electrostatics. The first speaker to get replaced was my center with a motion 8 center. My first thought was WOW. It was like replacing a standard definition TV with a HD TV. Everything was so clear, and crisp. Now I got the bug, I soon thereafter replaced my sub. The sub was a cheap one that I got in college, it thumped but again when I got the Dynamo 500w, I was wowed. Now we are painting the house and the rear speakers on the wall are white. We are paining to a iron ore type color.... what a great time to get new speakers. These will actually replace some on wall large cubes as my left and right rear. The house had come with 2 baaaad speakers that "had no highs had no low's so they had to call them...." Those are going away, they were the rear surround but I think with these FX's I can live with a 5.1 setup. The last thing on my list is to replace my towers... they aren't that bad, but are getting old and I would like to have all Martin Logan gear, all having the same folded tweeter. Hopefully soon. Now my big room isn't all that bad to watch a DTS movie in.

by Nikguy, 7 years ago


This is about Motion FX & Center Motion 8:

My Boston center channeled died I went to Magnolia store to check out Def Tech. I ended up testing Def Tech, ML Motion 8 and Mirage. I also listened to the B&W which were equal to (in my mind ) to the Motions. But the B&W's were twice the price too deep in size and not in my budget. But I don't think I gave up anything by getting the Motion 8 and FX. The Def tech was the closest to the Motion 8 center ch but the Def's was more brittle and directional, but worthy. The Motion 8 had a clear chrisp warmth and great spacial presense. I then decide to re-set my surround speakers with my DB meter, they are Boston ProVRS, and decided they did not fit with the motion 8 center ch.

So I decide to order the Motion FX (without audition) for surrounds. They are up now (great mounting system)set to the same levels and WOW. My movies are now giving me a new visual audio presense, on movies like Stargate and the new StarTrek the difference is unbelivable.

They have truly partnered with Mcintosh MX136,MC207 and Kef1072 front speaks to give me a audio/visual boost that I did not expect. I am now a MartinLogan Fan. You must listen to them, moderate price for what you get. Please note B&W , Def techs and Mirage are great speakers let your ears and a good BD meter help you decided, louder is not better. I hope Magnolia put the FX's in their store for audtioning.



Motion LX16

Bookshelf speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and real wood veneer. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by Kevin777, 2 years ago
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A rare jewel of HiFi history

Whoever owns the Motion LX16's knows that these speakers are something of a hidden miracle for sound. While not very much advertised and slightly understated by all means, this speaker has changed my view of HiFi components. The folded motion tweeter realism and transient response in these speakers combine perfectly with the aluminum midrange driver to create a fast, agile, bold and realistic sound.

To add bass for these speakers add a subwoofer. But these speakers have the ability to bring out the soul of any song. I set up these speakers at home the other day replacing another set up. As soon as they started to sound people started to tap their feet and sing along the same songs that were playing with BW speakers before with the same amp. I could see that the Motion LX 16 had a psychological effect on people. This is the kind of magic you expect to find in HiFi, and although you will find more detail in the clarity of their sound, its also about the fast and accurate pace that these speakers have. These are the best speakers for music at their low price point, and I guarantee you that when you hear your favorite songs through them they will send shivers down your spine.

by Jeffrey Asher, 6 years ago
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LX16 Clarity

The Martin Logan LX16 design seems to have transcended the laws of physics. Those third cubic foot boxes deliver every music detail and tight, defined bass.

A friend claimed that they sounded as transparent as my ML Vista electrostatics. Yes, surprisingly close.

Place two LX16s away from room walls and music reproduction is clear, precise and offers depth! You will rediscover your CD library. LX16 detail appears to improve your TV picture.

Over many years, I auditioned numerous compact monitors, but none offer the clarity of the LX16s. In my home, they are a daily delight.

by zmoore83, 6 years ago
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Huge sound out of a compact bookshelf!

After a moderate break-in period(be aware that the ribbon tweeter needs a little longer to fully break-in than standard tweeters)i was blown away by the transparency and accurate detail! A steal at the pricepoint. I woud highly recomend these to any discerning listener.

by Zoran P., 5 months ago

Spectacular Value!

A few months ago, after reading many very favourable reviews, I spent a few hours listening to Martin Logan Motion 15. The sound was stunning! Unfortunately, they were out of my price range, so I kept looking for a replacement of my very nice and well liked Focal 705V. By pure accident, while browsing the Amazon, I came across the deeply discounted LX 16 in a dark cherry finish. I did some additional research and found out that they are identical to Motion 15 and the only difference is that the top surface of the speaker is not angled toward the back. Unfortunately, they were dark cherry, resulting in 0 WAF (wife acceptance factor). "All our furniture is black!" and you don't argue with something that serious! Again, I did some additional research but it was either the dark cherry or nothing.
I couldn't believe my eyes when a few weeks later I saw that Hi-Fi Heaven started selling the LX 16 on Amazon in a gloss black finish. I took me a few minutes to place my order! The whole experience was very, very, positive. They shipped the speakers promptly, probably during the busiest week of the year and the speakers arrived in a few days and the shipping was free! They were double boxed and overall, expertly packed.
The first time I connect any new piece of equipment to the system, I always have that feeling of anxiety. Nothing ever sound the same as it sounds in a showroom. Your source, your amp or the room acoustics may not be compatible with that new piece. During the last year or so, I had to return two pairs of a very well respected speakers. The first pair had a stellar review in one of the magazines I do not distrust completely. They were described to be the closest to electrostatic speakers but in a conventional form. They were very detailed with a very decent imaging and with some decent recordings they were very pleasant. Bad recordings were impossible to listen to any length of time. Overall, they were very tiring on majority of recordings.
I liked the description of the technology involved in the second pair and the fame surrounding the higher end model of the second pair. Unfortunately, they were lacking the detail, they were bass heavy and overall dull. I really wanted to like them both, played them both for a week 24/7 but they retained their basic sound signature and consequently, they were returned.
After a few minutes from connecting the LX 16 I was in heaven! There was absolutely nothing I did not like about the sound! I never had a pair of speakers in any of my systems in last thirty something years that was so detailed and musical, without a slightest trace of harshness or brightness. Transient response is stunning and some familiar recordings sounded like I never have heard them before. That is how much more detailed and alive they were! They are also stunningly fast and that benefits recordings with heavy percussion presence.
I am suspecting that they may sound a bit thin in any larger space and you may benefit from adding a sub. Realistically, they are a very small boxes. In my setting, they are not too position sensitive. They are seated on a shelf and the back of the speaker is 8-10" from the rear wall without any audible ill effects like some of my previous rear ported speakers. I am listening to LX 16s with grilles off. In one review, I read that the grilles resonate with certain frequencies (confirmed by measurements grill on and off) and they also look better that way. Apart from absolutely stunning sound, they are also object of beauty!
I believe that Motion 15 at their price are extremely good value. The LX 16 costing 60% of the Motion 15 and offering the same sound quality are the absolute bargain!
I had them for three weeks and like them more and more every single day!

by Mrb, 1 year ago


These speakers are phenomenal. They put the sound just right. Placement of vocals, harmonies, and instruments are highly discernible. The realism and clarity of sound is superb. The speaker is well made and very impressive.

by alemarvi, 3 years ago

Crisp and deep sound!!!

I went to MAGNOLIA at best buy, looking for Definitive Technology SM55 or SM65 bookshelf speakers. I have 2 Definitive BP6 stand floor (living room) which are amazing. I am on my way to replace my BOSE's home theater (study/family room) speakers which -I have learn by experience- are not good enough for music listening. I was looking for front L/R new speakers.
A salesman told me that SM55/65 were very good, but pointed the MARTIN LOGAN's LX16, a brand that I had never hear about before. At first, since I was expecting de DT's bass, I found them a little too shiny/bright without body. But a second and a third salesmen came in and separately they advice me to listen to MARTIN LOGAN's speakers. There was not a price difference, since the MARTIN LOGAN were on a 50% sale.
So, I compare them carefully leaving aside my preconceptions, and was able to identify the sharpness of the LX16. Highs and mediums are so clear, so rich, so full of sound, that I couldn't believe it. But, still, I was missing DT's bass. The senior salesman ask me about my subwoofer, which is a Definitive Technology as well, very powerful so I understood that I already have bass at home.
So I bought them. At home, listening to them I can tell you that I have made an excellent purchase. Music is alive, songs are so clear, I can't believe it. So I change my subwoofer configuration and I hide it, if you know what I mean. Now my home theater sounds "integrated", I have crisp highs, full mediums, and strong but "invisible" bass. A downs side: I must by the whole MARTIN LOGAN's speakers system which is expensive but worthy every penny.

by Jason W., 3 years ago

Ear Candy

I did my due diligence on this purchase and was fortunate to locate a pair of factory refurbished LX16's that were sold to me through Audio Advisor.
I am happy to say the speakers arrived without a single flaw that I could see.
Today is day 1 with the speakers in my system...(IMac -Audirvana- Peachtree Idecco...LX16's with Polk subwoofer) and I can only describe what I am hearing as "astounding". I am not an audiophile in terms of understanding how all the components work together to achieve their sound signature, but I can say that these speakers are a marked improvement over the onws they are replacing....Polk RTi A1 bookshelves.
The sound is much more dynamic and crisp. I assume the Folded Motion tweeter is to thank for that. The sound is cleaner and much less "muddy" than the Polk's....I was happy with the Polk''s, but there was just something I could not put my finger on that seemed to be holding them back....now I know what it was...upper frequency accuracy. The LX16's have plenty of detail packed in the upper frequencies that just creates a more pleasing listening experience. Vocals just seem to leap out at you.
My title is "Ear Candy", but it should have "Eye Candy" as a subtitle because these things are absolutely beautiful! The magnetic grill is a nice touch and the gloss black finish just screams high end.
I could not be happier with this purchase and look forward to seeing how the sound improves with age, this being only day 1.
Thanks Martin Logan for creating a superior product!

by bacbuddy, 4 years ago

Still pinching myself, is this real..

I am no audiophile, but trust my ears with little basic understanding to the technical jargon. Over the years tried a few towers and book shelves. Did recently auditioned many high-end speakers in a specialty audio shop. Got to hear the motion 15 at a friend's place a little bit and was impressed by how crisp and clean these bookshelves sounded. I saw an deal on a pair of LX16 which I understood comparative in most all aspects with the 15 series book shelves and order them. Still in the break-in period and already could not believe how distinct the quality of sound are from these from my previous speakers. I am still exploring different speaker placement to find the optimal quality, but what I am hearing is beyond what I have ever heard before. I currently hooked these to my denon-d38, but shortly plan to pair them with a vintage Linn classik. I primarily intend to use these pair of my bookshelves for music listening. I do have athenna FS2 and FS1 towers with matching center with a Sony powered sub, Sony str-dn1040 receiver for my home theater needs, which seem to quench my need in that area.
This pair of LS16 bookshelves are a keeper for sure. Not to forget, love the dark cherry cabinet along with its simple exterior aesthetics.

by bismarck, 6 years ago

Great 2 channel system

I use these as secondary system to my Theos. I wanted a smaller, good looking speaker that didn't sacrifice quality. They sound great! The stereo imaging is precise. The highs are never harsh, and the sound is very life like. People sound like they are in the room.

I was waiting for ML to follow up the Motion 4's with a bookshelf speaker for added bass response, and these do a great job!

If these are being used as part of a theater system, don't hesitate to back them up with a good sub, the Dynamo 700 is a great match. For strictly music, they are perfect as a stand alone system.


Motion 8i

Powerful compact center channel speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and on-wall mounting versatility. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

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Motion 6

Compact center channel speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and on-wall mounting versatility. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by King F., 7 years ago
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Motion 6 and EF's

About a month ago I bought a Motion 6 to replace and old Yamaha center channel. I liked the improvement in clarity so much when I saw the Encore EF's on sale I bought 2 to use as my right and left main speakers. The sound improvement was dramatic. This is a relatively inexpensive way to achieve really nice sound. I'm driving the speakers with a Pioneer VSX 1017 THX receiver.

by ook, 10 months ago

blends in well

It has a quality styling that's subtle while eye-catching at that same time. It's good that it doesn't have the logo blasted all over the front like some other center channel speakers.


Motion 6i

Compact center channel speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and on-wall mounting versatility. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

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Motion 4

Powerful compact bookshelf speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and Folded Motion Cascading Bass-Reflex Port for deeper bass response. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by jrock_br_la, 3 years ago
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Motion 4

First let me say, I have done countless hours of research when upgrading my old pieced together surround sound. My left and rights were punchy enough that I did not need a subwoofer, as they had an 8" sub included. So my theory was to go more slim and sleek, but still wanted a little bass because I was not buying everything all at once. So, after reading many reviews, blogs, and forums, I decided to go with the motion 4, due to the baffled-port design and their dimensions. Also, the guys at Best Buy let me crank them up in the store. And let me tell you, these DELIVER! I hooked them up with my old Aiwa 180 degree speakers and set them as zone 2 on my receiver and had my Aiwa's on zone 1. So I could listen to all types of music, movies, and cable tv at the same time. These speakers produce a very accurate sound with a substantial bass element for their size. Yes, the folded tweeter can get a bit bright, but with tweaking of the receiver and sound settings, was able to balance it out beautifully. They do open up and sound better the louder they get, and let me say without any distortion. But after the break in period, they are starting to sound better at low volumes than out of the box. I agree with most in saying they are better for music than movies, but only slightly. You really have to be an expert audiophile to hear the difference, which I consider myself. After, many dvd's, cd's, Bluetooth, and airplay these could not even compare to my older speakers, which consisted of one 8", 3 mids, and 2 tweeters. That's saying a lot coming from a 4" mid and tweeter. But it is true, and having my wife listen to both, she even made the conclusion same as me.

I have since compared to sound bars and other speakers and keep bringing everything back and sticking with the Martin Logans. So, now I have paired them with a Motion 8 center channel and yes...broken down and bought the 700w dynamo sub. The center channel is connected and the sub is a Christmas present to myself from my wife, which she doesn't know about yet...wish me luck. But I can't express the quality of sound you will get from the speakers. It really doesn't compare with anything else at this price range. I am using a Sony STR-DN850 and it pushes them just fine and keep getting better the longer I listen to them.

If you are looking for a superb quality sound and need to save a little space, these speakers are highly recommended! The Motion series will be my surround sound for many years to come and I just plan to update my receiver as needed. Thanks Martin Logan on being dedicated to producing accurate and superb sound in an "relatively" affordable and space-saving package!


by TNtrucker, 5 years ago
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Morion 4s as center channel

After 8 years of trying, I finally solved HT center channel intelligibility issues by using a pair of Motion 4s, angled outboard slightly (~15deg.) and down about 20 degrees. Wired in series to avoid low impedance. Speakers are above TV screen, vertical, with tweeters above mid/bass drivers. With a 15 foot wide HT and 14 foot setback, this provides the wide, uniform dispersion I needed, and the dialog clarity is excellent. Measuring +- 1.5 db across 4 chairs in the front row - 15 feet across!! Driving with Marantz separates @ 140 watts. Calibrated with AudysseyXT for level, delay and equalization.

I auditioned the Motion 4s at home as a stereo pair before installing in my HT, and found them to produce excellent clarity, and impressive mid-bass for their size.

Thanks for a fine American product.


by David Leva, 7 years ago
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I have about 2,000 Grateful Dead shows on cds and 2,000 non-Dead shows as well. I listen to cd's, vinyl, Pandora and pretty much anything, pretty much all of the time. Thinking that it as time to start updating my system. I was not sure where to start until I walked into a Best Buy and the young salesman was playing with the Motion 2s and 4s he had just installed and the fullness and clarity of the sound MADE ME SMILE. Now, even though they are powered by a very old but still good amp, they sound great. I turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy.

by john S., 7 years ago
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I purchased Motion 4's and a Dynamo 500 for my new media room. I hooked them to a Samsung 46" LED and Yamaha RX-A700. I have received truly awesome results. The sound is crystal-clear, with resounding (but not over-powering) Bass. After a few moments listening to a well-listened-to CD almost made me questioned if I had ever really heard it before.

Actually, it was my wife who selected them as she was MOST impressed (specifically, she could detect clear separation of sounds - unlike with Bose). Previously, we had - over the years - several Bose systems. highly recommend the Martin-Logans. I would never consider purchasing any other sound system.

by Nikguy, 7 years ago
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Bedroom now in motion

My recent purchases of a center channel Motion 8 and rear channel Motion FX's were in line with listening to the Motion 4's at the Magnolia store. Not a great listening place however equal to all speakers in the room. I decide to update my bedroom speakers and fell in love with the Motion 4's sleek design and clean sound testing the usual victims of speakers.

Bought them and are now enjoying another set ML speakers. In the bedroom they are great in a theater system a sub would be needed to fill the impact.

Sonically female voices seem octivally pure, sibilant sounds are very well controlled, treble and bass are clean and inviting not boomy or brittle. On the Stones, Pink Floyd, Vavaldi and Bach they seem to hit my mark as in a 10 class. I'm not normally a person who writes stuff but but...felt a need to share.

by dreammaker, 7 years ago
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Even With An Old Amp

I hooked up the new Motion 4's to my ancient Kenwood amp. The amp still specs and sounds great but not like the new ones used to power the speakers in the showroom. I expected some improvement over my old ROCK SOLIDS but not what I got. The clarity is amazing. I can hear the pick hit the guitar strings and the wooden drum sticks against the skins. The speed is excellent, also. The instruments are sharp, not fading in and out. I can not wait to complete my surround sound system.

by Craig T., 7 years ago
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I just purchased the Motion 4s to replace my old bookshelf speakers in my office. The difference is incredible! I still have the old speakers hooked up and am constantly comparing the Motion 4s to the old speakers. I love hearing the difference in clarity and liveliness. I also purchased a Dynamo 500 subwoofer. The combination of the Motion 4s and the sub is perfect. Everyone at the office is commenting on the range of sound that we are hearing from the system - especially on the low-end. We're hearing sounds that we haven't heard before. Thank you!

by Craig R, 7 years ago
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Excellent Sound From A Little Package!

After listening to several speakers in this price range, I kept going back to the Motion 4 speakers. These speakers far surpass the competition. The clarity is incredible. A must buy.

by BLWJ, 7 years ago
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Match for Motion 12

Thes speakers are amazing. I took the advice from the home theater store and Martin Logan. Both were right on their suggestion.

by slgarris, 8 years ago
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Excellent Monitor

These speakers soar with about every type of music you throw at them. THe detail of the mids and highs are phenomenal, and when mounted on the wall the bass is very ample. These have to be my best value speaker purchase in the last 7 years.

by Mark B., 8 years ago
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Accurate Sound

These speakers deliver tremendous accuracy, clarity, balance and presence. Sounds like the music is being played right in front of you live!.Highs are distinct and sharp with wonderful mids. I suggest you use these with a sub woofer to balance them out, as they lack any bottom, as an excellent speaker of this kind will. Can't really have it all in one speaker without sacrificing somewhere.Well worth the investment. Great for space limited areas as well!

by Justo C., 8 years ago
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Outstanding bookshelf speakers

These Martin Logan bookshelf speakers are the first ones that I have purchased. I've always heard the name but never did I think that they sold bookshelf speakers.

I've owned high end speakers for a number of years. Recently, I purchased Definitive Technology speakers for my home cinema. When I needed to downsize the speakers I've had for 30 years at my second house, I looked for Definitive Technology again but after reading some reviews, I decided to listen to these speakers. The music that came out of these speakers were astounding! It had crisp highs and the mid-levels were quite good. I listen to jazz and rock and roll with the occasional classical music.

I really expected a drop in realistic music reproduction especially after owning the 30 year old speakers but I was modestly surprised with the sound.
Needless to say, I'm very happy with my purchase, so is my wife, who had been hinting that I should get rid of those "big ugly things" in the music room. She actually smiled when she saw the replacement speakers. She loved the sound that came out of them, too. She plans to read in that room with soft music playing in the background.

by rdnzl, 2 years ago
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Amazing value

After test driving a LOT of speakers in the under 500 each category, I picked the Motion 4's for my modest setup. Driven by my Sony STR-DN1060 in just a 2.0 configuration, the sounds is nothing short of phenominal for speakers in this price range. And I got TWO for just under 500 dollars.

Great product.

by adachautal, 7 years ago
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Motion 4

I must say that Motion 4 are simply best speakers. Well packed. Perfect top end, mid range and bass. Very sweet top end. I am really happy with the product.

Best Luck for future products like this.

by mrtecno, 1 year ago

Excellent tweeter, excellent sound.

These speakers sound amazing for the price and the size. I am a Bowers and Wilkins fan. In my living room I have a 7.1 system comprised of those speakers. I bought two of the Motion 4 for my bedroom. I have them powered by a separate amp connected to zone 2 of my Denon receiver. They sound brilliant. In a way they are clearer than the B & W. The bass and sound from these small speakers is amazing! The tweeter and highs honestly trounce the B and W. They lack a little bass but that was expected. The midrange is excellent.

by Thomas W., 1 year ago

Motion 4 high fidelity speakers

Purchased on Sept 9th and couldn't be happier. What a difference in sound resolution. Each musical instrument comes through clear with these speakers. I keep the treble up and the bass down to enjoy the fidelity these speaker bring to my ears. I may be pretentious with my family about the audio quality but I have to point out instruments that come through very detailed in their audio presentation for how it is all delivered. Will be purchasing the Motion Center 8 next.

by Mr. M, 2 years ago

Awesome sound quality!

These speakers are a great addition for anyone looking to have a crystal clear great performing sound system. I bought these as rear surround speakers to slowly upgrade my 5.1 system to a 7.1 system. I am still breaking the speakers in but wow these are simply amazing, especially for the price. Next purchase I will be adding the motion 15's to replace my front speakers along with the motion8 center. Great quality and sound as always by Martin Logan!

by Tony1404, 5 years ago

Motion 4s are Outstanding speakers

I upgraded a 5.1 Logitech suround sound system for a computer and was using that for my home entertainment system, I though that the Logitech was an ausome system, I purched an entire 5.1 surround sound speakers all Martin Logans and I was blown away and the clearity of sound that came through those speakers I am using 2 Motion 4 speakers for my front L/R and they are Outstanding...

by Terrell M., 5 years ago

MartinLogan Motion 4 speakers

Replaced some old Norman Lab Mini towers on my Mac. Great sound at a great price. Thank you.

by Z93indy, 5 years ago

Great Sounds for back

Clear sounds and great volumne for rear type speakers. Crystal clear

by sounddude, 6 years ago

best wall mounts out!!

I bought the motion 4 as my first pair of martin logan speakers. Wow i am amazed at the sound of the little guys. I am saving to get the new motion 40s next. Thanks martin logan!!

by Kingshead88, 6 years ago

My Home Theater

My Home Theater makeover includes (4) Motion 4 speaker's for suround, (1) Motion 8 for a front center channel and a Dynamo 700 for that extra thump. Christmas came early for me, and I was able to upgraded my 15 year old JBL Arc Titanium speakers that are now out in the kids room. The sound is clear and the wife does'nt ask me to turn it down as much. I have this all running through a Onkyo TX-NR709: 7.2 THX network reciver, 130 watts per channel, and 3D ready. I plan to add two more and upgrade from 5.1 in the future. I had the the speakers installed in less than 2 hours. The reciver had no issues when it came time to articlte the 5.1 surround sound making for perfect sound to the ear. I then sat down put in Captian Amercia 3D cranked up the volume and enjoyed. I have been looking to upgrade my speakers for years, and for the money the Motion series speakers deliver the goods. I would reccomend anyone who can't afford to go all out to take look at the Motion series speakers.

by mss, 6 years ago

Motion 2,4,8 & Dynamo 500 Surround Sound System

Motion 8 center, Motion 4 fronts, Motion 2 rears, Dynamo 5000 subwoofer - Yamamha RX series receiver with >100W per channel. Fantastic audio quality especially at higher volumes. The high frequency clarity at all levels is superior to any similarly priced systems I have ever heard. The bass richness & depth really comes alive at mid to high volumes, like a turbo kicks in at a specific volume. I like the unique styling and build quality. Nice attention to detail with supplied accessories / connectors. They are 4 ohm impedance, so need >100W per channel from a trypical 8 ohm receiver output to drive them to their optimum level. A great choice for a small to medium sized room.

by DEW IT, 7 years ago

MartinLogan Rocks!

Amazing sound by these small but mighty speakers. The folded ribbon technology caught my ear. I am a big fan of clean, crisp highs. This two way speaker can also put out some impressive bass. Response is impressive at 70-25,000 Hz. However; to add even more depth, I bought a Martin Logan Dynamo sub woofer. The combination is incredible! Perfect solution for your bedroom to a nice size den or basement. I am running them through a pre HDMI JVC flagship receiver. My endeavor is to build a system for audio quality. It's a great start. Soon going to add a pair of ML Purity speakers and use the Motion 4's for the rear. Very happy with the quality for the price. Just DEW it and go out and listen to them...you will be impressed!


Motion 4i

Powerful compact bookshelf speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter and Folded Motion Cascading Bass-Reflex Port for deeper bass response. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

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Motion 2

Compact bookshelf speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

by AudioNut, 5 years ago
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Best Speakers for a budget

I bought these about a year ago after getting some extra cash for being stuck at work 48 hours straight. I have them hooked up to a Sony receiver that i bought at Walmart when i had an apartment. Saying that these speakers sound amazing. I fell in love with them at best buy and bought two of these along with 2 of the motion 4. I love watching movies and hearing the sound they produce. They are not bright and have a nice warm sound. I play everything from Rock to blues and Rap. I know once I get a better receiver they will come alive. Looking at maybe a Yamaha or marantz since they are in my price range which is 300-600 bucks. Then all I need is the subwoofer and center channel to complete the best sound ever.

by ecyfoto, 6 years ago

Right out of the box

I bought two of these little guys to replace half a dozen Orbs. I decided to revert to a stereo set up and bail on surround sound. Call me old school. Audio has always been about music for me and multi channel reproduction has never swayed me.... at least within my fiscal reality. They are mated with a Sunfire Junior sub. Maybe it's because all three speakers are sealed enclosures that the integration seems close to perfect. They are "speed" matched.
Quite a system that performs way above any expectations at this price level. I'm presently listening to the Phillip Glass' soundtrack to the film "The Hours". Strings and piano sound very airy and detailed. Other speakers in this range have a more smeared sound. They do like to be played with some volume to coax the best out of them. Can't wait for them to break in and see what happens to an already decent sound stage. Overall a fantastic bang for your buck when paired with a quality sub.

by Pinakin P., 7 years ago

Amazing sound quality

Very pleased with system. It is great. Very easy to set up and all accesseries included needed for wall mount. My friend came in to check it out and he went to store to get one. Outstanding!!


Motion 2i

Compact bookshelf speaker with a Folded Motion™ tweeter. Voice-matched with MartinLogan ESL speakers.

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