"Texture, ambiance, 3-dimensionality, and palpable energy bursts-shocking in power and grace. Experience the living performance real and perfectly rendered as it was conceived."

The culmination of engineering, passion, and dedication to the ultimate sound reproduction system. Our mission began to create a pathway toward incomparable musical enjoyment by harnessing a lightning storm—electrostatic sound reproduction technology.

A Curvilinear Line Source electrostatic transducer.

Our commitment has produced a series of breakthroughs systematically resolving what were then the impossible issues of achieving outstanding dispersion, dynamic range, reliability, and power handling using electrostatic technology.

Along the way, our efforts have uncovered the magic that only ESL (electrostatic loudspeaker) technology can provide-a vanishing noise floor, ultra-fast settling time, and transient response as fast as the electrical signal itself-a new plateau of performance.

Every element of the system has been redesigned for ultimate performance, from the easy-access audiophile grade terminals to the custom engineered ETC™ (energy transfer coupler) spikes.

Each dipolar transition tower combines our highly evolved curvilinear electrostatic transducer with a midrange dipolar array incorporating eight, seven-inch proprietary MartinLogan drivers for extensive power handling, efficiency, and bandwidth.

Housed within the massive densified composite chassis, the exhaustively engineered Statement E2 crossover represents new standards of power and precision. Each sub-bass tower consists of eight individually mounted and isolated 12-inch, high excursion proprietary drivers in a BalancedForce™ configuration. This innovation cancels the mechanically reactive forces produced by sub-bass dynamics, resulting in startlingly clean, yet powerful bass.

The companion EXOS™ Active Crossover flawlessly matches the sub-bass array to the ESL dipolar transition tower. Benefiting from advanced small signal engineering, it allows total and uncompromised tailoring to any listening environment.

Available in your choice of a variety of hand-finished hardwood trim options, the Statement E2 requires bi-amplification and the dipolar tower requires bi-wire connection.