Motion FX

Toegewijde wide dispersion-surroundluidspreker met dubbele Folded Motion® tweeters en Folded Motion Cascading Bass-Reflex-poort voor diepe, gedetailleerde basweergave. Voice-match met MartinLogan ESL-speakers.

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Engineering Genius

Wat maakt de Motion Series zo geweldig? Het toegewijde interne engineeringteam van MartinLogan begon met het gebruiken en verfijnen van de meest geavanceerde, compacte technologieën en deze te combineren met innovatieve engineering. Het resultaat is een emotioneel aantrekkelijk geluid dat rivalen (en meestal trounces) van traditionele luidsprekers van vergelijkbare grootte en prijs.

Folded Motion® Tweeters

De kenmerkende Folded Motion tweeters gebruiken diafragma's met extreem lage massa die lucht "persen" en vereisen aanzienlijk minder excursie dan de typische 1-inch dome-tweeter, die vervorming drastisch minimaliseert en tegelijkertijd een bliksemsnelle responstijd biedt. Het grotere oppervlak biedt ook een brede, maar gecontroleerde geluidsdispersie om een realistisch en zorgvuldig geëtst geluidsbeeld te creëren.

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Review: MartinLogan EM-ESL, EM-C2 and EM-FX2 Speakers

"I think the EM-ESL is one of the best bargains going in an audiophile music speaker. It gives audiophiles all the things most of us seem to want (huge soundstaging and a dramatic presentation) and all the things we should want but sometimes neglect (like neutral tonal balance and natural sound)."

—Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision
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MartinLogan ElectroMotion Loudspeaker Reviewed

"MartinLogan ElectroMotion loudspeakers are not only an incredible value but an incredible loudspeaker system. I've encountered no speaker at or even a few ticks above the ElectroMotion's asking price that possess the same transparency, articulation, speed and natural tone. When adequately powered, the breadth in which the ElectroMotions render a soundstage is stunning and their dynamic capabilities all but crush previous, affordable MartinLogan designs."

—Andrew Robinson, Home theater Review
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Specificaties kunnen zonder kennisgeving worden gewijzigd


70-25.000 Hz ± 3dB

Aanbevolen versterkervermogen

20 - 160 watt per kanaal

Horizontale dispersie

160 °

Verticale dispersie

80 °


91 dB / 2,83 volt / meter


4 Ohm Compatibel met versterkers van 4, 6 of 8 Ohm.


4500 Hz

Hoogfrequente transducer

Twee 1 "× 1,4" (2,6 cm x 3,6 cm) gevouwen bewegingssensor met 5.25 "× 1,75" (13,3 cm x 4,4 cm) diafragma

Laagfrequente transducer

5,35-inch (13,3 cm) papieren conus met gegoten aluminium mand. Niet-resonerend asymmetrisch kamerformaat. Stijve gestructureerde stofkap om de conus-opbrekingsmodi te verminderen. Gevouwen basreflexpoort.


Op maat gemaakte luchtspoel-inductoren. Polyester filmcondensatoren in serie en lage DF elektrolytische condensatoren parallel. Algemene thermische / stroombeveiliging van het systeem.


Push-stijl met bananenkrikken


9.5 pond. (4,4 kg)


11.1 "x 12" x 6 "
(28,2 cm x 30,5 cm x 15,2 cm)

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  • donderdag 17 juli 2014

Unfortunate for me, my home theater is in a 2 story living room that opens to a loft and a kitchen. I started out from college with another brand's gear. Over time it has become apparent that it was time to move up. As a University of Kansas graduate, Martin Logan speakers always got my attention. I never had money for electrostatics. The first speaker to get replaced was my center with a motion 8 center. My first thought was WOW. It was like replacing a standard definition TV with a HD TV. Everything was so clear, and crisp. Now I got the bug, I soon thereafter replaced my sub. The sub was a cheap one that I got in college, it thumped but again when I got the Dynamo 500w, I was wowed. Now we are painting the house and the rear speakers on the wall are white. We are paining to a iron ore type color.... what a great time to get new speakers. These will actually replace some on wall large cubes as my left and right rear. The house had come with 2 baaaad speakers that "had no highs had no low's so they had to call them...." Those are going away, they were the rear surround but I think with these FX's I can live with a 5.1 setup. The last thing on my list is to replace my towers... they aren't that bad, but are getting old and I would like to have all Martin Logan gear, all having the same folded tweeter. Hopefully soon. Now my big room isn't all that bad to watch a DTS movie in.


  • woensdag 15 december 2010

This is about Motion FX & Center Motion 8: My Boston center channeled died I went to Magnolia store to check out Def Tech. I ended up testing Def Tech, ML Motion 8 and Mirage. I also listened to the B&W which were equal to (in my mind ) to the Motions. But the B&W's were twice the price too deep in size and not in my budget. But I don't think I gave up anything by getting the Motion 8 and FX. The Def tech was the closest to the Motion 8 center ch but the Def's was more brittle and directional, but worthy. The Motion 8 had a clear chrisp warmth and great spacial presense. I then decide to re-set my surround speakers with my DB meter, they are Boston ProVRS, and decided they did not fit with the motion 8 center ch. So I decide to order the Motion FX (without audition) for surrounds. They are up now (great mounting system)set to the same levels and WOW. My movies are now giving me a new visual audio presense, on movies like Stargate and the new StarTrek the difference is unbelivable. They have truly partnered with Mcintosh MX136,MC207 and Kef1072 front speaks to give me a audio/visual boost that I did not expect. I am now a MartinLogan Fan. You must listen to them, moderate price for what you get. Please note B&W , Def techs and Mirage are great speakers let your ears and a good BD meter help you decided, louder is not better. I hope Magnolia put the FX's in their store for audtioning. NIKGUY