Motion 6

Compacte middenkanaalluidspreker met een Folded Motion ™ tweeter en veelzijdige wandmontage. Voice-match met MartinLogan ESL-speakers.

Launched in 2010

Price when discontinued:
US$ 299,95

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MartinLogan Motion 262 Home Theater Speaker System Review

"Truth be told, the system performs so well in so many respects that I find myself expecting too much of it at times, comparing the speakers to those costing two, three, five times as much. The slight relative throatiness of Motion 6 sticks with me in a way it definitely shouldn't for a system at this price point, because for the most part, the Motion Series speakers simply don't sound like speakers at this price point. Their clarity is exceptional, their ability to disappear into a room (sonically speaking) is uncanny, and their value is unrivaled. "

—Dennis Burger, Big Picture Big Sound
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Specificaties kunnen zonder kennisgeving worden gewijzigd


120-25.000 Hz ± 3 dB


80 ° x 80 °

Aanbevolen versterkervermogen

20–130 Watt


89 dB @ 2,83 volt / meter


4 Ohm. Compatibel met 4, 6
of 8 Ohm versterkers.


3.300 Hz

Hoogfrequent stuurprogramma

1 "x 1,4" (2,6 cm x 3,6 cm)
Gevouwen bewegingssensor met
5,35 x 13,75 cm
4,4 cm) diafragma

Laagfrequent stuurprogramma

Twee 8,9 cm polykegel
met gestempelde stalen mand. resonerend
asymmetrische kamer
formaat. Stevige gestructureerde stofkap
om kegelafbreekmodi te verminderen




Aangepaste luchtkernspoel en laag
DCR-smoorspoelen van staallaminaat.
Polyester filmcondensatoren in serie
en lage DF elektrolytische condensatoren
parallel. Een globaal systeem
thermische / stroombeveiliging.

Bindende post-ingangen

Push-stijl met bananenkrikken


6 pond. (2,72 kg)

Afmetingen (H x B x D)

5,25 "x 17,5" x 3,75 "
(13,3 cm x 44,5 cm x 9,5 cm

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Travis R.

  • donderdag 3 januari 2019

This is my first Martin Logan speaker. I know and am familiar with high end speakers, and am so excited to own this. It is being used among my 4K set-up, and will be used when I move into my house after I sell my condo. It has amazing sound. I will; however, be purchasing upgraded the Martian Logan 6i, or 8 for my new house, in the home theater, or master suite. This current 6 center channel will be placed in to the family room. Currently, it is perfect for my condo living room. Clear, quality sound at an affordable price. Highly recommend company.


  • woensdag 15 maart 2017

blends in well
It has a quality styling that's subtle while eye-catching at that same time. It's good that it doesn't have the logo blasted all over the front like some other center channel speakers.

King F.

  • donderdag 9 september 2010

Motion 6 and EF's
About a month ago I bought a Motion 6 to replace and old Yamaha center channel. I liked the improvement in clarity so much when I saw the Encore EF's on sale I bought 2 to use as my right and left main speakers. The sound improvement was dramatic. This is a relatively inexpensive way to achieve really nice sound. I'm driving the speakers with a Pioneer VSX 1017 THX receiver.