Motion LX16

Bücherregal-Lautsprecher mit Folded Motion ™ Hochtöner und Echtholzfurnier. Stimme abgestimmt mit MartinLogan ESL-Lautsprechern.

Launched in 2010

Price when discontinued:
399,95 $

Meinungen von Fachleuten

MartinLogan Motion 15 / LX16 Bookshelf Speaker Review

"Martin Logan seems to have hit a nice balance with the LX16s, the first speakers of their kind from Martin Logan, there is a lot to like here. If you really want the sound of Martin Logan’s electrostats, but want something in a smaller form factor, then look no further, go out and buy a pair of these. If you are starting to build a 2.1 or 5.1 system, the LX16s are at least worth a good listen. "

—Cliff Heyne, Audioholics
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"I will say that I have become somewhat addicted the sound of the LX16 and find my mind referencing back to that sound with every speaker I listen to now...The LX16 are absolutely worth a listen. In a market already flooded with over-achieving bookshelf speakers, the LX16 manage to stand apart from the rest and for that, we recommend them. "

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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Technische Daten

Die technischen Daten können ohne vorherige Ankündigung geändert werden


60–25.000 Hz ± 3 dB


80 ° x 80 °

Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung

20–200 Watt


92 dB bei 2,83 Volt / Meter


5 Ohm Kompatibel mit 4, 6 oder 8 Ohm


2.700 Hz


1 "x 1,4" (2,6 cm x 3,6 cm) gefaltete Bewegung
Wandler mit 13,3 cm x 4,4 cm (5,25 "x 1,75")


13,3 cm (5,25 ”) Aluminiumkegel mit Gusskorb.
Nichtresonantes asymmetrisches Kammerformat. Starr
strukturierte Staubkappe, um die Auflösungsmodi der Kegel zu reduzieren.




Kundenspezifische Luftspule und Low DCR Stahllaminat
Induktoren. Polypropylen-Folienkondensatoren in Reihe
und Elektrolytkondensatoren mit niedrigem DF parallel.
Gesamtsystem thermischer / Stromschutz.

Verbindliche Posteingaben

Benutzerdefinierte 5-Wege-Bindungsposten


12 lbs. (5,4 kg)

Abmessungen (H x B x T)

11 "x 6,5" x 9,5 "
(28 cm x 16,5 cm x 24,2 cm)

Kundenbewertungen auf Motion LX16

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  • Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018

I've been a Martin Logan fan for over 15 years. Building a home theater and came across the reviews on the LX16. Loved them so much bought 3 pairs. Folded Motion tweeter is pure silk on the ears, not fatiguing, sooo very smooth. The gloss black cabinets are high quality and stunning to look at. Another first class product from ML.

Zoran P.

  • Montag, 7. August 2017

Spectacular Value!
A few months ago, after reading many very favourable reviews, I spent a few hours listening to Martin Logan Motion 15. The sound was stunning! Unfortunately, they were out of my price range, so I kept looking for a replacement of my very nice and well liked Focal 705V. By pure accident, while browsing the Amazon, I came across the deeply discounted LX 16 in a dark cherry finish. I did some additional research and found out that they are identical to Motion 15 and the only difference is that the top surface of the speaker is not angled toward the back. Unfortunately, they were dark cherry, resulting in 0 WAF (wife acceptance factor). "All our furniture is black!" and you don't argue with something that serious! Again, I did some additional research but it was either the dark cherry or nothing. I couldn't believe my eyes when a few weeks later I saw that Hi-Fi Heaven started selling the LX 16 on Amazon in a gloss black finish. I took me a few minutes to place my order! The whole experience was very, very, positive. They shipped the speakers promptly, probably during the busiest week of the year and the speakers arrived in a few days and the shipping was free! They were double boxed and overall, expertly packed. The first time I connect any new piece of equipment to the system, I always have that feeling of anxiety. Nothing ever sound the same as it sounds in a showroom. Your source, your amp or the room acoustics may not be compatible with that new piece. During the last year or so, I had to return two pairs of a very well respected speakers. The first pair had a stellar review in one of the magazines I do not distrust completely. They were described to be the closest to electrostatic speakers but in a conventional form. They were very detailed with a very decent imaging and with some decent recordings they were very pleasant. Bad recordings were impossible to listen to any length of time. Overall, they were very tiring on majority of recordings. I liked the description of the technology involved in the second pair and the fame surrounding the higher end model of the second pair. Unfortunately, they were lacking the detail, they were bass heavy and overall dull. I really wanted to like them both, played them both for a week 24/7 but they retained their basic sound signature and consequently, they were returned. After a few minutes from connecting the LX 16 I was in heaven! There was absolutely nothing I did not like about the sound! I never had a pair of speakers in any of my systems in last thirty something years that was so detailed and musical, without a slightest trace of harshness or brightness. Transient response is stunning and some familiar recordings sounded like I never have heard them before. That is how much more detailed and alive they were! They are also stunningly fast and that benefits recordings with heavy percussion presence. I am suspecting that they may sound a bit thin in any larger space and you may benefit from adding a sub. Realistically, they are a very small boxes. In my setting, they are not too position sensitive. They are seated on a shelf and the back of the speaker is 8-10" from the rear wall without any audible ill effects like some of my previous rear ported speakers. I am listening to LX 16s with grilles off. In one review, I read that the grilles resonate with certain frequencies (confirmed by measurements grill on and off) and they also look better that way. Apart from absolutely stunning sound, they are also object of beauty! I believe that Motion 15 at their price are extremely good value. The LX 16 costing 60% of the Motion 15 and offering the same sound quality are the absolute bargain! I had them for three weeks and like them more and more every single day! Edit


  • Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

These speakers are phenomenal. They put the sound just right. Placement of vocals, harmonies, and instruments are highly discernible. The realism and clarity of sound is superb. The speaker is well made and very impressive.


  • Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015

A rare jewel of HiFi history
Whoever owns the Motion LX16's knows that these speakers are something of a hidden miracle for sound. While not very much advertised and slightly understated by all means, this speaker has changed my view of HiFi components. The folded motion tweeter realism and transient response in these speakers combine perfectly with the aluminum midrange driver to create a fast, agile, bold and realistic sound. To add bass for these speakers add a subwoofer. But these speakers have the ability to bring out the soul of any song. I set up these speakers at home the other day replacing another set up. As soon as they started to sound people started to tap their feet and sing along the same songs that were playing with BW speakers before with the same amp. I could see that the Motion LX 16 had a psychological effect on people. This is the kind of magic you expect to find in HiFi, and although you will find more detail in the clarity of their sound, its also about the fast and accurate pace that these speakers have. These are the best speakers for music at their low price point, and I guarantee you that when you hear your favorite songs through them they will send shivers down your spine.


  • Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

Crisp and deep sound!!!
I went to MAGNOLIA at best buy, looking for Definitive Technology SM55 or SM65 bookshelf speakers. I have 2 Definitive BP6 stand floor (living room) which are amazing. I am on my way to replace my BOSE's home theater (study/family room) speakers which -I have learn by experience- are not good enough for music listening. I was looking for front L/R new speakers. A salesman told me that SM55/65 were very good, but pointed the MARTIN LOGAN's LX16, a brand that I had never hear about before. At first, since I was expecting de DT's bass, I found them a little too shiny/bright without body. But a second and a third salesmen came in and separately they advice me to listen to MARTIN LOGAN's speakers. There was not a price difference, since the MARTIN LOGAN were on a 50% sale. So, I compare them carefully leaving aside my preconceptions, and was able to identify the sharpness of the LX16. Highs and mediums are so clear, so rich, so full of sound, that I couldn't believe it. But, still, I was missing DT's bass. The senior salesman ask me about my subwoofer, which is a Definitive Technology as well, very powerful so I understood that I already have bass at home. So I bought them. At home, listening to them I can tell you that I have made an excellent purchase. Music is alive, songs are so clear, I can't believe it. So I change my subwoofer configuration and I hide it, if you know what I mean. Now my home theater sounds "integrated", I have crisp highs, full mediums, and strong but "invisible" bass. A downs side: I must by the whole MARTIN LOGAN's speakers system which is expensive but worthy every penny.

Jason W.

  • Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Ear Candy
I did my due diligence on this purchase and was fortunate to locate a pair of factory refurbished LX16's that were sold to me through Audio Advisor. I am happy to say the speakers arrived without a single flaw that I could see. Today is day 1 with the speakers in my system...(IMac -Audirvana- Peachtree Idecco...LX16's with Polk subwoofer) and I can only describe what I am hearing as "astounding". I am not an audiophile in terms of understanding how all the components work together to achieve their sound signature, but I can say that these speakers are a marked improvement over the onws they are replacing....Polk RTi A1 bookshelves. The sound is much more dynamic and crisp. I assume the Folded Motion tweeter is to thank for that. The sound is cleaner and much less "muddy" than the Polk's....I was happy with the Polk''s, but there was just something I could not put my finger on that seemed to be holding them I know what it was...upper frequency accuracy. The LX16's have plenty of detail packed in the upper frequencies that just creates a more pleasing listening experience. Vocals just seem to leap out at you. My title is "Ear Candy", but it should have "Eye Candy" as a subtitle because these things are absolutely beautiful! The magnetic grill is a nice touch and the gloss black finish just screams high end. I could not be happier with this purchase and look forward to seeing how the sound improves with age, this being only day 1. Thanks Martin Logan for creating a superior product!


  • Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

Still pinching myself, is this real..
I am no audiophile, but trust my ears with little basic understanding to the technical jargon. Over the years tried a few towers and book shelves. Did recently auditioned many high-end speakers in a specialty audio shop. Got to hear the motion 15 at a friend's place a little bit and was impressed by how crisp and clean these bookshelves sounded. I saw an deal on a pair of LX16 which I understood comparative in most all aspects with the 15 series book shelves and order them. Still in the break-in period and already could not believe how distinct the quality of sound are from these from my previous speakers. I am still exploring different speaker placement to find the optimal quality, but what I am hearing is beyond what I have ever heard before. I currently hooked these to my denon-d38, but shortly plan to pair them with a vintage Linn classik. I primarily intend to use these pair of my bookshelves for music listening. I do have athenna FS2 and FS1 towers with matching center with a Sony powered sub, Sony str-dn1040 receiver for my home theater needs, which seem to quench my need in that area. This pair of LS16 bookshelves are a keeper for sure. Not to forget, love the dark cherry cabinet along with its simple exterior aesthetics.

Jeffrey Asher

  • Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

LX16 Clarity
The Martin Logan LX16 design seems to have transcended the laws of physics. Those third cubic foot boxes deliver every music detail and tight, defined bass. A friend claimed that they sounded as transparent as my ML Vista electrostatics. Yes, surprisingly close. Place two LX16s away from room walls and music reproduction is clear, precise and offers depth! You will rediscover your CD library. LX16 detail appears to improve your TV picture. Over many years, I auditioned numerous compact monitors, but none offer the clarity of the LX16s. In my home, they are a daily delight.


  • Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Huge sound out of a compact bookshelf!
After a moderate break-in period(be aware that the ribbon tweeter needs a little longer to fully break-in than standard tweeters)i was blown away by the transparency and accurate detail! A steal at the pricepoint. I woud highly recomend these to any discerning listener.


  • Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Great 2 channel system
I use these as secondary system to my Theos. I wanted a smaller, good looking speaker that didn't sacrifice quality. They sound great! The stereo imaging is precise. The highs are never harsh, and the sound is very life like. People sound like they are in the room. I was waiting for ML to follow up the Motion 4's with a bookshelf speaker for added bass response, and these do a great job! If these are being used as part of a theater system, don't hesitate to back them up with a good sub, the Dynamo 700 is a great match. For strictly music, they are perfect as a stand alone system.