An engineering masterpiece, Fresco i blends innovative design, advanced materials, and the latest technology to produce signature MartinLogan sound from a compact and versatile package. ATF™ (Advanced Thin Film) midrange and high-frequency drivers, a precision Vojtko™ crossover, and proprietary dual long-excursion, low-mass woofers combine to supply astonishing performance in any stereo or multi-channel audio system, whether used as a center, left, right or surround speaker. From top to bottom, Fresco i delivers precision and detail, with firm, agile bass and impressive dynamics.

Fresco i's paintable, super-dense, low-mass cabinet is just 6 inches deep, blending perfectly with wall-mounted flat-panel displays. Each Fresco i comes standard with a low-profile, single-pivot wall bracket that allows vertical or horizontal mounting next to a plasma or LCD display or in any other location. Also standard are Fresco i's high-gloss Elite Black faceplate and black grill cloth. Optionally available are table and floor stands.

Advanced Thin-Film Drivers

High-resolution ATF™ drivers (based on RADIA planar technology) approach the clarity and detail of MartinLogan's electrostatic panels while permitting the use of a compact cabinet. Each MartinLogan ATF transducer has a micro-thin, low-mass diaphragm with an ultra-light, etched aluminum conductive surface, suspended between two opposite-polarity, high-field-strength neodymium magnet arrays. When the electrical audio signal from an amplifier passes through the diaphragm's surface, it creates an alternating electromagnetic field that interacts with the fields of the fixed magnet arrays, forcing it back and forth to produce sound waves in the air. The strength and polarity of the diaphragm's field varies according to the audio signal.

ATF transducers and MartinLogan's award-winning electrostatic transducer share several key performance enhancing features that ensure precise, accurate reproduction with vanishingly low distortion. Each ATF transducer diaphragm is sandwiched between and simultaneously driven by magnet arrays of opposing polarity to create an inherently linear push-pull effect similar to that of an electrostat. Another similarity is that the diaphragm is driven uniformly over its entire surface, rather than at just a small contact area as in a conventional cone or dome driver.

The ATF diaphragm substrate is DuPont Kaladex® PEN (polyethylene napthalate). This material is chemically akin to the PET (polyethylene terathylate) film used for the diaphragms of MartinLogan's renowned electrostatic panels, but capable of handling the heat generated by the current passing through the ATF diaphragm's conductive aluminum etched skin.

Application Versatility

Fresco i is suitable for use in any stereo or multi-channel audio system, mounted either on- or off-wall. And it blends well with other MartinLogan speakers in both sound and appearance, which allows mixing and matching to meet specific installation requirements.

Installation Versatility

Each Fresco i comes standard with low-profile, single-pivot wall bracket that allows vertical or horizontal mounting next to a plasma or LCD display or in any other location. Optionally available are a table stand and floor stand (available from your local dealer or the Xtatic Shop).

Finish Versatility

Available in a décor-friendly Elite Black, Fresco i's perfectly matches any plasma screen as well as the complete MartinLogan product line. Easily removable, custom faceplates are also available to integrate with contemporary, architectural, high-value interiors. In addition, Fresco i's high-density molded cabinet is paint-ready for any custom installation.

Vojtko™ Crossover

Carefully hand-built using only the finest polypropylene capacitors and air-core coils, the crossover employ's MartinLogan's proprietary Vojtko topology for vanishingly low distortion and seamless driver integration. This precision-tuned network preserves even the most subtle sonic nuances while handling the full dynamics of any source.

On-Wall/Off-Wall Acoustic Contour Switch

A unique 'on wall/off wall' acoustic contour switch tailors Fresco i's low-frequency response appropriately for on-wall or off-wall placement, ensuring total system matching in even the most diverse setups.

Low-Distortion Aluminum-Cone Woofers

By eliminating cone flexure, aluminum diaphragms help our advanced-technology woofers achieve the very low distortion necessary for proper blending with MartinLogan electrostatic panels.