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ElectroMotion FX2

Los tweeters Dual Folded Motion XT en una matriz de amplia dispersión son ideales para aplicaciones de canal envolvente.

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El EM- FX2 cuenta con dos tweeters de Folded Motion XT en una matriz de amplia dispersión ideal para aplicaciones de canal envolvente. Un solo woofer con cono de fibra dopado de 6.5 pulgadas proporciona una potente extensión de baja frecuencia. Disponible en acabado satinado negro, el EM- FX2 está diseñado para montaje en esquina, montaje en pared o montaje en ángulo para pared para una ubicación de sonido envolvente versátil en cualquier habitación.

Tweeter de movimiento plegado XT

El tweeter Motion XT más grande y de baja distorsión de MartinLogan cuenta con una superficie radiante 40% más grande que las que se encuentran en los productos galardonados de la serie Motion®. Este gran salto en el tamaño aumenta el ancho de banda y la eficiencia del tweeter de alto rendimiento para un rendimiento sin esfuerzo del canal central.

Perfil delgado

Cuando se monta en una pared plana, el EM- FX2 sobresale solo 6.8 ", lo que lo convierte en el altavoz de canal envolvente perfecto para habitaciones grandes, sin agregar distracción visual o de volumen innecesaria.

ElectroMotion  FX2
ElectroMotion  FX2


This Home Theater System Blew Me Away - MartinLogan 60XTi, 50XTi and FX2 Speakers

"Youthman Motion i YouTube Review"

—Youthman, YouTube
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MartinLogan 60XTi 50XTi Motion Series Speakers and FX2

"Youthman Motion YouTube Video"

—Youthman, YouTube

MartinLogan ElectroMotion - Other Speakers Design and Performance

"Effects emerge from every part of the room, making it nigh-on impossible to tell where one speaker ends and another begins. This coherence is key to its success – the EM-C2, EM-FX2s and Dynamo all fuse tightly with no differences in tone, which is impressive considering how the electrostatic panels work in such a different way to the cones and Folded Motion tweeters used elsewhere."

—Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews
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Review: MartinLogan EM-ESL, EM-C2 and EM-FX2 Speakers

"I think the EM-ESL is one of the best bargains going in an audiophile music speaker. It gives audiophiles all the things most of us seem to want (huge soundstaging and a dramatic presentation) and all the things we should want but sometimes neglect (like neutral tonal balance and natural sound). If stereo music listening is your priority, I highly recommend these. And you can add the EM-C2, the EM-FX2 and the subwoofer of your choice for those occasional nights when you want to relax with a movie instead of digging deep into your music collection."

—Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan ElectroMotion 5.1 loudspeaker review

"...what really seals the deal is the way the system creates such a seamlessly enveloping sound, thanks to the EM-ESL’s dipole design and the EM-FX2’s wide dispersion. From my listening position it felt like there wasn’t a single area of the room left untouched by sound, flooding the no-man’s land between the front and rear speakers with precise, tangible effects. And when called for, sounds glide from speaker to speaker without you ever knowing where one ends and another begins. Stunning."

—Danny Phillips, Home Cinema Choice
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MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL 5.1-Channel Speaker System (TPV 109)

"Consider this speaker system if: You want all the sonic goodies: resolution, definition, blazing transient speeds, nuances galore, neutral tonal balance and the ability to play at satisfying volume levels... We consider MartinLogan’s ElectroMotion ESL surround system to be an overachiever of the first rank. It offers very serious high-end sound quality for only a little more money than some mid-fi systems cost. For many listeners, then, the quest for upper-tier sound will begin and end right here, and even jaded audiophiles accustomed to ultra-premium-priced gear will marvel at the sophisticated sound this system delivers."

—Chris Martens, Hi-Fi+
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MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Speaker System

"The sound of the ESL is blissfully light and sweet and offers a near-transcendental listening experience. It’s that rare gem of a speaker that sparkles with a luster that becomes more and more enticing the longer you listen to it. Combined with the EM C2, EM FX2s, and a Dynamo 1000, it makes one of the finest-performing, most entertaining, drool-worthiest $5,000 home theater speaker systems you can buy…"

—Darryl Wilkinson, Sound & Vision
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Las especificaciones están sujetas a cambios sin previo aviso

Respuesta frecuente

55–25,000 Hz ± 3dB

Potencia recomendada del amplificador

20—200 vatios por canal

Dispersión horizontal

160 °

Dispersión vertical

30 °


93 dB @ 2.83 voltios / metro


5 ohmios Compatible con amplificadores de 4, 6 u 8 ohmios.

Frecuencia de cruce


Transductor de alta frecuencia

Dos transductores XT de movimiento plegado de 1.25 "× 2.4" (3.2 cm × 6.1 cm) con diafragma de 4.5 "× 2.75" (11.4 cm × 7 cm)

Transductor de baja frecuencia

Cono de papel de 6.5 "(16.5 cm) con canasta de aluminio fundido. Portado.


Inductores de bobina de núcleo de aire personalizados. Condensadores de película de poliéster en serie y condensadores electrolíticos de bajo DF en paralelo. Tweeter térmico / protección de corriente.


Empuje estilo con conectores de banana


16 lbs. (7,3 kg)


14.9 "x 14" x 6.8 "(37.9 cm x 35.5 cm x 17.2 cm)

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