Dynamo 1500X

Ultra-Powerful 15-inch Subwoofer with PBK Room Correction Capability

Dynamo™ 1500X features advanced MartinLogan engineering including a 650 watt (1300 watt peak) amplifier and a 15-inch low distortion woofer with a powerful magnet structure to deliver huge excursion and output while preserving subtle bass detail. XLR, RCA, and 12-volt trigger inputs guarantee connection flexibility while simplifying system integration. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily) converts into a front-firing setup for those who prefer a "hidden" installation. With optional Perfect Bass Kit room correction (PBK™, sold separately) the Dynamo 1500X is guaranteed to sound exceptional in any room.

Launched in 2013

Price when discontinued:
$1,595.00 each

Ultra-Powerful 15-inch Subwoofer with PBK Room Correction Capability!

Dynamo™ 1500X features advanced MartinLogan engineering including a 650 watt (1300 watt peak) amplifier and a 15-inch low distortion woofer with a powerful magnet structure to deliver huge excursion and output while preserving subtle bass detail. XLR, RCA, and 12-volt trigger inputs guarantee connection flexibility while simplifying system integration. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily) converts into a front-firing setup for those who prefer a "hidden" installation. With optional PBK room correction (sold separately) the Dynamo 1500X is guaranteed to sound exceptional in any room.


Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) Ready

Although correct placement plays a key role in optimizing subwoofer performance, positioning a subwoofer often requires compromises. Not anymore, thanks to MartinLogan's Perfect Bass Kit (PBK, sold separately). The Dynamo 1500X is MartinLogan's first subwoofer to feature PBK room correction. PBK uses a computer and microphone to listen throughout the listening environment and tailor the sub's performance to the unique acoustic properties of a room—resulting in clean, powerful bass down to 20Hz.

Powerful, High-Excursion 15-inch Woofer

Dynamo 1500X features advanced MartinLogan design concepts. A high-resolution, low-distortion 15-inch woofer delivers huge excursion and sound output while preserving minute bass details, all without a hint of distortion. The cone material's exceptional damping properties ensure the smooth, non-resonant response necessary for seamless blending with MartinLogan electrostatic panel and Folded Motion driver technologies.

Unique Front-Firing, Down-Firing Design

Placement flexibility is maximized by the subwoofer's front-firing or down-firing options. When placed in a cabinet or other discreet location, the Dynamo 1500X subwoofer can easily convert from standard down-firing to front-firing orientation, with no tools or special skills required. A grill cover and 90-degree RCA adaptors are provided for use in front-firing applications. Further flexibility is afforded by custom energy transfer coupler (ETC™) spikes, which can enhance stability on thick carpets, or create tighter coupling between subwoofer and floor to enhance overall sound quality.

Advanced Ultra-Efficient Amplifier Design and Inverse Mathematical Equalization (IME) Filter

An IME filter is derived from the inverse of the unfiltered driver response. Precision IME filtering yields extremely accurate low-frequency response—far superior to that provided by the simple second-order high-Q filters typically found in most subwoofers in this price range. The Dynamo 1500X delivers a true 650 watts of continuous power and 1300 watts peak. An energy-conscious design, the Dynamo Series amps consume only 10 watts in standby mode.

Sealed Cabinet with Extensive Internal Bracing

Although ports are a convenient and cost-effective way of increasing low-frequency output, when used in small cabinets their reliance on resonant energy impairs bass quality. A compact, sealed subwoofer system minimizes transient-blurring group delay while maintaining smooth, consistent response, regardless of music or movie source material. The Dynamo 1500X's cabinet is constructed from the finest composite material for acoustic integrity. Inside, critically placed structural cross-bracing acts as an excellent baffle for the woofer, while the added rigidity keeps cabinet-induced resonances and non-linearities to inaudible levels.

Seamless System Integration—Engineered for Stereo and Home Theater

Comprehensive signal connections along with low-pass filtering and phase control make the integration of Dynamo 1500X subwoofers into a multi-channel home theater or stereo music setup a simple and seamless process. The main left/right line-level inputs feed into a precision low-pass filter with a cut-off frequency variable from 35 to 150 Hz. For systems in which a surround processor supplies the crossover, the Dynamo Series offers a LFE input, via either XLR or RCA connections, which bypass internal filters. Additionally, a trigger input allows processors to turn the Dynamo 1500X on and off via a 12V trigger connection.

Energy Transfer Coupler (ETC) Spikes

The Dynamo 1500X comes with custom ETC spikes which can be used in place of the feet to enhance stability on thick carpets, or create tighter coupling between subwoofer and floor to enhance overall sound quality.


MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL X Speaker System Review

"For me, auditioning this ElectroMotion ESL X speaker system was like going home again. The affordable (by MartinLogan standards) electrostatic towers delivered the detailed, lifelike sound I know and love, and the solid foundation provided by the Dynamo 1500X subwoofer enabled them to reach dynamic heights I hadn’t previously experienced in my days as a MartinLogan-phile."

—Al Griffin, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan Motion 60XT Speaker System Review

"I generally find too often that a home theater system can be riddled with poor compromises when it comes to playing music; that’s why I have completely separate systems for two-channel and multichannel listening. The MartinLogan package does a pretty convincing job of straddling that divide, working quite effectively with both music and movies when set up appropriately... With the Dynamo 1500X handling the thunderous bass rumble of each explosion, the Motion XT speakers were able to take all of the sounds of splintering wood and breaking glass and wrap them around the room in a seamless and effective way... the overall package has great appeal. “Truth in Sound,” indeed."

—Michael Trei, Sound & Vision
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Martin Logan Dynamo 1500X Subwoofer Review

"Virtually everyone has heard the phrase "you can't have your cake and eat it too"... With a subwoofer that saying generally holds true when talking about size versus depth/extension; a small subwoofer can't possibly produce significant amounts of deep bass, can it? In the case of Martin Logan's new Dynamo 1500X the answer would be Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. The cabinet is not at all large -- even for an acoustic suspension subwoofer with a 12" driver, let alone one with a 15" driver -- yet the depth and composure it's capable of is simply amazing… It's not inexpensive, but it is certainly capable of some impressive bass. The 'Dynamo' name proved to be apt, that's for sure. With the flattest frequency response I've measured in a long time, this Martin Logan subwoofer is one very impressive unit."

—Jim Wilson, Home Theater Shack
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MartinLogan Dynamo 1500X Subwoofer Review

"This was my first hands on experience with a MartinLogan subwoofer and the Dynamo 1500X left me with a good impression of their product line… the 1500X also never drew any attention to itself with bad noises or ever seemed to be in any trouble no matter what was sent to the input jack. The 1500X is absolutely rock solid in that sense. It does what it can without fuss and doesn’t kill itself attempting to reproduce what it cannot… a very compact, sealed offering and yet it still manages to meet the required output thresholds to receive the Audioholics Bassaholic Large Room rating. It is one of the smallest subwoofers to be able to do so."

—Josh Ricci, Audioholics
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Specifications are subject to change without notice

Frequency Response

20–200 Hz ±3dB; Anechoic through LFE effects input


Left & Right/LFE RCA: 20,000 Ohms Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers.

Low Frequency Transducer

15" (38.1cm) high-excursion, polypropylene cone in acast aluminum basket with extended throw driver assembly;sealed non-resonant cabinet design. Thermal sensorprotection.


650 watts (1300 watts peak)


Sub Control App: iOS and Android Anthem Room Correction: iOS, Android, and PC

Room Correction (Bass Section)

Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) Ready (Sold Separately)

Audio Controls

Low Pass Filter Switch: Bypass (LFE In), Variable (Left and Right In)

Low Pass Filter Frequency

40–150 Hz


Left & Right/LFE RCA Line Level, LFE XLR, 12V Trigger

Power Draw

Standby: 10W
Idle: 15W
Max: 600W


52 lbs. (23.6 kg)

Dimensions (down-firing orientation)

18.3" x 16.75" x 17.6 "
(46.6cm x 42.5cm x 44.7cm)

Dimensions (front-firing orientation)

19.3" x 16.75" x 18"
(49.1 cm x 42.5cm x 45.9cm)

Compatible Products

Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) Room Correction

PBK Software + Calibration File

Each Perfect Bass Kit is shipped with a unique microphone. Please input the serial number found on your microphone to download the most recent version of PBK along with your microphone's unique calibration file:


The serial number is a six-digit number starting with "5", located on the bottom of the microphone

PLEASE NOTE: PBK software is for use with ONLY BalancedForce or Dynamo products. If you are setting up Masterpiece speakers, you will need use Anthem Room Correction (ARC) software, found here.

Troubleshooting & Support

The Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) is for use with any MartinLogan® subwoofer with a PBK Interface to correct the effects of room boundaries on sound quality. PBK uses proprietary processing to compute the subwoofer's in-room frequency response and then computes a target frequency response for the subwoofer to yield optimal in-room sound. PBK can be used with up to four MartinLogan subwoofers. The frequency response of each PBK microphone is measured precisely and this data is used to create the microphone's calibration file included on the PBK software disk. The microphone can ONLY be used with the matching individual calibration file.

System Requirements

Compatible MartinLogan Speakers

Service Advisory for PBK

June 12, 2013
1) PBK Microphone Recognition
2) PBK, Computer, and Operating System Compatibility
3) MartinLogan PBK and Paradigm PBK Are Not Interchangeable
4) PBK and other Room Correction Technologies

1. PBK Microphone Recognition: We have received several reports relating to PBK microphone setup/driver installation. The microphone occasionally fails to install the first time it is plugged into a computer. When the microphone is plugged in allow approximately 1-minute for the computer to automatically install the microphone drivers. If installation fails try the following:

a. Unplug the microphone and reattach it to the computer.
b. Connect the PBK and subwoofer USB cables to an external USB hub and then connect the USB hub to the computer.

2. PBK, Computer, and Operating System Compatibility: We recommend running MartinLogan PBK on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 or 3). PBK is currently not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers.

3. MartinLogan PBK and Paradigm PBK Are Not Interchangeable: The PBK systems (hardware and software) from MartinLogan and Paradigm Electronics are not interchangeable. MartinLogan PBK software contains specific information about MartinLogan subwoofers. Additionally, the drivers installed on the computer are brand specific and not interchangeable.

4. PBK and other Room Correction Technologies: MartinLogan's PBK™ (Perfect Bass Kit) is designed to adjust performance of specific MartinLogan subwoofers to reduce room induced bass anomalies. PBK is not a replacement for other room correction systems that are designed to optimize multi-channel audio systems. When beginning the task of optimizing an audio system's performance, the first step should always be proper setup of the front, center, and surround speakers. Proper setup of these speakers requires proper positioning, toe in, and (if available) adjusting other built-in controls. The next step should be running PBK to adjust the subwoofer's output to account for room interactions. After running PBK, the subwoofer's performance and integration with the main speakers should be optimized by adjusting the subwoofer's level, phase, low-pass filters, and other controls. Only after proper setup of speakers and subwoofer(s), including running PBK on the subwoofer(s), is it time to run your processor's full-range room correction system to enhance overall system performance within the room.

Customer Reviews For Dynamo 1500X

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  • Friday, August 19, 2016



  • Monday, December 16, 2013

More than enough
It would be hard to find a better sounding sub in the space that i have, 30/50.The PBK is intuitive and useful.although it should have came with the sub it was worthth e extra 100$


  • Thursday, November 14, 2013

Awsome Sub
I been listening to different sub at Bestbuy Magnolia store, like B&W,Def Tech,REL. Those sub are not even come close to this Dynamo 1500X model. Before I purchase the Dynamo 1500X, I bought the Dynamo 1000 and tested it out for 2 week,it was power enough to fill up my living room 15X25 and 18ft high ceiling but I was still not satisfy with the power and instead went to exchange for two Dynamo 700. I thought by running left and right would balance out my living room. Still not satisfy, had it for 2 week and exchange for the Dynamo 1500X model, I love the accurate of the bass and the power that coming out of that 15" sub. It shake the house and hope my neighbor don't call the cop on me, because I love watching action movies and listen to musics.

Jim Wilson

  • Saturday, June 8, 2013

Deep, powerful bass from a small enclosure
I'm a reviewer for Home Theater Shack, and I did an evaluation of the Dynamo 1500X that can be accessed using the following link: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/speaker-subwoofer-reviews/67737-martin-logan-dynamo-1500x-subwoofer-review.html