PBK - Perfect Bass Kit

Room Correction for Perfect Bass

Stand alone room correction kit for the best bass possible.
Works with BalancedForce 212, BalancedForce 210 & Dynamo 1500X

Even when a MartinLogan subwoofer is ideally placed, the dynamics of each listening environment present a unique challenge for bass performance. The Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) learns vital information about your unique space, transforming the subwoofer’s performance for perfect bass, every time.

$100.00 each
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Perfect Bass, Every Time

Even when a MartinLogan subwoofer is ideally placed, the dynamics of each listening environment present a unique challenge for bass performance. The Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) learns vital information about your unique space, transforming the subwoofer's performance for perfect bass, every time.

PBK - Perfect Bass Kit

PBK Stands Alone in Optimizing Bass Performance

The PBK system employs your PC, connected via USB to a microphone and your MartinLogan subwoofer, to identify problem areas in your listening environment. The PBK processes information from multiple data points and configures the optimal solution, achieving pinpoint-accurate room response.

PBK - Perfect Bass Kit
PBK - Perfect Bass Kit

Multiple Microphone Measurements Ensure Accuracy

Current room equalization systems are capable of taking a single measurement at the primary listening position. PBK utilizes multiple measurement points, at least five—but up to ten—individual data positions, allowing PBK to learn the individual characteristics of your room.

PBK is Audiophile-Accurate

The PBK employs your PC's processor to calculate correction curves for each measurement point, substantially minimizing the rounding errors of less sophisticated "calculators", like those used in standard room equalization systems. Additionally, PBK's software is capable of calibrating itself to the unique performance characteristics of your individual microphone.

PLEASE NOTE: The microphone that comes with the MartinLogan PBK Kit will work with both MartinLogan PBK software (for PC) and Anthem ARC-2 software (for PC).

PLEASE NOTE: MartinLogan PBK software (for PC) is for use with ONLY BalancedForce 212/210 and Dynamo 1500X subwoofers. If you are setting up Masterpiece speakers, you will need use ARC-2 software (for PC), found here. MartinLogan Wireless Ensemble products (Bravado, Cadence, Forte, Unison, and Verse) and Dynamo 600X, 800X, 1100X, and 1600X subwoofers are compatible with both ARC Mobile (for iOS and Android), found here, or ARC-2 software (for PC), found here.



Specifications are subject to change without notice

PBK Software + Calibration File

Each Perfect Bass Kit is shipped with a unique microphone. Please input the serial number found on your microphone to download the most recent version of PBK along with your microphone's unique calibration file:


The serial number is a six-digit number starting with "5", located on the bottom of the microphone

PLEASE NOTE: PBK software is for use with ONLY BalancedForce or Dynamo products. If you are setting up Masterpiece speakers, you will need use Anthem Room Correction (ARC) software, found here.

Troubleshooting & Support

The Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) is for use with any MartinLogan® subwoofer with a PBK Interface to correct the effects of room boundaries on sound quality. PBK uses proprietary processing to compute the subwoofer's in-room frequency response and then computes a target frequency response for the subwoofer to yield optimal in-room sound. PBK can be used with up to four MartinLogan subwoofers. The frequency response of each PBK microphone is measured precisely and this data is used to create the microphone's calibration file included on the PBK software disk. The microphone can ONLY be used with the matching individual calibration file.

System Requirements

Compatible MartinLogan Speakers

Service Advisory for PBK

June 12, 2013
1) PBK Microphone Recognition
2) PBK, Computer, and Operating System Compatibility
3) MartinLogan PBK and Paradigm PBK Are Not Interchangeable
4) PBK and other Room Correction Technologies

1. PBK Microphone Recognition: We have received several reports relating to PBK microphone setup/driver installation. The microphone occasionally fails to install the first time it is plugged into a computer. When the microphone is plugged in allow approximately 1-minute for the computer to automatically install the microphone drivers. If installation fails try the following:

a. Unplug the microphone and reattach it to the computer.
b. Connect the PBK and subwoofer USB cables to an external USB hub and then connect the USB hub to the computer.

2. PBK, Computer, and Operating System Compatibility: We recommend running MartinLogan PBK on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 or 3). PBK is currently not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers.

3. MartinLogan PBK and Paradigm PBK Are Not Interchangeable: The PBK systems (hardware and software) from MartinLogan and Paradigm Electronics are not interchangeable. MartinLogan PBK software contains specific information about MartinLogan subwoofers. Additionally, the drivers installed on the computer are brand specific and not interchangeable.

4. PBK and other Room Correction Technologies: MartinLogan's PBK™ (Perfect Bass Kit) is designed to adjust performance of specific MartinLogan subwoofers to reduce room induced bass anomalies. PBK is not a replacement for other room correction systems that are designed to optimize multi-channel audio systems. When beginning the task of optimizing an audio system's performance, the first step should always be proper setup of the front, center, and surround speakers. Proper setup of these speakers requires proper positioning, toe in, and (if available) adjusting other built-in controls. The next step should be running PBK to adjust the subwoofer's output to account for room interactions. After running PBK, the subwoofer's performance and integration with the main speakers should be optimized by adjusting the subwoofer's level, phase, low-pass filters, and other controls. Only after proper setup of speakers and subwoofer(s), including running PBK on the subwoofer(s), is it time to run your processor's full-range room correction system to enhance overall system performance within the room.

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